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  1. I did not buy the bag to go inside the box, so yes I carry the whole box inside. We had to buy a strap handle to bolt onto the box because there is no handle on it from Ski Doo.
  2. Both myself and a friend have the 62L cargo box. They come with the linq kit and have a rubber gasket around the opening to keep snow and water out. We attached a canoe strap handle to them so we can carry them into a motel with one hand like a suitcase. They work great and we are very happy with them. Will be getting one for the wife next year so she can carry her own hair stuff.😜
  3. Thanks. I will look into them.
  4. What model Sorel boots are you going to try? I had cold feet a few weeks ago also.
  5. I'd like to know exactly what information they have access to. Just curious.
  6. Ah, never thought to click on the trail. Thanks
  7. I've been watching this thread closely, as I planned to cross on the ferry at Tadousac in 10 days. Can anyone confirm if trail 3 is indeed closed near the ferry? If it is I will reroute up 83. Anyone know the name of the club in that area?
  8. Wow, Fast responses. I must not be the only guy thinking about snowmobiling. lol. Thanks for the great info. Phil, thanks for breaking the trail up 23 last January. I was one of the guys on a Sidewinder just behind you. I'll be back on a SkiDoo this year.
  9. I see from reading some ride reports that some of you have looped into NB and stayed at a place called Moose Valley. It looks like it may be about 30-40 miles into NB. I assume a NB trail permit is needed. Are they available at a clubhouse near the QC/NB border or do you buy them at the Moose Valley Lodge? We may try to stay there on our yearly trip to the Gaspe in late March. Think Snow!
  10. We also like Club Odanak. Nice small bar and the food has always been good. Check out the stuffed animals in the basement.
  11. Do they sell gas at the Auberge du Ravage?
  12. Hi Phil, I remember you posting a picture of yourself at the New York Safety Track a few years ago. Do you still visit the track? Nice facility, I live about 5 miles from the track. Lance
  13. Happy Birthday Bill. Have a great day and enjoy your summer.
  14. rev39

    R TEAM

    I got frostbite like that a few years ago. -28F and the river out of Shawinigan made for a cold morning. First time I ever saw skin become solid. Pretty scary.
  15. Wow. What an adventure. Glad everyone is OK and back to the lodge.
  16. I'll second that motion. There's safety in numbers, and i'll be right behind you Mike. Lol
  17. HAHA. We always behave at the ballet. Would be a bad phone call home to ask the wife to send bail money to Chibougamau. LOL
  18. First time we stayed at the Hotel Chiboug we had a minor incident with a 6'10" 400lb local. After that the hair stands up on the back of my neck whenever I get within 50 miles of Chibougamou. LOL Thought we would need more than one toe tag that night. Mike is right, you'll have a story to tell.
  19. That's the one. We went there last year when the restaurant at the Gouvernour was under renovation. Excellent meal. Yes Pacini is not bad. We ate at one of those in Point a la Croix last year.
  20. I was thinking of the restaurant across the street from the Devils Hole, right on the corner, closer to the hotel.
  21. I was there last year. There is a micro brew house right across the street.
  22. Awesome. It's a good start. Need a little help. Can't remember the name of the restaurant right next to the Gouvernour .