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  1. Braden take some pictures of La Cabanon for me. Considering making that home base for a few days the week of March 10. Munson (AKA Schreibdave). Have fun.
  2. "I use the ATM to get the best rate" That never occurred to me. Has anyone else done that? Thanks Not a member of AAA. My bank has to order it and I will be back by the time they get it. Another bank in town has canadian $ but you have to be an account holder there. I'll check out the place in Cornwall. But the leading contender is an ATM in Shawinigan.
  3. Driving to Shawinigan via 81/Thousand Island Bridge on Thursday morning. Is there a place to exchange currency at the border crossing? Any idea what their hours might be (hopefully crossing around 8am). Thanks
  4. Keep the updates coming Jackstraw. Thinking about heading up March 8.
  5. We are looking to drive straight north from Syracuse NY in a week or two for 3-4 days of riding. Given current conditions, how far north do we need to drive to find rideable snow? We stayed in Maniwaki two years ago but I understand we need to go further north than that. Would also appreciate any suggestions on 150 - 200 mile loops and back pack trip options. If I should post this in one of the sub forums please let me know which one. Thanks
  6. Yup. You were talking to Gary who also wears ear plugs.
  7. Yup. Recognize your sleds. We enjoyed the sound of the two vipers running one morning. I think the guy with the beard may have compared notes with one of our guys one morning.
  8. We arrived on the 3rd and left on the 7th so we must have overlapped. I dont recognize your sleds. Here's a shot of ours. Three Renegades and one Indy Adventure.
  9. We've been back for about a week and wanted to give some input on our trip and a "thanks" for all the advice. We stayed in Maniwaki at Chateau Logue. Nice enough place. Unfortunately it was pretty empty so the restaurant and bar always felt deserted. Didnt have any problem with security on the trucks or trailers. Did use a cable to lock the sleds together at night though. Did an overnight backpack trip to Parent. Stayed at the Central Hotel. That was sort of a dump. But $50 for a room with 2 beds is hard to beat. Communal bathrooms in the hallway. Did about 750 miles in 3.5 days. Trails were 95% great. People were friendly and eager to help us foreigners. First day on the trail we ran into a group of guys from here in Central NY. A few days later we sat next to some guys from NY - one guy was from my town and his cousin and my son are classmates. Small world. We'll definitely do it again. I need to learn some elementary French because the language barrier was sometimes a drag. Never a real problem but it required some more work. Strange that on the drive north from NY we had to drive local streets through down town Ottawa. Kind of a challenge to navigate in the dark in rush hour traffic with the trailer. Next time I will try to avoid taking that route.
  10. Thank you for all the helpful responses. Does anyone have a recommendation for a source for gps trails that I can load onto my Garmin?
  11. Hey Jackstraw - I have seen your posts on trail I'm Munson15 on there but dont post often. I'm afraid to ask but why do you cover the vin? Thanks for the link. Any advice on gps maps for a Garmin?
  12. We leave a week from tomorrow. How do I get a 3 day permit when the web site says that they have to be purchased on line but allow 7-10 business days for delivery? Cant I buy a permit up there someplace?
  13. Plan made. Staying here at Chateau March 3-7. Besides locking up the sleds and trucks, any other advice?