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  1. For the last 5-6 years mine has always been mounted to the glove box extension but I like the idea of having it closer - especially on trips where I know I will be relying on it, entering different destinations, switching between maps, etc. Thanks
  2. Do you mind if I ask why you mount the gps that way, rather than on the glove box?
  3. Munson

    Selenia Lodge?

    Yea, nicer than we need but relatively close to NY, on the trail and they had availability. I will report back.
  4. Has anyone ridden out of Selenia Lodge In Amherst? We are thinking of staying there in 2 weeks. Thanks
  5. Grassman and I took a trip to Le Cababon 2 weeks ago with the help of folks on this board. So I though I should share one of the highlights: Youtube
  6. "Munson always looking for the best eats. I never worry about getting a good meal riding with him. " That's the difference between being Italian and being Irish!
  7. I'll be riding with Grassman24. How's the food at Le Cabanon? Is there anyplace else locally to eat? Do sleds get stolen even out of the corral? Thanks for all the tips.
  8. Braden take some pictures of La Cabanon for me. Considering making that home base for a few days the week of March 10. Munson (AKA Schreibdave). Have fun.
  9. "I use the ATM to get the best rate" That never occurred to me. Has anyone else done that? Thanks Not a member of AAA. My bank has to order it and I will be back by the time they get it. Another bank in town has canadian $ but you have to be an account holder there. I'll check out the place in Cornwall. But the leading contender is an ATM in Shawinigan.
  10. Driving to Shawinigan via 81/Thousand Island Bridge on Thursday morning. Is there a place to exchange currency at the border crossing? Any idea what their hours might be (hopefully crossing around 8am). Thanks
  11. Keep the updates coming Jackstraw. Thinking about heading up March 8.
  12. We are looking to drive straight north from Syracuse NY in a week or two for 3-4 days of riding. Given current conditions, how far north do we need to drive to find rideable snow? We stayed in Maniwaki two years ago but I understand we need to go further north than that. Would also appreciate any suggestions on 150 - 200 mile loops and back pack trip options. If I should post this in one of the sub forums please let me know which one. Thanks
  13. Yup. You were talking to Gary who also wears ear plugs.