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  1. 351c

    Mont Laurier

    Absolutely. My favorite engine, at least before all these aftermarket cylinder heads became so affordable to have a great flowing, high revving small block engines. I had a bunch of hoarded rare cleveland parts, 4 barrel closed chamber heads with those tennis ball sized intake ports and Big block chevy sized valves, 4 bolt cobrajet blocks and still have a strip dominator for one
  2. 351c

    Mont Laurier

    yeah, we spoke about that in our group as well... could order food in once you get to the hotel, but looking like sandwiches or hot dogs in a thermos or trailside on a fire... Not too bad if its sunny and -3C
  3. Nice... we're coming up Saturday morning. When you leave the canadienee, you go down the hill and turn right on the trail. About 50 feet later, turn left towards rapides de joachim. Cross Kipawa lake and stay inside the pegs.
  4. trail no longer goes by camp dragon. fill up at Kipawa and if you can't go at least 125 miles on a tank, bring fuel. Walking with snowmobile gear on sucks!!
  5. just did this run on Sunday, trailered to the Swisha and unloaded on the other side of the bridge on dumoine road. Trail was fantastic, and was 118 miles from the bridge to the Crevier fuel station in Kipawa, then another 9 to the Canadian restaurant in Temiscaming. We only passed 2 other groups of sleds all day, and the conditions were fast, about 3 hours/ 127 miles. Glad I found this website to get information on this area..
  6. Hi, new to this site, found it through dootalk. Due to the changes in the fcmq site, i've been looking for some new sources for quebec trail conditions. Has anyone done this run this year from swisha to temiscaming? i ride with a couple of 800 cats and not sure on the margin for error.. how well is the new trail marked? would hate to run out, but my etec is usually good for 150 miles on a tank thank you.