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  1. Thank you for taking us along for the ride. I have to admit I am jealous! GTRIDER and I normally would have been there for our annual trip . Glad that you did not get hurt and happy that you are enjoying this sport with your beloved the same way I enjoy this sport with mine.
  2. Looks familiar 😁 Stuck, off trail somewhere/anywhere ?
  3. The second picture is on TQ 3 on the North shore by Longue Pointe de Mingan?
  4. First picture. I recognized right away La Pocatiere, Green Trail right off TQ5 east heading to RDL. Remembered it well because it was so cold going through the open fields. That odd looking solitary mountain also gave it away.
  5. La Bannik......... Best bread ever, Fluffy bathrobe ( I wanted to take it home but could not fit it anywhere in the sled😄), Hot fresh made cappuccino ( ask GT Rider how good it was😂), scrumptious dinner , beautiful cabin with hot tub overlooking the lake. One of the nicest place we ever stayed at. One of my best memories with my wonderful husband!
  6. I consulted with GTRider , he says Kanawata.
  7. You got it! It is the the Bistro Saint Zenon.
  8. This picture IS a POSTCARD!!! Breathtaking!!!
  9. Best chocolate mousse EVER!!!! Yummy 😋
  10. Do you think Mini Gutz will lend it to me?This is probably the only snowmobile Jim is going to let me drive🤣🤣🤣
  11. The Pfizer/Moderna vaccines have the messenger genetic materials that encodes for the COVID spike protein. When vaccinated , our cells will release just the spike protein which will then stimulate our immune system to form antibodies to the Covid spike protein. What this does is if our body gets exposed to Covid-19, it will quickly recognize the spike protein and destroy it before it can make us sick. There is no possibility of getting Covid-19 from the vaccine. What we still do not know is how long the immunity lasts once we get the vaccine and is it going to help prevent transmission to others. What we know is the COVID-19 vaccine helps the body fight the coronavirus if infected. So.....Draw your own conclusions.
  12. Valga Oops, I did not realize someone got it right already. Oh well.......
  13. Clubhouse at Devil’s Mountain?
  14. Thank you Jean-Guy. Will definitely share it with GTRIDER 🙂
  15. Intersection of 5 ( between PALC and Amqui) and 587 South ( by Matapedia).
  16. Hi Mike, I love the coastal Boothbay Region ! My sister and I were at Boothbay Harbor the weekend of Labor Day. Stuffed ourselves with lobsters, haddock and wild Maine blueberries. Got caught in a “traffic jam” at Wiscasset ( I think Red’s Eats had something to do with it 😁😁). Looking forward to going back there. Thanks for the pictures. Gemma
  17. Or it could be the show called “Alone”. It is a survival skills show. Several individuals are dropped off at remote locations separately to survive for however long and the last person to tap out wins the money.
  18. My niece who has it was prescribed immediately by her physician with the Z-pak and hydroxy combo. Within a few days, she felt better. It seems to be effective for her. I did research in the medical field for a few years . These “studies” take a long time (years) to be even considered valid/scientific. I am actually impressed with the amount of information that is coming out. Kudos to them.! /
  19. Mike, I perfectly understand you. I am in NYC and I am a healthcare provider myself. My sister, her daughter and son are nurses and have direct contact with C-19 patients. My niece recently acquired it and is currently home recuperating. She is better now . The sad part about it is as soon as she recovers from it, she has to go right back to work as there is a shortage of staff. Everyone in her facility is getting sick, they just take turns. I hope your wife stays healthy. Please thank her for us for her courage to be out there in the frontlines. Be safe and stay healthy. Gemma
  20. Hi Mario, Yes we will be here. Looking forward to see you. Have a nice ride up.
  21. There is a gas station on TQ5. It is "Multi Gaz". Traveling toward Perce just out of Gaspe.
  22. MrsGTRider

    first run

    Hi Jack, Thanks. We are here after a 10 hour trip. Very nice scenery from Ottawa on up. The parking lot is packed tonight. Lots of vtt's. We are off to Lake Trout in the morning.