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  1. Great trip reporting, super pics, and an awesome adventure ride mixing in the groomed with the ungroomed.
  2. We will be watching, have a great backcountry ride, I am sure we will hear from you at the Gouin tomorrow night😊 Enjoy the Walleye!
  3. Ice and Mrs Ice, you guys got it done, felt like we were all along for the ride with you, great daily updates! You definitely got the Early bird special, it seemed like you had your own private trail system to ride in the Gaspe. Look forward to your next trip reports😊
  4. Great trip reporting Mrs Ice, awesome pics! Winter at its finest!
  5. Great reporting Jack, as always, thank you for taking the time to share. Safe travels! RR
  6. Fuse, They went to Amqui, than rode the trail towards Moose Valley from Quebec. We have ridden the Moose Valley area several times and have a couple of ways to get down from Quebec in addition to the marked trial, they used the trail part of the way from Amqui than some unmarked trails into Moose Valley. Than the NB trail down to Edmunston from Moose Valley. They had a big day for sure! towards
  7. The boys had a big run yesterday from Chandler to Edmunston NB via Moose Valley. Dinner at Moose valley than a 45 mile run into Edmunston capped off their 380 mile day. With Quebec shutting down indoor dining today, it may be just a matter of time before the Borders are tightened. The boys also reported some resistance from people concerned that they were travelers from the US. Which, with the way our society is today, probably not totally unexpected. The single shot Johnson vaccine card was not well accepted as proof of vaccination at many stops. So note that , for anyone who has not been boosted. The boys are headed for the truck in Lac Etchemin today. A 1400 mile plus or minus loop. Happy New Years RR
  8. The boys made a nice run into the Gaspe yesterday, leaving Matane and ending up in Chandler last night via Murdochillle. They reported good going and snow conditions with a note that some of the sealevel villages along the north shore had just enough snow to pass. Once back up into the elevations, they were into great going again.
  9. Yeti, we talked of giving them the first night destination, as thats where you will need to do the random test if you get it. After that they will contact you via cell or email with test results. Nobody will care unless you throw a positive on the random test. We are still wondering how thats going to work if you do?😜
  10. They said plenty of snow and generally really good going
  11. The boys had a good run to Matane, 240 miles via the route they took. Sm , They did confirm Monday night the restaurant was open but not the bar at the Universal. Last night at the Quality inn in Matane they were given paperwork and an id to get into the restaurant there. They are heading east into the Gaspe today.
  12. I do not know for sure, but they did talk last night about a beer from the vending machine and than going to get a bite to eat. Not sure if that was at the restaurant on site or downtown. Back country and Early rider saddlebagged today from RDL thru squatec and amqui and are in Matane tonight. Should-have a trail report tonight.
  13. Some our gang headed north yesterday, unloaded in Lac Etchemin area in the Chaudierre region, just North of Jackman Me, and rode to the Universal-in RDL for the night. They logged in 180 miles of good solid, flat going. One of the members got the random rest again and it will be picked up at the universal today as they are saddlebagging. Another member pcr tested on Dec 23, got a positive result back on the 25th...Merry Christmas😜,..... and will not make this run but is feeling good health wise. Also he is happy with the fact that with a positive test, after 10 days, soon the change to 7, he will be ok to pass the border without testing for the next 6 months! The boys also like the beer vending machine at the Universal! To summarize, these guys are saddlebag riding for,the week just as many others are posting on QR now! it just a bit different, lets hope restrictions stay the same or get easier thru this season. RR
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