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  1. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Those are great pictures Jean Guy thank you you for sharing. RR
  2. Mt Valin looking good

    We rode back to Forestville with Johnny 24 wide today , some goat trail riding and a few bog crossings, but it is also good to report that we saw Forestville and Escoumin out and grooming. The Pelchat trail is groomed and connected to Mt Valin. So a mini saddlebag trip would be possible and enjoyable. Our trip ended today, we were very fortunate to end up with 1660 Miles on our sleds. A great start to our snowmobile season. see you on the snow soon RR
  3. Ice’s new ride

    Looking good Ice, see it on the snow soon!
  4. Mt Valin looking good

    The Bridge less traveled, an interesting and fun ride to Mont Villian today, the bay has no ice on it so you can not cross it yet., not much for grooming yet in the Low lands but we inprovised. Another nice day in the winterland!
  5. Mt Valin looking good

    We are staying at Auberge km 31, the old HI, now the Delta is still the hot spot, should be great going by the holidays. Enjoy RR
  6. Mt Valin looking good

    Today’s ride ran into the evening, we did pick up a rider with a 24 wide, that helped get us up over the hill by Le Chenail. 260 Miles for the day and evening!
  7. Mt Valin looking good

    It definitely looks it now, more than a foot all across the high lands. Made it to Forestville for lunch, gonna be a late ride back tonight.
  8. Mt Valin looking good

    It snowed most of the day yesterday, probably 6 to 8” of new snow, some sleet last night. Overall a fun day bush wacking. This is a 2 mile long worm hole that connects two roads up near the Pipmuacan reservoir. A fun tactical ride. We we had tried to get to Forestville the day before but came up short on gas and trail conditions. We are planning a repeat of that ride today, only a little different route We are generally happy with the gen 4 Freeride. But need to work on gearing for our style of riding. We are hoping for better fuel mileage and top end once we do that. Best regards RR
  9. Mt Valin looking good

    As Backcountry has reported and certainly no different than any other year, we are getting preseason riding conditions. With several hundred miles of groomed trails in the area, to streams that are not frozen, to sled breakdowns and great Backcountry woods road running. Each day gives us a new experiences. Early rider, 1500 HD, Backcountry and I are having a great time. We have had to scrounge for a reliable internet connection so patchy reporting has been the norm. 8” forecast for tomorrow here, so great powder riding we hope for the end of our trip! best regards RR
  10. Mt Valin looking good

    Hi Ice, it sure does seem good back on the snow, hope a good snow crop comes soon for everyone! TB, sure wish you guys were here with us, seemed like just a bit ago we were here riding the same areas with you guys. 800 Steve, look us up when you get here, enjoy the ride the Simmons skis are Gen 3 and the the boys are all using skis that fit on existing spindles yesterday, as I had posted yesterday, we went to Escoumin via the Pelchat trail. Great going over over this way with mostly good snow cover, particularly the closer we got towards the new Escounin Relais. The club house came out awesome., we ended up with a bit over 200 miles yesterday, the trail 93 towards Sacre Coure, though not groomed, was awesome as well. More riding today, back over in that area, maybe, head towards Forestville.
  11. Mt Valin looking good

    Great going in Escoumin this morning, grooming going on, a new club house at E Relais Escoumin and open 7 days a week now until the end of Match.
  12. Mt Valin looking good

    Mxz 7000 , I am running Simmons skis on that Freeride. Enjoy them, a good all around ski for a variety of riding conditions. Today was a mix of marginal snow cover to adequate snow cover. A good 180 mile plus ...ride. We are all getting adjusted to the 850s. Really like them. Also many of us got to try the new Polaris titan, a definite Skidoo expedition challenger. It feels like a heavier, robust, Ski Doo Freeride. On the Labrieville rd, a big “dog” track kept us wondering, ..just how big he was! Today we road towards Labrieville, tomorrow is a run towards Escoumin. Lots of darting and weaving😉
  13. Mt Valin looking good

    We arrived at km 31 this afternoon. Put on a quick 80 miles. No grooming yet east of km31 but a great 4 to 6" base with 6 to 8" of powder on top. More exploring tomorrow.
  14. 10K miles: Service Suggestions

    Mike, drink 4 less glasses of wine each night this winter......that will pay for a new sled next year😉 LOL,...... On second thought,....... do what everyone is advising above, and run that to 20k, ......keep the 🍷🍷 flowing. Hope to to see you on the snow this winter best regards RR