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  1. Mike, sounds like you got to get a ride in. The best time to ride here is definitely mid week, as you said after Thursday its a mad house!
  2. Playhard, I am even confused, 😀😀, LOL, My response to SM was that the location originally pictured was the Petite Manicougan Dam that also has the Cartier railway tracks and at times the Iron ore train that uses the dam to cross the river as well, as it hauls Iron ore from Fermont to Port Cartier. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. SM , you are in the right area, this was a fcmq trail, years ago, albeit not a groomed trail, and ran from Port Cartier to Fermont along the Cartier Railway service road. The ore train, which is still active, runs over the dam where the picture was taken at the Petite Manicougan dam.
  4. This Dam could be a tough one for many, but there are a few on here that will probably get it. The second pic has a big clue in it. Also, This is not on or near a “current” maintained trail but is in Quebec😀
  5. No Comment on the bottom pic😊. Might be considered cheating😉
  6. Just need to get a longer sled😀, and 3 cans! On a good trail condition day, we have this expedition dialed in to go from Ladore to Chibougamo and back without a fuel stop LOL. Just wish we could get north of the border to do that this year!
  7. Mike, I hear you on the desire to get a few hundred miles on that new sled. Keeping our fingers crossed, but after Saturday you may be able to do that in spots in Western and Northern Maine. It won’t be interconnected saddle bag stuff, but hopefully some decent 100 mile runs will be at play. We don’t need much more here to get things going for some small, local day ride loops. Fort Kent region may be the biggest winner.🤞 RR
  8. Andyman, thank you!! , we did do a run down thru Miramachi and Doaktown back in the day. There was a railbed that we ran along that day for a longtime as well. That has to be the one!
  9. Bob, really not sure, I was also wondering if they had a bridge over the river in New Richmond like this at one time as well?
  10. I need help with this one, it’ s from the 90’s. can’t read the sign over the bridge, I do not have a clue where it was? 🙃 😜
  11. Looks a bit like Chalet Restigouche, NB
  12. Bob, we were some of the fortunate to catch good ice in the 1990’s and rode out to the rock. The real funny thing was, it all depended on which way the winds was blowing. You could be there one day and it was frozen in, the next day the ice coule be gone and wide open water
  13. Iceman, Certainly is going to be a frustrating year. I suspect the new sled sales north of the border were very good just like south of the border for 2021 models. The snow conditions, remind me of the open winters we had in the early 1980’s! With such a slow start to the season regarding depth of snow and the Covid. There most likely be lots of slightly used 2021 sleds kicking around this spring and next fall. Certainly has to be concerning for the sled manufacturers and the 2022 lineup. In addition to the snowmobile manufacturers,, the impact on the State and Provencial clubs and organizations, Poirevoire’s, hotels and restaurants, , has to be a concern for all of us who have a passion for this industry. Certainly a microcosm of the challenges faced everywhere, but the overall impact of Lockdowns and lack of snow will hit close to home for us in this sector for a few years to come.
  14. Yes, Margot and “Gator” were awesome hosts, really enjoyed to overnight with them.