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  1. RoadRunner

    Oxygen Helmets

    SM, I had some high hopes for this helmet, but have been disappointed twice now , lost the first shield to internal moisture between the shields, early in the season, replaced the shield, used locally a few times but did not trust it for the New. Brunswick trip in January, than replaced the power cord and shield with the new “updated” one last week, Left last Monday for a week trip in the Gouin reservoir area, and lost the new shield on the first day to moisture leak. It was crappy weather with ran, sleet and ice most of the day but when moisture gets between the shields forget it. Ended up at the BRP dealer in St Raymond, purchased a new BV2 and shipped the OXY back home Purolater. Not reliable enough for me unfortunately. 🙁 I will have the dealer send mine back, maybe try again later in a year or two. Happy Trails! RR
  2. This really is becoming a big issue and the land owners (understandably) are not going to put up with it. It will hurt the entire sport. We do as much of the adventure type riding as anyone, but each rider needs to know when and where it’s acceptable and to what degree it’s acceptable or it threatens this awesome sport. As Rev indicates, more education for everyone will help. The Zecs and Crown land, unless marked otherwise, are, to the best of my knowledge, allow snowmobile activity. But this topic needs to be on the front of every conversation moving ahead. Lets hope it can be managed before major damage gets done to the system. RR
  3. RoadRunner

    What is your favorite snowmobile gloves?

    I use the Choke two finger claw leather gloves for all temps down to -10 or so, below that, Usually the Skidoo gauntlets and/or a pair of hydro guard mitts. I like a loose fitting leather Choko, two finger glove, as I can remove my left hand glove by wedging it between my leg and seat on the roll, to adjust my gps and put it back on without stopping.
  4. RoadRunner

    2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions

    Mike Rider and Rev, great to see your reports out on the snow in the Bas St Laurent area. Enjoy and keep,those reports coming! RR
  5. RoadRunner


    Day 4 200 miles Take in Jasmynes club house at Tourville, the rest of trail 5 to rdl, than back to Degelis
  6. RoadRunner


    Day 3 200 miles
  7. RoadRunner


    Day2 240 miles
  8. RoadRunner


    Day 1 240 miles
  9. RoadRunner


    You might consider taking 85 north to 35 above Cabano, run 35 to 557 thru Lac of the east into St Pamphile for lunch, than run into Lac etchimen on 55 for the night at Manoir Lac Etchimen or Joes Bistro. Consider taking a detour if you have time to go up over park mt du Massif, 549 to 547.. Next day take 545 to St Theophile, than 25 to Thetford mines and onto 65 near Victoriaville, than 525 to Drummondville. For a return, consider running 25 east to 5 near Levi’s, run 5 all the way back to RDL, than 85 back to Degelis. An overnight in Montmagny on your return. Plenty of options, but this is a good one to consider. RR
  10. Bummer big time! Hoping it’s the 2-3 weeks, Playhard, not Easter, a speedy recovery! RR
  11. RoadRunner

    route blanche !!!

    Contributing Member 676 3,130 posts Gender:Male Location:Pincourt,Que Interests:Saddle bag trail riding Atving, Boating Club:Club Harfang des Neiges Report post Posted Tuesday at 07:36 PM Grooming’s a little different out there, it’s a suspension beater TB, I got a chuckle out of your comment above, brought back memories from last years run😉.
  12. RoadRunner

    RDL/Rimouski updates

    We went to bed dreaming of massive snows, drifts and all the fun stuff. Ended up with moderate snow but still a fun ride! Back in Maine tonight, playing in northern Maine tomorrow, home Saturday! Happy Trails! RR
  13. RoadRunner

    RDL/Rimouski updates

    This is the new app
  14. RoadRunner

    RDL/Rimouski updates

    Randy, I know you guys are headed this way next week. Not sure if you have downloaded the brand new Map gears interactive map for —New Brunswick .......”Go Snowmobiling NB 2018/2019”—-. The developer, Map gear, did the Ontario one too. This was just released a few days ago and replaces and older fix based app that had been available. Works really nice! Have a great run RR
  15. RoadRunner

    RDL/Rimouski updates

    Another New Brunswick day, still far away from the Quebec ZEC territories , but we are having a fun run here. Leaving this am in light snow but with Winter storm warnings posted we knew we were going to have fun this afternoon. We were not disappointed! We ran the New Brunswick snowmobile Assoc, Zone 3. A nice run this morning on a great loop out to Caraquet NB for lunch, and yes, fresh seafood!! Than the winter storm warnings kicked in, Heavey snow all afternoon made visibility and snow accumulations interesting. By the time we were back in Bathurst we had a foot of powder in the trail in places and having a blast. We expect another 6” tonight so our run tomorrow will be even more fun😁 Happy Trails RR