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  1. What way out of RDL did you go out 5 two 35 or down 85 to 35 and where did you stay in campbellton
  2. Thing of going to moose valley tomorrow I am in mont joli I can go to st Irene or Biencourt witch would be my best bet
  3. we are planning on the L oisiliere on march 6th was looking in to different place between montmagny and rdl
  4. has anyone launched out of motel le martinet in la pocatiere
  5. has and one launched out of the motel le martinet in la pocatiere
  6. Was thing of leaving from the 1212 on 85 then going to moose valley for gas and lunch and up to Amqui for the night
  7. Thinking of riding down 85 out of RDL to moose valley what is the trail like is there any water crossing
  8. ok thanks i forgot about some of these
  9. no gas next to the roquemont where is the next place to get gas that is close to the mont
  10. How much rain are they calling for Friday and Saturday
  11. Anyone ever stayed there is it hard to find
  12. Anyone no why it has not shown up as being open on the map
  13. And one ever been there is it hard to find
  14. And one know why 355 between lac edouard and lac Boucher te has not showed up as being groomed on the map