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  1. How wood I get there from Quebec
  2. Anyone up around levis or montmagny heading up in the morning wondering how bad the rain was today
  3. launching out of montmagny what would be the best and easiest place
  4. I think this was the old Bernières
  5. Was planning on launching out of here has anyone done that is it a good place to start from does the trail come wright to the place and will my stuff be safe there
  6. Is this a good place to launch out of.Does the trail come right to the place.Will things be safe there
  7. anyone stay here it’s just out side of saint Raymond
  8. Got a email around 3 Monday trail is reopened
  9. Yep I had forgotten about that bridge get washed out
  10. I see on the map that there is a section between relais 22 heading north to roberval that has not been groomed has anyone got an info on that part of trail
  11. I seen this was posted around 3 today
  12. Saw a post on Facebook from club st-Raymond about a closed trail I think by the picture it’s out behide the roquemont just wondering if you can get out of the roquemont