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  1. ok thanks i forgot about some of these
  2. no gas next to the roquemont where is the next place to get gas that is close to the mont
  3. How much rain are they calling for Friday and Saturday
  4. Anyone ever stayed there is it hard to find
  5. Anyone no why it has not shown up as being open on the map
  6. And one ever been there is it hard to find
  7. And one know why 355 between lac edouard and lac Boucher te has not showed up as being groomed on the map
  8. Where is L etape what did it look like up around alma could launch out of the universal
  9. What’s the possibility of launching out of the delta this coming weekend 12-20 and riding Mount valine
  10. Any chance of riding out of the delta on Sunday 12 -21
  11. I bought the 3 month plan how does it work will they send me a card or something.
  12. Can anyone tell me how big of show this is
  13. How is the show in Montreal thing I might make a trip up it about a 6 hr drive