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  1. Bluegrass


    anyone stay here it’s just out side of saint Raymond
  2. Bluegrass

    Relais 22 north to roberval

    Has anyone been don that way
  3. Bluegrass

    Can I get out of the roquemont

    Got a email around 3 Monday trail is reopened
  4. Bluegrass

    Relais 22 north to roberval

    Yep I had forgotten about that bridge get washed out
  5. I see on the map that there is a section between relais 22 heading north to roberval that has not been groomed has anyone got an info on that part of trail
  6. Bluegrass

    Can I get out of the roquemont

    I seen this was posted around 3 today
  7. Saw a post on Facebook from club st-Raymond about a closed trail I think by the picture it’s out behide the roquemont just wondering if you can get out of the roquemont
  8. Bluegrass

    Relay mont apica

    Thanks I’ll give them a call
  9. Bluegrass

    Relay mont apica

    any idea what time they open in the morning or a phone number for them
  10. Bluegrass

    polaris pidd

    Has anyone used there Polaris pidd. I have the imotoneige app on my iPhone that works very well.Just seeing if the pidd is as good as the app in quebec
  11. Bluegrass

    driving to mekoos

    can you drive a truck a trailer to mekoos. I am planning a trip for next year and would like to make it my launching point.
  12. Bluegrass

    Best weather forecast

    Really looking to see what the weather is going to be around saint Raymond this Friday
  13. Bluegrass

    Best weather forecast

    I agree I have looked at 6 different ones and they all say something different
  14. Bluegrass

    Best weather forecast

    What weather station has the best weather forecast
  15. Bluegrass

    Where to gas up

    Do you know if you can get gas there on Sundays