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  1. Kyles dad

    Parking nw of montreal

    Arriving around 1pm unload and ride to ML. Coming in Mon - leaving Fri.
  2. Kyles dad

    Parking nw of montreal

    I see AX Hotel. But heard about theft there. I see Cana-dooadventure. Couple spots off route 50. any suggestions?
  3. Kyles dad

    Parking nw of montreal

    Park and ride
  4. Kyles dad

    Parking nw of montreal

    Headed for mont Laurier. / Val dor Coming up 87. Wheres the best / safest place to leave truck and trailer?
  5. Sorry to hear you had to cancel. You had a good trip planned. Hope you heal fast. I’m riding out of eastern township, heading up to bas st- Laurent on the 21st-25th. Went to Real Massé Xmas - New Years week. Hope to run into you sometime this winter.
  6. Kyles dad

    Rain coming

    Any reports from rivier du loop?
  7. Kyles dad

    Any chance ?

    Any updates in the hotel universal area? Was planning on going 27-31.
  8. Kyles dad

    Rain coming

    Any rideable snow left?
  9. Kyles dad

    Rain coming

    That’s what I’m thinking to. The original plan was 27-31. I’ll wait and see what Mother Nature brings. I can wait until the 26th to cancel.
  10. Kyles dad

    Rain coming

    I was planning on leaving out of montmagny on the 27th. Headed for the Universal for a couple days of riding. Now I see 1-2 “ of rain coming Friday. Please keep me posted if I should cancel. Thanks.
  11. Kyles dad

    Whose Ex is This?

    That be mine. Traded it for a 900 turbo x
  12. Kyles dad

    PLAYHARD Shawinigan Chibougamau Loop

    good run Dave.
  13. Kyles dad

    Ice ripper longevity?

    yes all quebec miles...
  14. Kyles dad

    Ice ripper longevity?

    I may be keeping my Renegade 1200 another year but don't want to blow a track in the middle of nowhere next year. She's got about 8300 miles on it and looks fine right now. What kind of miles are you guys getting out of your ice rippers??
  15. Thanks for the tour Dave. We just got back from a 950 mile Eastern Township - RDL trip. Trails were good.