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  1. What a ride today. Started out chilly but the ride up from st. Ray to the delta was great. Got a little choppy the last 10 miles on 83 but overall we had an awsome day.
  2. Great we will head down there little later and hopefully meet you guys! Would be great to thank you in person for all your imput!
  3. Owwwch! Lol well it is what it is. Thanks for the imput. I definitely feel better making the run up. Sitting at Roquemont now drinking some beers waiting to go tomorrow!!
  4. Great thank you. Safe to say I think it’s more then ok to just make the run there with our machines
  5. On a side note leaving from st. Ray heading north, what is exact mileage to the apica lookout? I’m debating on stopping for fuel at l’etape or making the run. The 900ace should be more then ok to make it I’m running a 1200 skidoo but I do have a 3 gal caddy. Just don’t want to be cutting hairs on fuel.
  6. I definitely exiting some traffic heading up Saturday to delta but I’m glad Quebec traffic is not the same as NY traffic lol. That would make for a long ride
  7. I dug and dug one this with no luck. Doing the run Saturday. We ended up booking at hotel delta. Looks like weather is going to be nice this weekend hope it’s not to busy out there!
  8. Base camp for week itinerary

    I'm booking delta right now
  9. Base camp for week itinerary

    So we decide to start a day earlier. Wanted to break up trip from ray to passions. So I'm looking at riding to Alma and then making a long ride over to Passions. Does anyone have any recommendations were to stay east of the lake? Hotel Universal is full sat night. I am. looking at Auberge des Iles has anyone stayed there before?
  10. Base camp for week itinerary

    So I'm just wondering if there is any lodging as another option between St. Ray and Saguenay? Just to shorten the day up some. Does not look to be that way but I figured id ask to be sure.
  11. Base camp for week itinerary

    Yikes! really that far? Hmm not experienced as much as most guys here but this will be our fourth trip up. Ive already let the warning out its going to be a long day and she accepted. I no weather plays a big part as the first experience we had in Quebec got real fast when I played with the weather. I may play it by ear at this point and watch conditions as trip gets closer. If theres a storm or weather comming I'm going to re plan. Is this route tight or more of an open ride?
  12. Base camp for week itinerary

    Hello, I checked this out on the map and it seems to be within the 225 mile or so range. Normally I try and keep the miles around 180 or below but she was ok with the longer day that one time. We will be staying at Passions for three nights after so if we do arive later it would be ok. If you think it will be farther then what I'm thinking please let me no. I do not want to push it to hard. I also see that 23 north looks pretty open from the pics I have checked out. Thanks
  13. Base camp for week itinerary

    So we ended up deciding to start the trip off in St. Raymond, then head to Passions for three nights. Then from there we are going to head down 83 over to Le Manor Richelieu. Then back to the truck at Hotel Roquemont. I spoke with snow farmer again and he gave me a few places to hit. Is there any spots you guys like in those parts? Food spots or some of those beautiful views I keep seeing? Thanks. Glad I talked wife into doing a half and half saddle bagger.
  14. Base camp for week itinerary

    Hello all, I’m putting together a trip in February for a week. This will be my first time in the region and looking for imput. Was wondering were you would recommend making a “home base” and make day trips from. We would definitely like to have our own chalet or cabin. Looking in to Passions now. Snowfarmer gave me a few places as well. To check out. Would definitely be open to packing up for a night or two as well and doing a small loop in the area. I appreciate any help or ideas. Thanks again!
  15. It's all about the timing tour .

    Hope trails shape up some! We're getting ready to begin drive up tonight. It would be great if we cross paths at some point! Have a safe trip can't wait to see what's in store. Hopefully the storm this coming Wednesday there calling for backs off!