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  1. Ice scratchers

    I just purchased the red carbide tipped with the hooks. Will be installing them next week so I hope they do the trick if I run into some icy conditions.
  2. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    These photos are terrific. Those are some big potatoes.
  3. Trail Conditions

    Hello Bill, Any idea why the Roberval area is reporting the poorest conditions in the region? I'm expecting to be back the second week of March if conditions hold as forecast. Sorry I'll miss you on this visit. Club Passe-Partout Roberval/Chambord (Roberval) 2017-03-02
  4. Trail Conditions

    Looks like next week will be a week of Pennsylvania riders. MXZ700Rider and I will also be arriving on Monday and staying for the week. Bill, we are also hoping to meet with you and possibly do a few ride-alongs on your excursions. See you next week.
  5. Mont Laurier area conditons

    The mountain was in very good condition this week. everything beyond 10 miles of Mont-Laurier was groomed condition. I arrived on Wednesday and departed this morning, canceling my last night and headed down to Tug Hill area to find some snow and grooming. 13 and 63, and around town was the worst I have ever seen it in 20 years of coming to the area. If you want to ride the Diablo, stay in the village or somewhere else more than 10 miles from town.
  6. Trail Permit Insurnace refund link

    Thanks for the updated info. I'll bet if I was Hollywood elite they would give me the rebate to offset my private jet fuel bill. :)
  7. Trail Permit Insurnace refund link

    Thanks for posting this. I was just getting ready to fill out the hard copy and mail it for my refund.
  8. Moose Valley Lodge

    I thought you weren't supposed to stack Fuel Caddys? how is it holding up?
  9. QR Upgrade issues...

    Will we be able to link to QR via Tapatalk on our phones?
  10. Trail Conditions 2016

    Delta is not really a Marriott hotel. It is listed on their website, and I used the Marriott app to make reservations, but nowhere did they say that Marriott rewards points are not issued. I will never use another Marriott Hotel for such a deception.
  11. Finished last day of riding for the season, unless the snow tonight forces me to stay over a few more days.. Just over 100 miles on mostly perfect trails. Brings my 5 day total to 1050 miles. Trails near town are getting rough. They may be waiting for the 8 to 12 inches of snow coming tonight before they go out grooming again.
  12. I'm also from SE PA, Erdenheim which is next to Flourtown in Montgomery County. I will look for them at dinner.
  13. Wednesday was the last day riding with Jason, his sled died in Alma and he had to go home last night. Luckily he got in 150 fabulous miles before the drive train broke. Here are a few photos from the trip; clear blue sky and smooth white trails.
  14. Yesterday we only counted 3 leds all day going in the opposite direction. Today the traffic was much higher, maybe 20 sleds all day long. There are a lot of people missing some of the best trail conditions all season.
  15. Jason arrived and joined us today for a 301 mile loop around the Fjord. A fabulous trip.