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  1. Any chance of a shuttle service by next year?
  2. QuebecRider invoice paid. Thank you for this great site.
  3. I've been riding with an Adventurer for over 12 years. It is fabulous. I'd like a new one because now they have some vents which is a must. It is a very warm coat; great for Quebec when it is -40. I only wear a long sleeve midweight underwear and a mid weight vest underneath no matter how cold it gets. Never been cold even in windy conditions.
  4. I bought 2 of them 3 years ago. I kept my supplies bag locked on all the time. then, whenever I would leave fuel onboard overnight, I'd use the second lock. Only problem I had was the plastic cap that covers the key hole kept falling off. Had to replace them twice. Thought about hot glueing or epoxy a tether strap so the cap wouldn't get lost. I'm now riding a GT so no place to use Linq bags. Sold all my bags and the locks.
  5. $6,000. In very good condition. Located in SE PA, or I can bring along on my scheduled trips to Quebec with adequate notice. Standard features: air ride rMotion 137" suspension, TS skis with adjustable carbides, ice ripper pre studded track, ITC throttle control, deluxe gauge. Installed options include: 7" carbides, Dupont hyfax, outside ambient air temp, mirrors, ultra high windshield, handlebar muffs, 2 sets of Linq brackets, stackable fuel caddy riser brackets. 2 shorter windshields included and a spare mirror. Miles: 9401, 95% in Quebec Color: Northern Lichen Linq bags not included. Kelley Blue Book prices in the attached photos.
  6. For non-Quebec residents Operators aged 16 and 17 years old must possess proof that they are legally entitled to operate an off-highway vehicle in their home jurisdiction. Please note that even in instances when the home state or province allows legal operation of a snowmobile to individuals aged below 16 years of age, driving a snowmobile in Quebec for anyone under 16 is strictly prohibited.
  7. Is the bridge on trail 5 repaired just above Gaspe? Last year we couldn't make the loop since the bridge was down and the ice/snow bridge detour was also down in early March.
  8. I thought I saw on a brochure that it would become a Doubletree next year. Doubletree is a Hilton brand.
  9. 182Ray has been busy winning prizes. Congratulations.
  10. I didn't have any problem loading original video posts.
  11. Hi Glenn we got  home from our trip and I went out and bought a 900 ace endure put 800 miles on it and love it. Hopefully we will meet up next year.


  12. Thank you for the great report. Looks very enticing. I'll be up there at the end of January so keep the snow with lots of cold temps.
  13. Maybe this is what you need for the groomer rear window.
  14. I've been wearing Choko for over 12 years and it has been great. Last year bought bibs and they were one of the few brands that have a men's cut in short.