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  1. ssr

    M&M 9.0

    Thinking of heading up there next week,how was the road running to the Riotel?Are the road completely bare?
  2. Why does trail 3 have a closure?
  3. Groomer is parked on trail since Tuesday,still,there when I went by today
  4. Has anybody ridin this area since the warm spell?Thinking of heading that way Sunday and doing a loop to Valdor ,Rouyn and back.
  5. Trails are surprisingly good considering no new snow in a while,starting to snow now and they say more latter this week.If your staying in town,you cannot drive your sled as the sidewalks are bare.Rode to Meekoos today and all the trails were freshly groomed.Rabaska,Devils mountain and windago falls yesterday and trails were mint.Any trails along the road ,which is limited,are bare,but did not have any issues.Trails are hard and icy in places so picks are nice to have.In 400 miles probably haven't seen move than 10 sleds riding in 2 days,yet the hotel parking lots are full of trucks and trailers.
  6. Thanks,that sounds great,heading up that way tommorow
  7. Thinking of heading there Monday,does anyone know the current conditions,staying at the comfort inn and riding loops for three days.
  8. Hi Bill,hope your feeling better,just want to say it was a pleasure meeting you last weekend.Thanks again for the trail info. Randy,Delhi Ontario