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  1. Golf Vs Snowmobiling? I get it! It’s time to put the sleds away!! Oilman
  2. Hi Mike, i was feeling the same way, that is why headed for the hill! Lol!
  3. Day 2: May 4 2019. Another great ride and bluebird skies here in the Mountains!! Early day, got back to truck at 2:45 with 120 miles. Girlfriend did well up here. Looks like 1-2 more weeks to me if you really want to get it. Issues will be be 2 K in and out of both Passions and Relais Onatchiway. KM 31 all set. If you don’t mind riding dirt and snirt for a few, then no problem and will be great for May!! Rode orange trails when we could and went east of KM 31. Tons of snow!! Headed back now half way and put up somewhere. Here are a few pics from today! I guess that will be a wrap for me. See you next Fall!! Oilman
  4. What a great day to still be riding sleds! Every 6-7 years I like to find somewhere to ride in May. Mount Valin area is usually a good choice. Left Passions and went to Relais Onatchiway for lunch via Brais-Louis and Huit Chutes. From there headed for KM 31 via 267 to 93. Played around on a lot of the orange trails which were still in good conditions for May 3!!. Thought I would share a few pics of the day. 45-50 degrees . 140 miles. Going again tomorrow and make are way further east beyond KM 31 and see how that is. Oilman!!
  5. Got to love late March riding in the Gaspe! Big playground all to yourself!
  6. It is pretty neat to be able to ride out of camp in Western Maine and be at the Delta in Jonquière in 2 days! 495 miles door to door!
  7. EastMark, looks like you played around for a bit in the Beaucville area this weekend. Always like that 545 that goes to the east out of Armstrong. Always a good run out of Jackman.
  8. No Mike. Lol. Just a friend of mine. He gets new cat turbo every year!
  9. Day 1: Left Wilson Mills Maine for Quebec City (Quebec In) 260 miles. X through NH. Great running. Nobody on trails! 03/20/19 Day 2: Quebec City to Jonquière (Delta) 235 miles. Good trails for most part. Little bumpy from Saint Raymond to L’Etape. Getting very thin around Jonquière. 03/21/19 Day 3: Jonquière to North Quebec City (Signature hotel, old 4 Points) 230 miles. Took 83 south, Clermont Express. Fresh snow in the hills, wet in the valleys. Over all good running. 03/22/19 Day 4: Quebec City trailered across and headed back to Wilson Mills via Couburn Gore ME. Fresh snow the further we got south. Around Lac Megantic and Wouburn QC, there was 18 inches of fresh snow. Broke trail 50 % of the way. Still a great adventure. 280 Miles. Great trip: little over 1000 miles 4 days.
  10. Yes Mike, looks good! I see you have had a great year! Good for you! Hope to see you soon! Oilman
  11. mcstar, We left from Beauceville this morning! All good! You have to love mid week! Lol Oilman
  12. Just arrived by sled and checked in at the Universal! Great day of riding!! Oilman
  13. Beaucville to RDL. 220 Miles. Trails were good. Good snow cover. Great to see a few of the Quebec riders at the bar at the Universal! Safe riding! Bill
  14. In Beauceville now. Headed for RDL Universal tomorrow. Trails and weather look good! Bill
  15. I am glad you were having fun as well 2Stroke. Amazing how good it still was for April 15. I know I had a blast. Thanks