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  1. Oilman

    April 14, 2018 Snowmobile Run

    I am glad you were having fun as well 2Stroke. Amazing how good it still was for April 15. I know I had a blast. Thanks
  2. Here is a few pics of today’s ride. Left Saint Agatha Maine and headed for Fort Kent. Crossed border went into New Brunswick then into Quebec. Rode up to Lac Pohenegamook for gas and lunch. What an unbelievable run for April 14!! The trails were 90 % Perfect. Some dirt and mud, but very little. Great Day. 190 Miles. How many are doing this today??? Lol!!
  3. Oilman

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Great pics! Looks like a good snowpack for April 12!
  4. Oilman

    She's Warming Up : (

    That’s what we figured. Thank you
  5. Oilman

    She's Warming Up : (

    Thinking about heading to Fork Kent. Ride over to Moose Valley and then to Bathurst. Prolly head up Thursday April 12. Any indication that they will still be grooming at the end of this week into next weekend?
  6. Oilman

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Thank you for the update!
  7. Oilman

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Any updates on trails and trail grooming for this area. Looked like that got some new snow yesterday? Fort Kent got 12-14 inches.
  8. Oilman

    How not to do it.

    Need a little more running start!!
  9. Thanks Mike! Looks like temps good for next week to 10 days.
  10. How much snow fell in the RDL area the past couple days?
  11. Still looks good Mike like I expected. Great pics and updates. I am in Florida now 80 degrees in Winterhaven . Looking to go back up prolly around March 22. Sled out of Caribou this time and head that way. Long range looks good for temps to hold and more snow for the next 2 weeks. Will see when I get back up to Maine. Glad your haveing a good retirement!!
  12. You can't go wrong riding out of RDL. Will be way better then anything in Maine has to offer except maybe the County no matter how much snow has fallen. The traffic gets distributed a lot better with a lot of different directions to go. I can't imagine that the trails will not be in good conditions. I was up there 4-5 days ago and all was flat and well groomed. The weather forecast looks like it will be cold enough for the next week or more for conditions to remain good. Looks like more Snow Tue-wed. It's definitely well worth the drive. Check in again with Mikerider, but should be all mint.
  13. Day 4: Have breakfast at the universal at 7:00 and say good bye to Jack, Sandi and Mike. Thanks for the talk and memories. After we take off 85 south to 544 south and west. Again trails are 8-10. Take 544 to 35 west. We go beyond the lake and hit 35 east of lake. Trail was freshly groomed for 20 miles. First on the trail, that's always nice. Take 35 west to 557 south. Trail is fast and flat. Making real good time. We have lunch in Saint Pamphile at the relais du club de golf. Nice place of the golf course. Take 55 west to 551 south to Daaquam and stoped for a beer. Take 547 west back to 55 west. Still early so we stop at the club house on the corner of 55 and 547. Have another beve, and had North on 547. In the power lines we had West on orange trail to 545 south. Trails are all in great condition 9-10. We hit 55 again and go east for a mile or so and check in again in Lac Etchemin. 238 miles.