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  1. hi guys hope everyone is getting ready for winter. I am looking to plan a modified gaspe loop with three days in New Brunswick. I have found mike riders way into moose Valley. I thought I have read of guys doing this before but can't seem to locate the trips. is there a shuttle service across at Pointe a le croix our matapedia? our is there a unmarked trail to connect the trail systems? thanks guys.
  2. ordered two sleds a 2021 skidoo 900r renegade xrs. and also a polaris xcr 650 136. one for quebec and one for new york.
  3. groomer what is the latest you have ever groomed the trails? btw thank you for sharing your pics for all of us to enjoy.
  4. it was posted on dootalk that brp has a five year plan for electric. the way it was worded I don't believe there buying anyone out just making there own. several reviews on snowtrax.
  5. thank you groomer. cell phones can do a decent job at taking pictures.
  6. after this year I think we all grew to appreciate quebec trails and hospitality evev more.
  7. I was in Maine three and half weeks. mostly neoc yes. couple nights in caribou and a couple in Baxter inn. the cabins are very nice and yes the restaurant was very good. frustrating the groomer didn't go out every night a few times it gout pretty rough in there area. but over all a very high end place.
  8. I was able to get in 3600 miles in with 3200 in Maine. last year was 4200 but all things considered I am happy I got what I did some did not ride at all. Here's to hoping the border opens for next season.
  9. ya yesterday hard trails 900 turbo ran eco all day. 131 miles on a tank and used 7.9 gallons. running in the 35 to 40 mph range.
  10. yesterday was a bit of a challenge with hard frozen trails in the morning. the groomers did not go out until about noon. then we headed what ever way they went lol. wind was crazy yesterday had to get my hand saw out several times to get back in. ended up with 193 miles for our efforts.
  11. Mike what kind of miles for the season are you at? I'm roughly 2600 miles. we experienced the 30 rough miles out of neoc yesterday but after that nice groomed trails down to wildwoods on the jo Mary trails
  12. this looks excessive to me. I get build up in front of shield but nothing like that on the hinge. you will probably start loosing connection.
  13. our traveling mascot we were at shin pond right about noon today. definitely prefer weekday riding.
  14. food does seem to cost more in quebec. what time do you leave in the morning mike to get to libbycamp by 9:45?
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