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  1. my sled did 4,000 miles on quebec trails. 1.5 ice ripper no issues i did carry a rubber mallet which i always used in the morning and backed up. I remember using it a few times in the day in those certain conditions.
  2. 4000 miles on my 2020 900t. took out the turbo at about 100 miles. other than that steady runner.
  3. will volunteering for a groomer operator position get me across the border for the winter? I'd be interested 🙂
  4. thanks everyone for the additional info. its making putting my first maine trip together much easier. how far north would we normally have to go to ride after Christmas? obviously it is not always the same, but my better half wants to book early for guaranteed rooms.
  5. thanks mike rider. any sugestions on maps also? the pdf map i have found does not have distances. makes you relise how easy quebec makes it for us snowmobilers.
  6. well with the way things are going i have been looking into main. im having trouble finding good info on putting saddlebag trips together. is this just not common up there? base hotel with daytrips seems easy to lay out.
  7. As I remember the trail it ran down the side of the off/on ramp and looped to the right on the way out. Discovered last year they also shut down a lane going over 20 to get to the quality inn.
  8. Maybe some sections of that trail are going to be different?
  9. The trail went there last year. I have stayed at the comfort inn before. Not sure why they are saying its new?
  10. Playhard thats a road trip and a half. But if it needs to happen its worth it.
  11. Way to support our economy . Love both bikes I have a harley ultra classic that lately has been bothering my knee because of low seating position. Three seats later and I'm still not happy. Pockets way lighter though. Have been thinking a adventure tourer may be what I need.
  12. A few pics from last year
  13. Talk about a bad year for them. Best wishes hope it all works out.
  14. Groomer the attachment on the back of the tiger cat does that break up the ground for replanting?