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  1. Didn't the axel break to end your season last year? Our was it the gears?
  2. 2020 skidoo renegade xrs 900t. First skidoo in a very long time this sled will be used in Quebec only. Last Sunday 9 hours in the garage getting it all ready.
  3. Just shows what Quebec is willing to put into there trail systems to keep everyone coming back.
  4. I ordered the semi aggressive. But my sled isn't even in. Went this way from what the vendor at big east show said.
  5. This is the one I think your talking about?
  6. Here it is our are we talking about two different shows?
  7. I ordered a black and red renegade xrs turbo for my Canada sled. Seems I need to check my dealer if its in. Some guys complain about getting them early not me nice to put everything on it in nice weather and not rush.
  8. I'd be interested in one for me and my Gf.
  9. Hey guys was wondering about the sxs in Quebec. Is there a weight limit our width limit?
  10. Groomer on your pic of the moose from Monday what's on its side by the front shoulder? A cyst?
  11. Did anyone get a call to do this survey over the phone? The gf had me hang up because she thought it was odd that I got a email than a call?
  12. Thanks for the link. No windshield at all pretty crappy if u ask me.
  13. Ya that's why it's not coming home like that.