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  1. this looks excessive to me. I get build up in front of shield but nothing like that on the hinge. you will probably start loosing connection.
  2. our traveling mascot we were at shin pond right about noon today. definitely prefer weekday riding.
  3. food does seem to cost more in quebec. what time do you leave in the morning mike to get to libbycamp by 9:45?
  4. I just found that on skidoo site. it appears alot longer in the back. what's the zipper for in the front heat control? I know with my oxygen helmet above 20 degrees I can't snap the shield closed gets way to hot.
  5. Mike I am here for atleast one more week maybe two. 1700 miles in Maine this year so far. I'm in Presque isle at the Hampton right now headed back to Millinocket today to neoc. Maine is nice but quebec is better in my view. took me 11 hours to drive here which is about the same to RDL.
  6. guys can you post a pic of the new part your talking about?
  7. sorry I took so long getting back. I have found the farther north I go the better the trails are.
  8. was interesting riding down this section with those markers in it.
  9. went up to caribou for a couple days. rode down 81 south out of Van Buren and was able to say i rode in Canada this year 🤷‍♂️😄
  10. snobeeler go right ahead and post all u want. those trails north look awsome. I was at libbys camps yesterday that loop up over 85 reminds me of quebec.
  11. we went 83 south which is nice wide smoth trails. right onto 111 (rough section about 4 miles) to lunch at wildwood trailside cabins. up 111 north to 109 north. ran that up too 85 86. back neoc 170 miles today most great trails.
  12. hey guys went up its81 to shin ponds from its112. would not recommend this section of trail several reroute and bumpy needs a foot of new snow to help smoth out the trail.
  13. plan is to ride big loops Monday threw Friday. with Saturday and Sunday run short local rips to recover lol. Monday will probably be a late start with the game on.
  14. I can't get to quebec this year so off to maine Sunday. no return date as of yet plenty of time off to enjoy the trails. hope there at least close to quebec quality? riding out of Millinocket with the new snow should be good to go.
  15. my brother just sent me these pictures check out this unit.