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  1. Lifting a 45 gallon drum of fuel and pouring it into a dozer that's somebody that can compete in the strongman competition for sure
  2. Thank you season always seem short when you get to the end of it but it was a great year this year
  3. Headed up Saturday to enjoy some late season ridding. Love your pics and trail info.
  4. Here is a pic I this was at beginning of a gaspe loop
  5. Revct1 I know of several 850 doo's that are still going at over 12000 miles that sucks with what ever happened.
  6. We're leaving Sunday morning to do a three day trip around the lake. Last ride of the year😖
  7. Well I see it now. Just like looking at clouds and seeing different things in them.
  8. Nobody has asked and I have looked several times is there a polar bear in that pic?
  9. That pic where the groomer is above the plow is crazy.
  10. Headed to riviere du loup Saturday to start a saddlebag tour of gaspe for a week. Looking forward to seeing this for the first time. And seeing some of the spots groomer takes his pictures from.
  11. This area is where me and my gf started our Quebec riding it's a great area that is hard not to come back to. I usually recommend new riders to qc. To start in this area because of close proximity to towns and services.
  12. If you want nicer acomidations hotel l'oiseliere is right down the road and was groomed past it last year. Pool inside and restaurant. We left a truck and trailer for four days no problems.
  13. Isn't it weird some 850 doo's chew up belts then others are going forever. That would annoy me.
  14. My gf has imotoneige on her tablet that I have mounted above her gauges on a procross articcat 7000. It has worked in the coldest temps. Heat from the engine is vented out right there so the battery doesn't have any problem.
  15. When me and my girlfriend are up in Quebec ridding we always figure 30 mph for a moving average. Always seems to work.