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  1. Nice trip. I don't tire of the Gaspe whether on snowmobile or motorcycle. I was in all those areas. 20-25 Feb. Some of the best trails and scenery I have ever experienced. Also most snow as you mentioned. Got slowed down trying to get back to Maine through NB. due to the big storm the of the 24th.
  2. Glad you had a safe adventure. Thank you for sharing!
  3. Please the pictures and description coming!
  4. This is very true. I have a friend that goes to the rock every year. Lots of deep snow and challenging conditions. One his guys says you should have six guys, and four of them should be young fellas...Hope see some pictures of your adventure....
  5. Wednesday was no better in St Quentin. Ended up hiring a guy to bring us the 60 KM to the Van Buran, Maine border. The 104 miles to the truck were not too bad. A few heavily drifted areas. Overall great trip. Love riding in Quebec. Picture Link
  6. We followed the hotel guy on the road in his car out of Cambelton this morning to the main trail. Had to push his car once. Trails are a horror show. Drifts are bad. We got as far as Saint Quentin. Had enough. Hoping they will groom soon. This is getting old.
  7. Winter storm warning for that area all day today...
  8. Thanks very much. I'm not sure how far we will get on the trails today...🙄
  9. Perce to Pointe A La Croix today. Snowing out now. Anybody have the info to get across to Cambelton?
  10. Went from Mt St. Pierre to Perce today. Nice trails all day! Link Updated
  11. Carleton/La Cache/Murdochville/Mont St Pierre today. Nice trails.Snowmobiling in Maine and Quebec
  12. Fort Kent, Maine to Amqui, Quebec today. Trails were great!