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  1. Indeed. I agree. Just entertaining the idea of some early season riding.
  2. Thanks, that's pretty much why I was thinking early to mid January. Being retired now, it's frustrating waiting until February for the five week season to start...🤐Just thought we could get a little more out of the season by making the drive. However, crowds and poor conditions are exactly what I like to avoid. At this point in my snowmobiling "career", I am only interested in riding in good conditions.
  3. Great, Thanks very much!
  4. I typically like to ride into Quebec out of Northern Maine. However, given the fact that good riding seems to start later in the season, and the fact that a friend has now joined me in retirement, I am thinking it might be worth a trip to the Mont Valin area in early January. Any recommendations for lodging in that area? Not having a lot of luck searching the Internet. Would be interested in opinions based on experience. Don't need a fancy lodge, just a clean room with two beds and a place to eat. Thanks very much.
  5. I am unable to see the fuel stop on the orange trail to Pemonca. Probably not a trip I would risk taking without carrying fuel, which I am currently not set up for.
  6. Great, thanks very much for this information.
  7. This coming February will make a quarter of a century since I have made this trip. As I recall, La Dore was the last stop on the lac St Jean end. Then there was the Saw Mill, and then there was a relais with a fuel truck, but rumor at the time the fuel was sketchy, and they were out of fuel when we went through. It sounds like the saw mill is not an option. So for 2023, where is the last gas on the East end, and what is the total miles to the next gas in Chibougamau? Thanks very much.
  8. I found it to be a bit of a pain also. They seem particularly concerned about the snowmobile being owned by the person whose name the permit will be in. I suppose this has to do with the insurance piece of it. At the end of the day, it is a trail pass, not adopting a child.
  9. Hello, my friends and I are planning to finally come back to Quebec this season. We typically leave from Northern Maine. My friend would like to revisit the North Shore/Saguenay region. Looking at the map, it looks like there is a section of Trail 3 on the North Shore that is closed. Is that expected to be the case this coming season? That would prevent us from taking the ferry from Matane to Baie Comeau, and running trail 3 South. If this is indeed the case, what is the best option for getting across via a hired trailer at Quebec City? Thanks very much. Very much looking forward to riding in Quebec again.
  10. I got mine yesterday evening. They were having touble with the website in the morning.
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