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    snowfarmer reacted to PLAYHARD in Tricycling Centre du Québec & Chaudière-Appalaches   
    Beouf place was on the main drag in Thetford, but gotta check out Lac William next time in the area. 
    Highly recommended by Sled Industry Ambassador & Berkshire Snow Seeker Ninja Gary B. 
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    snowfarmer reacted to towing in Taureau reservoir loop/ Mastigouche reserve photo ride report 13april2019   
    With the new snow fallen during this last week, we went for another last ride with our friend Luc yesterday, April 13, 2019 in Lanaudière

    On this exceptionally snowy season the trails of northern Lanaudière were still surprisingly good,  here on #23 trail south of Cabanon

    The temperature was very mild since a few days, no freezing during the night so we got very soft trail. Here passing at Cabanon in the morning

    We left in dam direction. The whole reservoir loop had been groomed during the week!

    The conditions were nice for an April 13th but very good from the dam trail junction(on the # 345) and for all the reservoir loop up to St-Michel des Saints

    It's not visible on the pictures but it was so windy there that I had hard time to stay still the time of the pic, I almost went with the wind!

    The #360 around the reservoir  was candy to ride, just superb. We did very good tempo on this stretch...

    The reservoir is always impressive to see once emptied ...

    I read from a buddy that the emptied reservoir shortcut was still ok on Friday, so with the good visibility we had, we tested our luck despite the wet conditions

    It was not for the fearful ones,  alot of surface water on the ice. It looks worse than it realy was because even if there was water, we ride on ice already leaning on the bottom of the reservoir on more than 90% of the way but the rivers(yes there are rivers in there) where worrisome. I would suggest every body to go around by the trail, I personally would not do it again this season!

    Luc learned the risks associated by following us too closely ... he arrived on the shore a little wet!

    We arrived for lunch at the Central in St-Michel around 12:15

    After a good lunch and a great talk with Luc we headed south on #63. The strong sunshine combined with good winds at 10C made the trails tender and juicy !

    Without surprises, we found some dirt spots near St-Michel village on the larges south-facing hills

    But a little further it was still very snowy

    Back in the Cabanon courtyard, we could see how much it had melted compared to the morning pic

    We  switched into the Mastigouche Reserve on trail #345 to loop back. As I expected beautiful conditions, very snowy ,almost no traffic and not a single bump

    Among the best conditions of the day. We also saw some fresh moose tracks on the trail. A nice spring ride for us at its best!

    We stopped a few minutes at Koubec (which was closed)

    And we came back on #350 trail which was also in very good condition

    In sum a beautiful spring ride of 170miles for the three of us. With the reservoir loop groomed during the week, it was definitely a record in the area to ride recently groomed trails on a April 13th. A big thank you to the clubs involved!
    It could close our season with 4830 miles on the venture dreameter...unless Kristine twist my arm for another last one somewhere !!!


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    snowfarmer reacted to Byrd in 3 M tour   
    Day five, woke to blowing snow, big breakfast. Martine said today was her last day except for a group of ten next week. Thanked her  for her hospitality and off we went. The flat light and the blowing snow made it hard to see and sometimes hard to find the trail. Pulled into wemo for gas. The boy's Machine is beeping, battery light flashing and the engine light on. Rode on to just past Halterphcape the sled dies!  out with the tow straps and into Parent. Mon Bon Chum luckily had a battery. Off we go again just outside Parent we see our first group of sleds. Turned down 13 to trail 53 limped the sled into 100 lakes. Borrowed batterie charger and off to cabin.  New owners have renovated the cabins, two single beds in each room as well as 3 piece renovated bathrooms. A couple of stiff shots and off to dinner. No disrespect to any other place we stayed at but this, by far, was the best meal. Lots of shooters with the locals. Back to the cabin and off to bed.

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    snowfarmer reacted to eddieskidoo in 3 M tour   
    Any guesses as to what burnt.
    Maybe another team gutz project??? Sorry Don, I just had too. LoL
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    snowfarmer reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    hi steven !!!
    great weekend for pics....great light most the time......but yesterday morning ,coming back from dealership ....woooWWW...priceless !!!
    went to meet snowdog and stupe +2 more at the clubhouse ,late afternoon !!!
    happy to meet you guys !!!
    then ,when i left ,at the stop sign in front of gas station ....someone waving at me......sheriff was back in town ....linda + friends from ontario + nova scotia !!!
    while snowdog and stupe were leaving clubhouse...she caused a traffic in albertville !!! ahaha...first one in years !!!
    then , went grooming tq 5 .....warm ....snow no sticky ...but close....snow was like a thick mushroom cream soup !!! back around 4 20 am !!!
    grey sky today and still warm !!!

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    snowfarmer reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    hi mario and steven !!!
    great weekend ...tons of laughs...rode the last 3 days....
    back from amqui about an hr ago...snowing like crazy ...not nice at all ...2'' + in a very short period of time !!!
    yesterday , when we left camp ....went east ...toward orange camp...very surprising there !!!lots of snow !!!
    went to mommies today !!

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    snowfarmer reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonjour !!!
    great weekend riding ....lindaslegirl was here + friends !!! went to camp yesterday starting from clubhouse !!!
    going back riding in a few hrs !!!
    -28c this morning and sunny !!!

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    snowfarmer reacted to lindasledgirl in Adventure trip   
    Sorry you broke down Eddie! We missed you at Chalet Hallé 

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    snowfarmer reacted to RoadRunner in Somewhere East of the Gaspe   
    Sm and Playhard, well we didn’t get cheated on our adventure ride for sure! 
     Thursday and Friday did not disappoint us😁.  Thursday started out so nice but high clouds up in the Long Range mountain highlands in the distance had other plans for us.  As many of you saw earlier in the week, The highlands,  a few days ago had a beautiful blue sky, and felt very inviting. 😉 
    As mentioned , We had heard several stories of trouble and tragedy in these highlands all week.  Well we got taste of just how wild it can get.  By mid morning our clear view morning ...had changed into a slow crawl, dirty visibility and several dig outs of drifts as we crawled our way up into the highlands.  Wow we still got a long ways of to go! This is what its like when the weather goes bad😉 , This is going to be slow going! 
    Just before noon we decided this is not going to work!  We had just got to a rough shelter about half way in. This looks like our chalet for the night! 😊
    As we settled into our very.........rustic accommodations, some gathered fire wood , others water, an inventory of overnight supplies started popping out on the rustic picnic table in the shelter.  A wood stove provided heat, but that was about it.  The wind howled all night, but by 3:30 am it seemed like we had a window of opportunity and visibility was better, but we had 10 sleds buried in snow and we needed to get rolling. With winds forecasted to pick back up to levels we experienced yesterday, we knew we had a a narrow window. 
    Robert Gardner and Dixon Clements, both Cain’s Quest Champ’s and old pros at these types of riding conditions 
    , gathered the troops and said’s now ...or ....we most likely will be here another day. So at 4:40am, sleds are all running and we are heading down out of the range, at a crawl.  3 hours later, and 35 miles under our belt, we dropped down into the tree line.  Lots of stories and laughs to share, but also a reality of just how quick things can change in the high country! It’s always an adventure.
    With 10 experienced riders it was awesome to see all the safety and overnight equipment pop out of everyone’s bags. Multiple Garmin in reaches, Spot tracker devices, food, food lines for hanging gear to dry, fire starting equipment, jet boils, tarps, ect. You guys get it because we all tend to carry those items whether adventure riding or groomed trail riding, and at times thinking, wow, do I really need this stuff?  Well yes, on occasion you do!
    The other neat observation was to observe your riding partners under challenging conditions. This group all remained calm and focused. Good attributes for any type of ride, especially when conditions change.
    As mentioned a few days ago, we had planned to get into the Gross Morne Park, but do “unforeseen circumstances” we ran out of time!!  We did get to see territory and ride a regions that  even many locals have never done. 
    We catch the evening ferry back to NS tonight.  We will be back to the Rock again!  This has been another great adventure ride. And many more things to see and experience here! 
    Happy Trails!

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    snowfarmer reacted to quebec bob in 2020 demo ride   
    I just got back from Old Forge New York, where we got 40 miles of seat time on the new 2020 sleds. All we rode were models from Ski-Doo. First thing, pictures do not do justice to the Free-Ride Blue, one of the best color schemes on snow...just my opinion that this sled is really beautiful to look at. Next, the new 850 extreme...WITH OUT A DOUBT THE VERY FINEST ALL AROUND SLED ..MAYBE EVER BUILT...PERIOD!! I am not a brand loyalist..just calling it after 2 10 miles rides, and I have been riding since 1966. This is not a cumbersome work sled, you keep looking back at stops and cannot believe 154 inches 20 wide is behind you. Hooks up like nothing short of a studded ice racer, the 850 moves it better than a 600r, although not quite as good as an 850 renegade, but not far behind. It really smooths out the bumps, and handles very flat, less intuitive than a back country, but you can really haul down the trail very aggressively without getting tired or feeling like you are tugging a work sled around. This thing wheelies at will and you actually have to back out of the throttle and learn how far you want to go, get used to it a little bit, fun factor is incredible. This sled will more than put a smile on a 20 year old, a 45 year old and a 65 year old tourer, kind of like a BWW station wagon!! Next was the 850 backcountry XRS, with a 146 track.I just sold a 2018 backcountry with 3100 miles on it, so I know the sled. The XRS model handles way better than the x or standard model, and it felt stronger than the 2018 engine and the 2 inch 154 rumbled a bit down the trail, more of a deep snow sled, ski-doo reps said hard concrete trails are probably not the place for this model, they said cooling and torn lugs are going to be the end result.Polaris looked very nice, quality, fit and finish have come a long way, they have upped their game. Arctic Cat had almost exclusively lime green versions of the new riot, the lines were getting very long and we made a 400 mile trek to be first in line at 8am, so we did not stay around to ride everything we wanted to. The new oxygen helmet was there, this seems to be a very well thought out product, I ordered one. If you get a chance to ride the expedition extreme, just do it, if anything you will at the very least come away with a big smile, Happy trails, Bob.
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    snowfarmer reacted to GT Rider in GT 2019   
    After getting our pictures we are headed for a visit with JG. 587 to 5 it’s a nice ride. I  had been taking pics with my camera so I have to wait till I get home. We get to the clubhouse and JG is there. There was a table reserved for us. Gemma says wow we are VIP’s today. We had a great time chatting at lunch. Our riding partners had to get going. They’re not sure where they will end up tonight. JG haddock big hours of grooming coming up he has to get some rest. We say our goodbyes.
    I wanted to say thanks Mario for meeting us at  Valga we really enjoyed your company. It was a pleasure to meet you, your wife and Frank. 

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    snowfarmer reacted to mcstar in GT 2019   
    Thank you Jim and Gemma for letting us ride with you to radar tower and to lunch at Groomers club house. We took 5 back to Rimouski and stopped at L’Empress, at 4:30, was too cold to try making Trio Pistoles. We are going to head to Montmagny today, hope to reach truck in Drummondville on Friday.
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    snowfarmer reacted to mcstar in Phenegamook - Rimouski   
    This morning we left Phenegamook, took 35 to 563 which was covered with fresh snow which made for a great ride, we did lose the trail at one point as it was not marked well,  a quick look at the app and we back tracked and found the trail and onto 85 to the gas in Deglis,  85 was good as well,  we back track a little and take 571 north which is excellent all the way to Sqatec, have lunch and onto 35 to 5 both good as well all the way to the 579 intersection,  we checked into Domain Valga with 165 miles, looking like a daisy tour with these low miles and look who just pulled in.....Jim and Gemma and they did 270 miles!. Getting ready for dinner, not sure where we are going tomorrow. We only saw 7 sleds all day. Full house here at Valga.
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    snowfarmer reacted to RoadRunner in Somewhere East of the Gaspe   
    There is a trail system here in the Northern peninsular. It would not be fair to try to compare this system to the one in Quebec. So far we have been on a recognizable trail system about 20% of the time.  Frequent winds and equipment breakdowns create large challenges for some communities here. Still a refreshing style of riding that we tend to enjoy.
    We have enjoyed the communities and people. Very warm and friendly which is the Newfoundland way for sure!
    Happy trails 

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    snowfarmer reacted to DareDog in '19 Trip   
    -22F in LeCabanon that morning.  Up 345 to 360 Matawin for gas. then 355 to Relais du Trappeur for lunch. North of lac bouchette is where it drastically changed. it got a lot more bumpier and  once we got on to 83 in to roberval it was even worse. Passed the groomer in roberval.    Stayed at Hôtel Château Roberval.    270 miles
    just a little warmer at -20F.   Freshly groomed out roberval up 373.  Stopped at the club house club de motoneige for some soup.  then got on 93 north to chibougamau.  very smooth.  Sawmill for gas.  it was $2 a liter there.   in to chibougamau and stayed at Motel Nordic.  205 miles.
    -19F that morning.  The big day.  left on 93 south to roberval. Stopped at sawmill and different person was there.  it was $1.39 liter,    stopped back at the Club House for lunch.  then took 373 south and took cut off trail to the 83.  83 west to Relais 22 for gas.  Stayed at Pourvoirie Windigo.  320 miles.    Very nice people Martine and Dan are.  The food is great.   
     0F that morning.  left windigo and 83 west was smooth.  turned at 345 south to Casey.  south of Casey was freshly groomed.  Repos for lunch. then back to Lecabanon. 250 miles 
    1023 miles for 4 days  not a bad trip.  





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    snowfarmer reacted to mcstar in Sunday March 3rd   
    Thanks Tom!
    This morning we left Lac Echemin up 55, WOW, ausome trail 10/10 all the way to St. Pampile, we gas up and have lunch and continue on to next intersection 55/557 and I decide to take 557 north and again it just ausome, a quarter of the way up I,m thinking what a great choice I made, no one on this trail, I am coming up to a turn an here comes a 2 upper, as they get up to me I see a winch on his bumper, I start waiving like a lunatic but the don’t see me, I figured it had to be gtrider, who else has a winch right?  I sent him a message to see if it was them. Pulled into Phenegamook at 2:45, short day with 160 miles, again, enough for the wife!
    We are now in Mikerider domain, Bas St Laurent, not sure where tomorrow!
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    snowfarmer reacted to mcstar in Sunday March 3rd   
    Left  Drummondville, took 532 , 525, 35, 538, 25 in to Thetford Mines for lunch. All were great conditions. Had lunch at Tim Hortons and decided to head to Lac Echemin for the night. We continued on 25 to 55 now the trails are a bit rough, it is Sunday after all to be expected, but ok, some of the trails are shared with atvs, that doesn’t help. Pulled into Manoir lac ecthemin at 4:30. 185 miles, enough for the wife. Today we may head to Pohenegamook. 
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    snowfarmer reacted to RoadRunner in Somewhere East of the Gaspe   
    Many of you have commented on the Western side, and as you can see the eastern region we have run so far had a much more dense snow pack in many places.  We will be working our way down the Western side later this week,  We hope to have good weather for the scenery and strong backs for the powder!
    Here are a couple of drone shots , one in Harbor Deep and one in the highlands of the Long Range mountains.
    Also Norm from Boughwiffin lodge dropped us off some 2000 year plus iceberg ice last night. That made the Crown Royal taste very special!

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    snowfarmer reacted to RoadRunner in Somewhere East of the Gaspe   
    The scenery rivals the White road, Labrador and what we have seen in Alaska.  Definitely  this is something to put on your to do list!

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    snowfarmer reacted to RoadRunner in Somewhere East of the Gaspe   
    We have been out for three days now and yes this is Newfoundland. Our run into the Northern peninsular has given us spectacular scenery but been a bit light on the WiFi access LOL. 
    This is was our first day back into digital access, which isn’t a totally bad thing!  We have had a sensational ride, three days of blue sky weather, and all the locals are saying they have not seen the sun in two months.  Wow we got lucky!
    Our first day was from Deer Lake thru Sops arm into Harbor Deep.  You really should do a wiki search on Harbor deep to understand that this was the last community in NFLD to get resettled.  An interesting story.  Bob and Linda where excellent hosts, we guided ourselves In, but a guide would be recommended for this trip unless your are very comfortable with a gps.
    Danny Corcoran lodge does have a guide service available for those interested.
    A few pics of our first day are below!

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    snowfarmer reacted to Fuse6 in Conditions in Chaudiere Applaches Post Storm   
    So we spent the last two and a half days riding the Chaudiere Applaches for the first time.
    Been hoping to ride this area after Snowfarmer posted couple of his trips here last year.
    This opportunity came up after we aborted our Cote Nord trip due to the storm first of the week.
    Wow, what a enjoyable area to ride.Arrived in Princeville(just east of Victoriaville) Wednesday night, having left Sacre Couer mid afternoon.
    Thursday rode from the hotel DuPre heading for LacEtchemin via Thetford Mines and St. George's. 320 km by the time we arrived at the Manor du Lac Etchemin RoadRunner mentioned above. 
    Of rhe 320 km we rode there was only about 20 that wasn't groomed in the previous 36 hours. Pristine would describe the trails.
    Friday another 300 km back to Princville making a loop further to the south. Great variety of trails throughout the region. Rolling farm fields then through the sugar bushes. They take their Maple Syrup business serious here. Very impressive pipeline systems and Suger Shacks .Amazed how much fun riding the rolling farm land was. Traffic really picked up mid afternoon Friday. By Friday evening trails were just starting to get bit choppy in spots. 
    Team meeting Friday night to decide if we departed for home Saturday morning or ride one more day. 3 guys decided to head home first thing Saturday morning and 4 of us decided to ride a part day before heading for home.
    Hit the trails at 7:30 and rode 200 km. Every trail we rode was groomed last night  They must have an incredible fleet of groomers in this area to cover the miles they have to maintain. Beautiful sunny weather all 3 days we rode.
    Two other friends got stranded in Murdochville on Sunday. Took a $350.00 cab ride back to Matane to retrieve their trucks. Was Wednesday morning before they were able to depart by truck. They were heading back to Ontario until we suggested they join us for our CA ride. Worked out well for them to salvage some of their week.
    I had spent hours researching the Cote Nord, read every post related here on QR posted in the last 5 years.Had hotels booked for the first three nights.
    This ended up being one of our best Quebec trips after changing all plans 8 hours before departing home after studying the weather forecast. Rest of the week was on the fly. Think we will operate this way more in the future. 
    Picture below is some poor sole truck drifted in at Hotel Coronet Wednesday morning . Just by luck ours were parks on the opposite side of the lot and the wind blew around them. Had to climb in from passenger side, some minor shovelling and had them out. The hotel staff yard man was very helpful to assist us. 

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    snowfarmer reacted to 800steve in Westward Run with da Snowman!   
    Thats my motto also, Photo first help second.
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    snowfarmer reacted to scorpionbowl in Westward Run with da Snowman!   
    You may not have snowman pics, but I have plenty, lol

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