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    snowfarmer reacted to revct1 in 2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions   
    Dave, Sandi and I went out yesterday.  We went down 544 thru Pohenegamook and stopped at the Frontieres club house.  They are having drag races there this weekend.  They were out getting the track staked and ready.  We then took 35 and 85 down to Degelis and looped back up 571 to Squatec.  Amazing how many maple trees are tapped along the 571 for the maple sap.
    We then returned to the hotel via 571, 544 and 85.
    The trails are fine.  There was only one big field that had been wind blown and was a little thin.  Far from bare just thin.  There is very little traffic out there.  I think it is because there is snow cover in New England and Ontario so people are riding closer to home instead of the trek to Quebec.  We can deal with that. ☺️
    We did see two snowmobiles late in the day with the word "Police" written on the side of the sled.  It was around 4:00 PM so I'm guessing they were heading in.  It was around the St Cyprien area.
    The storm that is coming in Sunday has shifted south.  The prediction is 10 cm of snow here in RDL.  The bulk of the snow is mid to upper Vermont.  Plan your travel wisely.
    Jack & Sandi
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    snowfarmer reacted to Mxzeerider in Trip question   
    6 guys, 3 days 600 miles. Trails were mint!

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    snowfarmer reacted to revct1 in 2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions   
    As Mike said, he sat yesterday out with a stiff neck.  Sandi, myself, FarmerOld, Jak and Rusty went out.  We did 35 west to Tourville for lunch.  55 to St Pamphile then 557 up to Relais Sportif for an afternoon break.  Then we returned to the Universal via trail 5.
    The trails are amazing.  Like I said earlier, half of trail 35 was a little choppy.  All the other trails were fantastic.  There are only a handful of trailers in the enclosure here at the hotel.  We have seen a few riders out but it is quiet overall.  The riding is great.
    The forecast for this Sunday is 30-40 cm of snow.  Not a good day to be in the truck but it is going to top off the trails with a thick blanket of new snow.  Now is the time to get to Quebec and get some miles on.  By the looks of the snow depth map and the groomer map, there isn't a bad area up here.  Until later, enjoy the ride.
    Jack & Sandi
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    snowfarmer reacted to towing in Joliette/St-Zenon photo ride report 12january2019   
    Back to sledding for our first 2019 ride, the snow cover has improved and the trail network get pretty much completed in the south of the region while it is already well run further north. Being able to start from home we then  improvise our ride that happened to be this in the end

    It was pretty cold yesterday, -21C blue jay day, top conditions to have beautiful trails. Here in the fields near home in Joliette direction

    To go toward St-Félix de Valois the trail configuration have been modified to pass nearer of Joliette city just behind Lapointe sport brp dealer. 

    Here is a screen shot of the interactive map for this sector and I added in red dashed the old approximate route for Joliette (who is not there anymore) just to give you an idea of the change. On the interactive map the trail to St-Norbert is still in red today but I confirm that it was groomed yesterday, we passed there on our return

    Here near Notre Dame de Lourdes where the old junction was in the past years

    We then crossed St-Felix and continued north. The small club shack that was in the same place for years has been moved
     a hundred meters in the woods just behind where it was and the trail path rearranged a little differently but as before, left St-Jean de Matha and right St-Gabriel de Brandon

    the snow condition is very good everywhere, here taking the old railway bed near St-Cléophas

    And here just behind St-Gabriel de Brandon city

    And here, riding up the big hill in St-Damien

    We continued straight on #23 toward St-Zénon. Snow is obviously even better going norther, both on the ground and in the trees

    Another important change, the #350 coming from Koubec now arrives on the #23  five miles south of Real Massé instead of  five miles north. We came back from this side in the afternoon

    The interactive map has also been updated, the red trail showing the old closed route and the #350 trail in green below representing the reality

    We continued through the #23, past Réal Massé ...

    we then turned left on the # 350 toward La Glacière. Another interesting change there, the trail instead of going through the big hills now pass by the old route of several years ago. Some may recognize this big gazebo left on the trail side

    Just infront, the magnificent auberge de la pourvoirie St-Zenon! I was so surprised to pass there that I had not even think to stop for lunch but by looking on they are really open. I put them on the bucket list for a next time...

    We continued just a little further to La Glaciere

    Where we had already planned to stop for lunch

    After warming up with a good meal we continued on #63 trail toward St-Zénon village

    And then north of the village we continued toward Le Cabanon

    There was a small segment of an half mile that was really rought on this trail,  We then know from the Cabanon that this is because the dozer is not able to climb one of the icy hill just before ... The new dozers with rubber tracks spin on the ice while the old Gilberts with steel bars tracks were able to climb up ... the club will have to find a solution.
    Otherwise the snow is really good in this area, impressive how it increased in the last month.

    We stopped to refuel the venture at Cabanon.

    And then took the  #23 toward south

    We then forked into the Mastigouche reserve still via #23 east

    The Mastigouche Reserve was one of the first places to ride this season and is still top notch. Here a picnic table buried under the snow

    We then turned on the #345 south to go down toward Koubec. We just went into the yard and continued, there were many sledders there!

    We turned to continue the #345  and then switch on the #350 a little further continuing west

    it's here that the #350 route is changing this year. There is this indication and the trail turns to the left

    A brand new trail to discover in Zec des Nymphes, very panoramic on the first part. In fact this new trail sectiion has everything from great fast stretch to narrow zipper on the mountainside!

    We then ended up on the #23 trail five miles south of Real Massé where we already pass in the morning. We took it south and took a break a little further at the restaurant of the Pourvoirie St-Damien. We must have passed 100 times infront since all these years but we were never stopped. They are well installed, a beautiful fireplace inside with bar and dining room. It was a particularly cold day yesterday and the hot chocolate was really nice!

    We then continued south, here the setting sun just south of St-Gabriel de Brandon

    We then continued on #63 trail to go toward St-Norbert. Here the sun lying behind us when crossing the # 347 road

    We then went through the local trail from St. Norbert/St-Elizabeth to St-Thomas which was closed in the morning. this trail had just been groomed during the day and had no time to harden so not very nicel but with a couple of days and  a couple grooming pass it will be top shape. We finally got home around 5:15 pm with a little over 191 miles on the dreammeter. In the end a beautiful ride with very nice conditions overall but pretty cold despite the beautiful sun.
    The season is well started, the trail network is pretty much connected to travel between the regions, you can take a look here to have some more details of the areas you want to ride:
    the best of the sledding season is beginning. It's time to enjoy!
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    snowfarmer reacted to Trailblazer in Season starter   
    Finally after spending the entire holidays on my back sick as a dog drooling over all the sledding posts, I’m feeling well enough on the last week end before returning to work to brave the outdoors. From the reads I’m getting, the closest snow and trails are a 2 1/2 hour drive away, St.Zenon. Not the ideal area I like to ride in but we will be only riding out of it. Couple phone calls later I got team assembled, Grumpysanta, Vrini and yours truly, reservations made, sled loaded and were off, yup last minute.
    We got the last room at Cabanon Friday night, they were booked for Saturday and pretty much everywhere with in a 100 klm radius, everyone’s up there riding. 
    Destination, Barrage Gouin 350 ish klms, 345 360 83 and the Gouin trail. 
    345 out the gate is a little thin, skippy off rock caps and dodging patatoes till after the river, 360 short’n sweet then back on the 345. This is where it starts getting real nice. 345 up to Repos and it’s noon when we get to the driveway, we take a deep breathe and decide to bypass and head up the Kanawata express to Kanawata for gas and lunch, no one at the pump and quick service inside. Glad we opted for Kanawata, more on that later. 200 k from the Cab.
    345 up to Casey sweet as always, after Casey the trail is labelled 83 doesn’t say east or west just 83, kinda confusing but before crossing the road from Wemotachi to Parent the trail detours to the west following the Manaouin river for about 10 klms when it conects to the 83. At the intersection from the east and west side of the 83 there are Casey Detour signs, why they detoured the trail I don’t know, yet! Trails are awesome and I’m behaving myself this week end, got some old timers with me! 
    Gouin trail off the 83 was in fair shape till you got to the road going to Parent, on the other side into BG the trail was a single path with branches growing into the trail, last few klms was a little rough, we saw Jean in the trail dragging a crazy looking homemade sleigh with blades on it to cut the branches, very innovative.
    BG walleye was bar none, service on the top and foxy was back, she even gave a pose. Josianne is no longer there, they have someone new now her name is Corina. Jean was very helpful with some off trail info but that’s for another time.
    A little cooler in the morning and a little more snow on the ground for our departure, down to the road we go, enough of the branches. Buzz down to the Halteparche trail and reconnect with the 83, into Casey then do a little exploring, we’re coming back here another time in search of a trail to 100 Lacs. Buzz on down to Kanawata and it’s too early for the lunch so we take the express into Repos, now this is where it gets interesting....We have 175 k on the tanks and Repos is sold out of gas, sending everyone to Manawan so I dump my spare gas, Vrini with his 900 Expedition still has lots to spare. Grumpy would rather ride the 35 k to Manawan fuel up and ride back the 35 k rather than dumping his spare gas, so after tugging on his beard a bit we got him to dump his gas and stay away from Manawan. Good thing too, later on that.
    Now we have roughly 1/2 to 3/4 tank of gas and are taking the 33 down to SMdS 100k, easy peasy. We get there using the shortest path possible, ran all the lakes, took the road around Taurau then crossed the reservoir into SMdS from Auberge Taurau. Got lots to spare, could’ve even made it back to the Cab. Everyone’s happy.
    Now back to Manawan, when I got home I saw a post on FB, a quick video of the fuel line up at Repos on Saturday at 1:30 the post said they are all sold out of gas. On Sunday we were told to go to Manawan and I’m guess they everyone on saturday to do the same. Hmmm I’m judging with all the traffic Saturday afternoon and on Sunday it’s a high probability Manawan could’ve sold out as well. It was a tough call pulling on Grumpys beard, he’s a big guy!  615 klms for the weekend, not too tough on the bodies for the first one.

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    snowfarmer reacted to Fuse6 in RDL/Rimouski updates   
    A great lunch with Alyre at Serpentine, he knows Andyman well as Andyman has been here a few times!  we also talked with several friendly riders there today and got to ride the interior NB. Also we saw the ice jams on the Miramachi rivers, pic below is where the Renous and Miramachi fork together.  A good 265 miles of NB riding today😁
     More fun tomorrow
    Alyre, what a character he is. We spend 5 days riding northern NB last winter so stopped at the Serpentine lodge a couple times. One friend in our group has been rider  NB several times so he knows Alyre well. Does he still have the big beautiful dog?
    Posting picture below to give anyone that hasn't rode New Brunswick what's available vs the Gaspe.
    The Gaspe loop was 1,600 km.
    New Brunswick trip was 1,900 km, bit of overlap a couple of days in the centre.

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    snowfarmer reacted to RoadRunner in RDL/Rimouski updates   
    Another New Brunswick day, still far away from the Quebec ZEC territories , but we are having a fun run here.
    Leaving this am in light snow but with Winter storm warnings posted we knew we were going to have fun this afternoon.  We were not disappointed!
    We ran the New Brunswick snowmobile Assoc, Zone 3.  A nice run this morning on a great loop out to Caraquet NB for lunch, and yes, fresh seafood!!
      Than the winter storm warnings kicked in, Heavey snow all afternoon made visibility and snow accumulations interesting.  By the time we were back in Bathurst we had a foot of powder in the trail in places and having a blast. 
    We expect another 6” tonight so our run tomorrow will be even more fun😁
    Happy Trails

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    snowfarmer reacted to RoadRunner in RDL/Rimouski updates   
    Rev and play hard, we had a real fun day today with our adventure ride to Lascension de Patepedia.  An awesome blue sky day for us before the snow coming. 
    200 miles of 35 groomed and 165 single track or powder riding.  Just what we wanted!  Back at Moose valley for a second night👍
    We even got to open one of our old worm holes from a few years ago, a special treat!
    gorgeous  views today, and a great lunch made by the one and only 603 Backcountry for lunch!
    The hospitality here att Moose valley is over the top, in fact the provincial Governor comes tomorrow to review all the great work they are doing here!
    After talking with Andyman, we plan to explore some more in NB this week, heading for Bathurst or Miramichi tomorrow.
    Thank you Andyman for the tips! 
    Happy trails RR

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    snowfarmer reacted to revct1 in 2019 Jack & Sandi's trips   
    For all of you that are up here today, the groomer map looks great.  The groomers were out in force last night.
    The weather forecast is looking good too.  A little warm up with snow in the forecast.  Maybe a foot of new snow over the next week.
    We are packing up this morning.  It is time to head back to Connecticut.  Make a few repairs and get ready for the next trip.  RDL is in our sights for the week of Jan 13th.  We hope to see some QuebecRider folks out there.  Mayor Mike should be at his post by then.
    One last request.  For the sledders that read but haven't joined QuebecRider, sign up.  The more members there are, the more attractive it is to advertisers.  Their funds are some of the monies that keep this sight going.  No strings attached.  No junk e-mails.  You don't have to post.  Just the fact of being a member shows that QuebecRider has a lot of followers.  Thanks.
    Jack & Sandi
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    snowfarmer reacted to revct1 in 2019 Jack & Sandi's trips   
    Where to go today?  Lets head above the river and see where we end up.  Sandi and I take off and head over to the Delta to pick up the GutZ brothers.  They are waiting in the parking lot.  Hey guys.  All Set?  Yes we are.  The four of us take off.
    83 west we go.  The trail is better west of Jonquiere.  We turn right on 383.  Things are looking good.  The St Charles crossing was groomed on both sides so it must be safe to cross.  We turn right onto local trail 1.  Hmm?  This should groomed but it doesn't look it.  There are sled tracks but not much more than that.  We get to the road, route 170, and it is still bad.  383 was a lot better.  Lets u-turn and cross at Alma instead.  383 to 83 and a quick crossing on Kenogami.  We stop at Relais La Grenouillee for a Sandi break.  We get back on the sleds and continue on 383 to 562 thru St Bruno.  Its a little rough here.  Usually Alma doesn't have enough snow for Christmas week but this year they have been blessed with some snow.
    We work our way over to 23 and this is nice now.  We get on the auto bridge and cross over to the north side.  Turn right on 93 and this is new.  93 has been rerouted around St Nazaire.  Typical reroute.  It has been cut thru the bush and it is a rough 5 miles or so.  We turn left onto 554 and make our way up to Relais des Lacs.   554 is real good.
    Lunch time and one of our favorite stops.  The smoked meat sandwiches are great.  A few sledders and a few VTTs.  We ask about tomorrow, New Year's Day, and they are closed.  You have to check for tomorrow, the holiday, because most places are closed.
    After lunch we take 328 west to L'Ascension.  The blueberry fields are super.  The trails here are always some of the best.  A lot of people stay on 93 and the major Trans-Quebec trails and miss some of these green and yellow trails that can be the hidden gems of the Quebec trails.  We fill up the sleds in L'Ascension and continue on to 93 where we turn left heading back to Alma.  93 is showing the wear.  There is snow but it is a little rough.  Thru Alma, the reroute around St Nazaire and it finally gets better.  93 is good until the where the clubs change about 8 or 10 miles before St Ambroise.  We turn right on 367 and it is still rough.  Sandi is motoring on not letting the bumps slow here down. 
    This area always seems to be neglected until after New Years.  I'm not sure why but that is the way we have found it.  We cross the two bridges and we are back on the south side.  We bid farewell to the GutZ brothers for they are heading  back to the Delta via 383 and we are staying on 367 to Chicoutimi.
    Overall, west of Jonquiere is pretty good.  There are thin spots here and there but again, it is still December for a few more hours.
    Time to sit back, watch the TV and probably fall asleep well before the ball drops.  Happy New Year to all.  We hope everyone gets in some of their best rides this season.
    Jack & Sandi
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    snowfarmer reacted to revct1 in 2019 Jack & Sandi's trips   
    This morning we decide to bite the bullet and trailer to Mont Valin.  The truck ride over and then suiting up in the parking lot is always a chore but we will do it in hopes of some good trails.
    We get the sleds in the trailer and put our gear in the truck.  The other rigs here are doing the same thing.  It is a 45 minute ride over.  The roads are slushy but no problems.  We pull into the lot at Valinuet and there are quite a few rigs here.  It isn't packed but filling up.  OK Sandi it is time to suit up before we get cold.  Unload the sleds, get our gear on and head out.  We are heading up 93.  I figure 93 is only going to get worse as the day wears on and the grooming map shows that it was groomed two days ago. 
    Well two days of sleds around Valinuet is like a month's worth of sleds anywhere else.  Yep its rough.  Maybe it will get better!  About 5 miles out it does get better but it still isn't good.  Sandi says she is getting beat up on the MXZ.  She says it is tossing her around too much.  Like a good Samaritan I offer to swap sleds with Sandi.  What?  I can.  Really?  Sandi gets on the Renegade and off she goes.  She is riding faster.  I'll just have to endure riding this brand new 600R.  Report to follow.
    We get  to local trail 267 that cuts back to Bras Louis.  This looks better.  Lets take this Sandi.  No sense in beating ourselves up if we don't have to.  Off we go.  This is much better.  Now I feel like we are in Quebec.  This wasn't groomed last night but it doesn't get the traffic that 93 gets. 
    Zipping along we meet a few sleds coming at us.  Everyone is behaving today and staying on their side of the trail.  Bras Louis is just fine.  We get to the intersection with 477 that goes to Onatchiway and there are few sledders taking a break.  Go ahead Sandi.  I don't need a break yet.  Ah!  Another nice trial.  A little overcast now and a few flurries in the air.  What a good ride this is on this new sled.  I better not tell Sandi that this rides much better on smooth trails.  Not yet anyways! ☺️
    We pull into Onatchiway and as expected, there are a lot of sleds here.  They can serve up a lot of people in a short period of time here.  We go inside and get a seat.  We get waited on right away.  Soup and a club sandwich to split sounds good.  People leaving and more people coming in.
    After lunch we take a look at trail 476 that goes to St David.  This hasn't been groomed in a long time.  There are sled tracks on it but the trail is not in good shape.  Lets go back the way we came.  The trail always looks different from the opposite direction and its still snowmobiling.
    We get to Bras Louis and turn right.  Very, very nice.  Sandi is running along and I'm tasting the snow dust.  Its a little cool up here on the mountain.  No stopping now.  Sandi makes quick work of the fifteen or so miles back down to trail 93.  I thought she didn't like the 850 Renegade.  Can't prove that today.
    A little too early to go back to the truck so we turn right on 93 and keep heading down the mountain.  As we drop down, the trail does get worse.  Some snirt on the hills and corners.  The straight runs are good.  We get to the intersection with 328.  The trails show a fair amount of traffic in all directions.  This is far enough for us today.  We u-turn and head back up 93.
    We are back at the truck.  OK time to load back up, get most of our gear off and head to the Sag.  Not a big day but it was a nice ride overall.  93 was rough but that is true most of the time.  There is more snow on the mountain than down in town.  The lower elevations are passable but could use more snow.
    Not sure what to do for tomorrow.  We will see what the other riders experienced today and then make our decision.
    Next post on the 600R.
    Jack & Sandi
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    snowfarmer reacted to snowmaster2112 in Roll of the Dice   
    Alright last trip pic. We are back at Lebel-sur-Quévillon and heading home early a.m. Ending the trip a day early because of what you see here in this picture. It was enough to have my buddies and I bungholes puckered up for 80 miles. Right around the junction to Waswanapi my buddy blows a belt on his 1200 enduro that has less than 1000 miles on it. When I circled back he had belt crap all over and was still digging it out. Problem was a bunch got wound up behind the clutch and spun around the driveshaft. The motor would not turn over when we tried to start it. It literally took us a half hour to get the multiple pieces off. I must have jinxed us and said “I hope the seal is o.k. We started it and guess what.....a half cup of oil poured down into the chassis. This is the point that I let out the loudest F bomb ever produced  by man. I’m thinking man....this is not the place for this kind of shit to happen. Well we cleaned out the oil and let it run for a bit and it didn’t seem too bad. Leaking yes but not real bad. Pushed on to desmairville and got to the store for a much needed break warm up. Nancy and her husband are great folks. We had to make a decision at this point to try and push on the 60 miles back to Lebel-sur-Quévillon or I was going to have to ride by myself (dark and sub zero Fahrenheit) to get the truck and bring it back. We decided to buy oil and give it a wack. We stopped every 10 miles or so to check it. It was slowly getting worse but the level was only down to the add level and hanging in there. Made it back and hi fived each other in the parking lot.
    as us snowmobiler’s know ...”it’s always an adventure “......
    the important part is no one got hurt and we had a blast on the trip. 3 days, 650+ miles, FANTASTIC trails, great conditions/accommodations/food. We only saw a dozen or less sleds the whole trip and that was all around Chibougamau yesterday.
    Now we will be home a day early and the wives will be happy. It truly was one of if not the best Christmas week rides I have ever had.

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    snowfarmer reacted to towing in St-Zenon/Mattawin/St-Michel des Saints photo ride report 7april2018   
    I was disappointed to have missed the Easter weekend to ride but it is sometimes like that... but now that everyone thought sledding was over in my area mother nature sends us another surprise, a good one this time: One foot+ snow drop all over the north of my area on wednesday 4 April
    Several clubs had already announced or planned their closure. Riding up to April was already good in my area and I must admit that  earth started to come out in some spots even in the north. I would like to Thanks all the snowmobile clubs peoples who rolled back up their sleeves and took their groomers out again for this last weekend in the north of my area, especially the Snowmobile Club of St-Michel des Saints, the Club du Royaume (Cabanon), the club Mattawin (Marineau toward Mauricie), the club of Notre-Dame de la Merci and all others that I could have forgotten.
    Having that large amount of new snow with mild temperatures,  we did not expect perfect trails. It was not groomed everywhere and where it was the snow was  very soft and the conditions have changed all the day but we had played in the snow under extraordinary weather conditions and scenery and got a real treat.
    Here is the approximate trail path we rode Saturday, April 7 2018 totaling 236 miles

    Here starting from La Glacière in St-Zenon  at 9:00 am Saturday morning under a cloudy sky with -4C with our friend Steph

    We took the #350 and then joined  the #23 north which were both freshly groomed

    We had an overnight new snow bonus of a few inches  like the ice on an already generous cake

    We passed by the Cabanon where we made a fuelup  before continuing toward the #345

    The #23 had been groomed after the storm but contrary to what we had read on Facebook, beyond the #345 north had not been but several sleds had passed.

    The problem in those conditions is that the trail get narrow on some spots because everybody tend to pass in the same line which can get scary to cross other sled especially on a wooded twisty trail so we chose to go toward the Taureau dam. This segment of trail had been even less used but was taking us sooner on the #360 which is wider with better visibility. Two-up on a touring machine in a canal like that is not easy, especially for the stress level of my best half on the back but we had not long to do it

    And soon we were at the Taureau dam that we crossed to join the #360 trail on the other side

    Again only one track wide but no sled had passed since the last overnight 3-4 inches of new snow so it was a lot easier because I was not tracking in the skis tracks of the others before. I am not sure that the stress level of my darling had decreased much but on my side I had a real blast!!! The venture tossed alot snow in this spot and I admit that I probably have a few more miles on the dreammeter vs the gps because of that segment!

    The scenery that was already very snowy became even more

    Here at the #360/#345north junction (toward pourvoirie du Repos).

    For ourself we continued on the#360 northeasterly to go eat at Marineau in Rivière Mattawin. The snow that was intermittent since we started became more and more present

    The #360 trail had not been groomed on the first miles...

    But the Mattawin snowmobile club had begin to groomed just few miles ahead  and this, up to our destination for lunch at Mattawin

    Intermittently the snow intensified making this absolutely beautiful scenery even more incredible ...

     I don't think the trees could have been more loaded than that, the pictures speak for themselves

    It was simply magic ...

    While we were already stunned at this scenery, the snow got heavier

    We were there for an april spring ride!!!

    It decreased afterwards

    But the sky was still very dark as we crossed the photo spot on the shore of the beautiful Mattawin River

    Here seen from the bridge,  the St-Maurice river with the Auberge Marineau seen through the trees in the distance

    We arrived on-time for lunching at around 12:10. We are always  well received at Marineau, good food and services. A real sledders place for sledders. While we were having lunch, the snow started again!

    After a good meal break, we gave a good drink to the venture on the other side of the street before continuing

      We were still in for some surprises in terms of weather, the sun that we did not expect had come out!

    And it's under a sun and cloud mix that we  retraced our steps on the #360

    An already beautiful and pleasant trail to ride but with those conditions it was really at the top

    The same scenery with the sun instead of the snow was so different but just as beautiful, we are really blessed to had had both in the same ride. Obviously the pics are a lot better when it's sunny ...


    We stopped at the halte 440 for some pictures ...

    And then continued ...

    Hum... this white coating on his hood does not seems factory...

    Here not far from the Taureau dam. The morning single track was beginning to widen a little

    Our buddy Steph was a little reluctant to our ride extension plans (maybe he begin to know us well!) but since it was still early we finally convinced him to stretch out the ride by riding around the reservoir and passing through St-Michel des Saints. The first section up to #33 trail had not been groomed either but was riding very well. Here during a short break on the reservoir shore

    Then once on the #33, the trail had been groomed by St-Michel snowmobile club, nice and fast 

    Here on the reservoir beach 

    With this beautiful sun giving us maximum visibility we chose to cut on the Taureau reservoir between the Auberge du Lac Taureau and St-Michel des Saints.

    We took the opportunity to do one last fuelup at the the village before continuing on the #63 trail toward the Cabanon. The big hills near the village were very thin but otherwise the snowmobile club of St-Michel had did a very good grooming job because it was very nice and fast.

    We then resumed on our morning path to La Glacière. We finally got back at the trailer around 6:00PM with 236 miles on the dreammeter.
     For the next, I do not expect a lot of extra grooming but you can follow the details on the trail conditions website here:
    Each ride is an unique small adventure and this one has been an incredible good one! Big chances are it was our last one (unless somebody twist my arm!) but I could not dream of a better way to end the season in my area
    Have a good off-sledding  season !!!
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    Last ride of the season:    Was only appropriate the ACE hit the 15,000 mile mark on the Mikerider bypass. That would sound more impressive in Kilometers! Sled goes just like it came off the showroom floor.
    Saw a black cat for several seconds in a field today before he disappeared into the woods. Looked 25 to 30 pounds, no idea what it was.
    And, best of all, the mice story did not get me kicked off QR, thanks for all the positive feedback on the story.

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    snowfarmer reacted to Jackstraw in Gaspe- Season Ender   
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    Today was one of those days you remember! Blue skies, warm temps and the most scenic part of the gaspe! TQ 5 to Gaspe for the night at motel Adams. Tq5 was absolutely stellar the whole way. Passed only a handful of sleds all day. Wow is the only word for the day. Picked up a guy walking down the trail who got his sled stuck off trail. Doubled him to where he was. Didn’t speak an once of English. Got to where his sled was which was down at the bottom of a hill in the bush. We couldn’t continue down. There’s 4ft if snow. What the hell was he thinking on a Yamaha off trail by himself. We got him out but not after sweating our asses off helping. Let’s jyst say he was a happy camper! Wheels on the skis would be a huge asset for fuel and hotels! 236 miles 

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    Powder turn ... 101

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    snowfarmer reacted to Phil 1 in Pirate ride.   
    Statrted in Maniwaki they had new snow trails were loose but nice coverage. Left at 2 pulled in to Mekoos before dark, relaxed morning up to Parent great trails lots of snow grooming up to par. 83 to Relais 22 was fast hard and fun, tonight at Relais 22. I would say mid winter conditions.  
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    Day 3, Sunday, March 11th 2018, 202 miles.
    We woke to blue skis and it stopped snowing, yeah!  With only 200 miles back to the truck we weren’t in a big rush.  Mont Vilian does not start breakfast until 8:00AM, a bit of a pain under normal conditions.  All was good with the food and the cabin but the poor to no internet is a show stopper for me.
    We were expecting the worse as the last 5 miles in was all ice and no fresh snow.  As soon as we hooked a left towards Alma we could see they had gotten plenty of snow this last storm.  It was perfectly fresh groomed and we were first tracks all the way to Alma!  Best I have ever seen these trails.
    We crossed the bridge, meandered through town and stayed on the 23 all the way into Mont Apica.  The trails were in really nice condition and the traffic was not too bad.  A few of us grabbed a splash of gas and off the Le Tape for food and gas.  I think overall better food and much quicker service.
    23 to Le Tape was a tiny bit bumpy in the turns but mostly really nice.  The side trail to Le Tape was very good considering the traffic as we got closer.
    After lunch we grabbed the 369 back to Route 3.  I would say the 369 may have been the best I have seen it ever.   It’s amazing what a pile of new snow and grooming will do.  We did jump on the 304 to avoid the last twisty part of 369 through the mountains. We were dreading Route 3 but it was totally fine for a warmish Sunday afternoon all the way back to the Hotel. 
    High 5’s and hugs all around and a successful 780 mile trip in the books. 
    No sled or rider issues.  Gas, oil and go, just the way we like it. 

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    snowfarmer reacted to markusvt in March 9th-11th Chenail Du Nord adventure.   
    Day 1, Friday, March 9th 2018, 365 miles.
    We decided to start at the Sheraton Four Points in Quebec City.  Nice rooms, nice food and huge parking. If you are trying to go north it is a better option for us than the St Foy area.  We debated on starting more north in La Malbaie  but voted unanimously against it in favor of more miles on the sled and less in the truck.
    We woke to a fresh 4 inches or so outside and it was still snowing.  Breakfast at 7:00 and then out to unload 5 sleds, Me, Jay, Randy, Dave and Greg. On the trail at 8:00 or so.
    We found awesome conditions on the power-lines in Quebec City.  No rocks and tons of snow.  They fully recoved from the rain and warm.  No water, no missing snow bridges, nothing ! A few snowmobile bridges redone since last season and some fresh signing, it was nice. There were lots more 30km maximum signs in town so we took it very easy. Most of route 3 was freshly groomed and really nice until Relay Mont St Anne.  It stayed nice until the 369 La Tape turn off then the snow started picking up and for sure no groomer had been here in a bit.  Big snowdrifts and hard going all the way to Relay Michelieu at the Baie St Paul turn off.  They have 2 huge gas tanks there now that I have not noticed before.  No worries we don’t need gas and continue on.
    It is obvious that the groomer has been here recently which was nice.  A few small trail reroutes since last year but it was all nice.  A bit choppy before the ferry as it usually is.  Snowing heavy now and WINDY…….  We got off a bumpy Tadousac ferry ride and headed to lunch at Restaurant Chantmartin a few minutes up the trail, (I was wishing I put the peanut butter on my toast for breakfast because I was HUNGRY!).  We met some folks there that were calling it a day because of too much snow and hard going.  We finished an awesome lunch and marched on. Both gas options on the trail in town are no longer open and we did not want to get the one off the side street so off we go. We bypassed Pelchat and got gas at Relais Escoumin. I know guys had issues with bad gas early in the season here but we took our chances and all was well.  We told the lady in the relay where we were going and she said something about good luck and crazy Americans.  We wrestled the sleds on the Route 3 bypass due to the locals tracking it up every which way playing in the deep snow.
    Our plan was to get to Chenail Du Nord at 5:00 with 320 miles but with all the new snow and a few excursions we were not going to make that.  We arrived in Forestville at 6:45PM to get gas.  I looked at the Chenail Du Nord side trail on the way by and there were no tracks and now the fresh snow was in the 12-18 inch range and still snowing.  We leave at 7:00PM after grabbing (3) empty windshield washer jugs for tomorrow.  I shoot a note to Benoit we are running a bit late.
    We doubled back the few kilometers to the side trail and off we go. Fresh tracks for 1KM then off a huge bank onto a plowed back road, hum.......  We go a short distance and hook a left back onto the side trail and are ready for the remaining 60 miles.  Lo and behold someone had ridden it pulling a sled and it’s perfect! Benoit has this section pretty well signed to his door. I have GPS tracks if anyone needs them.  It’s dark now but we could easily go 65mph+ on sections of this trail.  We arrived at 8:30PM with 365 miles on.  Long day and the only over 250 miles day this year, but sometimes to get to the interesting places you have to pay a bit. We had new snow the whole way and everyone was happy to be there!  Benoit came out to greet us and get us set in our cabin.  He said he would go wake the chef and dinner would be ready at 9:15.
    Quick unload, shower and off to eat.  The new chef was awesome.  She is a local Floresville woman living in the bush here for the winter.  The meal was awesome as was visiting with Benoit for the evening.  He took out his calculator and said 600KM in 12 hours in this fresh snow, and you got gas, and you ate lunch?  We said yes, he said crazy Americans.  We've heard that before.
    Lots of snow today and everything open for business.  I can't see this much snow melting quickly so head on up.  Quebec City is a great place to leave from when the conditions are this good.

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    Just back from a week in the Gaspesia area accompanied by our friend Snowcruiser. We left home after dinner by car on Saturday March 3rd and returned home on Saturday the 10th in the late afternoon, a trip of 700 miles by car and 1040 miles by sled. This was our 4th time in Gaspésia, the last one was back 4 years ago
    The mild temperatures that we had in the  last weeks are certainly related with the poor trail conditions we encountered on a large part of the trip. I was expecting that with the warm temperatures but it was a notch worse than expected, no offense to you Groomer, the Tq5 in your area was nice!!!  Luckily, our relaxed vacation pace gave us an easy 160 miles/day average which was just enough in these conditions especially for my passenger. Here is the trail path of our trip:

    Our drop spot in Gaspésia was in Mont-Joli at the motel "Mon Joli Motel". We slept there Saturday night before leaving by sled and finally Friday night when we came back before going home the next day. This was our third time at this location mainly for free parking and their recovery service in case of problems: we leave them our car keys and in case of problems they can come pick us up with our rigs at our request. A service we have been fortunate to never use up to date but still provides a significant peace of mind for the trip. In addition the place is nice, beds are comfortable and the food at the restaurant very good.

    We had a very cloudy week but a bit of sun in the first 2 days. I hesitated to make a ride report on this trip, doing it as I usually do would make a too big project for the moment(I have a lot of photos and videos) so I'll go  differently with what marked us more than a detailed story . To begin we headed south via the trail # 5 on good trail conditions (Mont-Joli is the place where the  trail#5 come back on itself as the road #132 that goes around the Gaspésia do ).

    I had left a message to Groomer.  Being in his backyard and having never met in person, the opportunity was too good to not going shake the hand of the best photographer in Gaspésia!  So we went having our lunch at the Albertville Clubhouse where he came to meet us. Our lucky star gave us a big bonus having Mr and Mrs Gt riders in persons, Jim and Gemma were there at the same moment. It was so nice to have a great talk with all those passionate peoples. a real great add-on to our trip!
    I know JG you are more at ease on the other side of the camera but thank you for having been willing for the group pic with us

    here outside before leaving

    This day we had went to sleep at Pointe à la Croix and the next day we continued on #tq5 to New Richmond. Here the New Brunswick on the other side of the river 

    Many deers  in that area.

    Enough for having to pay more attention. I watched a lot for deer tracks in the woods as in this one  where there was a good flock. We powered the Lumix with the zoom and made some good shots, really beautiful animals

    We then rode north on the #595 to La Cache where we spent the night. Probably the most rought trail of our trip that had not seen the Dozer for a very long time. During a break to our surprise we saw a mosquito on the venture cab! if the mosquitoes come out at this time here I won't imagine what is it in summer!

    The next day, leaving La Cache we saw the only moose of the trip ... I would have liked to see one in better shape but it is what we got! It left just his coat that had been moved by wild animals during the night.

    We then headed for the Chic-Chocs trail toward Murdochville. During our climb we were impressed by these snow blades on the trail side

    A little further, while we were stopped on the trail side to take pictures of the rear view, another "virtual friend" recognized us and came to meet us. It was a pleasure to meet you in person "Je me souviens"

    While we were talking with him, a little fox appeared in the back scenery

    Kristine got the Lumix out and made a series of good shots of this little curious

    When I parked my sled on the side of the Cooper infront a window in Murdochville. A knocking on the glass make us realize our friends Coyote and Jocelyn with whom we did our Chibougamau annual trip 6 years ago were just inside at their table for lunch!!! Another great surprized meeting that put some shine on our trip!
    After our lunch, we went down the #597 toward south. I stopped for a short break around sixty miles from Murdoch at the spot where the dozer turn around(club change) because I remembered having seen gray jays the last time we went there 4 years ago. Well there were some still there and not fearful at all.

    they came to get their treat in our hands and stayed there a long time pecking and watching us

    We went to sleep at Grande-Riviere and continued to Perce the next day. Seeing the famous Rock is a must in Gaspésie

    After Perce we wanted to keep going north but the TQ5 was closed because of a river so we should had to turn back and retrace our steps to take the #597, a pretty  big detour. Because we have hard heads, we decided to go to see by ourselves. It was not ideal but very feasible to cross especially north as we did. There was about 6 "of water on the right side.

    Here seen from the other side toward south direction, it would have been more difficult because the skis could go under the ice and the approach was steeper

    We continued toward the north side and went to sleep in Grande-Vallée. There was an annoying high frequency ripple  4 to 6 inches deep on a very large portion of this last segment, we had the feel of riding on a railway.. after several hours it get really tiring.
    The next day we continued west. Those who already did gaspesia know it: most of the mountainous spectacular scenery is from Mont-Louis to Ste-Anne des Monts and in between Mont-St-Pierre is an icon in this area. The point of view of the hang-glider platform is a classic but I put here some others points of view of this same spot that we like alot

    And on west side 

    For fun, from this same place Kristine tried a full zoom with the Lumix of the hang gliding platform on the other side: impressive!

    The trail condition was among the best of the trip in this area up to St-Anne des Monts. I had booked the evening before a cottage in St-Octave de l'Avenir at the Village Grande Nature where we went for the night. Here the view from the auberge on the Chic-shocks mountains with our chalet just down right. The top mountain view was chopped by the cloud line on this pic

    A different experience in a cottage, relaxing near the wood stove after a sledding day was magic

    I don't know if they followed us or if we attract them but I saw gray jays on the porch on the next morning! I went out with a bit of lunch and yes they let themselves be tempted once again

    For our last day we went west on #TQ5 and then went down south via #591trail  and finally took #587 to La Rédemptionon pretty good trail conditions to see the Montagne St-Pierre. Although less spectacular than some other times we had seen it, the frost was present and the scenery very whiten

    We then went back to Mont-Joli, gave a break to the Yammy in the trailer and passed one last night at Mont Joli Motel. We did the car black trail ride home the next day on Saturday.
    A  trip of a bit more than 1000 miles that went well, the Venture which have now 14500miles act in an exemplary way and my old ADBoivin skid who took a good beating had pass throught without flinching. We would have like more sun, colder weather and better trail conditions but having the chance to ride during an whole week with my best half and a good friend, enjoying the nature beauties in such great area, meeting old friends and making new: I think I'm really blessed, life is good!
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    Money shot!