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  1. 8000 and change....only rode it 8 times! isnt it still brand new?😂 i wasn’t thrilled to see Jack blown up im still under warranty as well
  2. I don’t think anyone can beat that...... if I recall it was 12 hrs to get back to Shawingan in a truck and only 1000 bucks.🤪 I may have to start a new thread.......
  3. Great report as usual!👏 You guys sure know how to have an adventure.... You also make most of us on here feel like a bunch of minor leaguers ready to be taken out to pasture BJ
  4. What a coincidence? MOMOJOHNNY at Le Vendrye
  5. For the official record The back up sled 600 etec took 35 liters the 850 took 36.5 the diesels made it to the gas station but took the most 37.6 and 39
  6. Chibougamu to LSQ was COLD! Great run today from LSQ to Ville Marie...... Finally got out of single digits this afternoon. Bluebird day!
  7. Jim I had enough to make it but the last 5 feet was beyond vertical and I got cold feet that I could flip over backwards. so much snow no damage....the young kid helped me get it out after I thought I was having a myocardial infarction. trails are awesome and bluebird days except for the last hr today
  8. May have exceeded my level of off trail expertise......
  9. Best place to park from Pa is Maniwaki we are launching from there tomorrow
  10. Sucks for you Eddie she put me in Stephenie's cabin😍