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  1. Ice’s new ride

    Congrats another thing that makes riding so great. the anticipation of new iron.🍻
  2. 2100km Loop Guidance

    It looks a bit early for that loop regardless of snow. mid January is when the majority of quebec is in mid winter form and you could just look at the map and go. its shocking how long it takes the swamps, lakes, and rivers to freeze even with crazy cold
  3. Big White Tour

    When saddlebagging, brining gas is a necessity in my opinion. Regardless of how much you plan your gas stops you may need it. i.e. Heavy fresh snow kills mpg, towing a breakdown (minimal mpg), wrong turn, reroute cuz of forestry etc expect the unexpected
  4. Saddlebag Trip Planning?

    My point was in that general area there are tons of options if the Delta is booked. It's unlikely you will get shut out in the general area and sleep at a bus terminal with the exception of Hockey Tournament. Based on my experience😳
  5. Saddlebag Trip Planning?

    ICE last year we hit some sort of weather inversion on Valin...It was a craz mist rain that was sticking to my heated shield like no other. Could only get a mile before using your trick time after time.... i finally catch up to my partner and catch an earful. He couldn't understand what was going on cuz it wasn't happening to him at all. the high windshield and his lack of height had him completely isolated from the shit. never saw anything like it.
  6. Saddlebag Trip Planning?

    45,000 plus miles in quebec. we typically plan on reservations for the weekends. During the week we typically wing it.... this comes with time, experience, and knowledge of the accommodations at the destination. The beauty of quebec is gradually uncovering everything that's out there. It's rare that your going to find a shit's nearly impossible to find a shit trail that doesn't have a pot of gold at the end...... Bumpy trail for 20 miles see broken groomer and then hit white carpet for the rest of the trip. Through out the province you have lakes, mountains, super high ways, roller coaster rides's got it all. Carry xtra gas and a tow strap. Trackmaps in a Garmin GPS will give u all the features it does in your car but via snowmobile trail.....ETA, Lodging, Gas, etc it's really incredible how far things have come from a technological standpoint. we typically check the live grooming map (exploria) in the AM and modify the route if need be. i think a great post would be the top 5 worst areas in quebec. i can only thing of one area we really avoid.....just a cunt hair north of Ottawa we come up 81 and wanted to save some seat time in the truck.... parked at the first place we found and the trails were just crazy twisty till we hit the rr bed that runs from Low to maniwaki. Well worth the extra 90 min in the truck to get to the good stuff. Lesson learned. st zenon, st Michelle area gets a really bad rap but it's typically only on weekends. same for Quebec City..... gets tough on the weekends. as a general rule the more heavily populated areas have the highest probability to get a little beat up on the weekends Best of Luck and Enjoy the Ride! Always an Adventure BJ
  7. 10K miles: Service Suggestions

    Lower HP sled. Less probability for issues. you could go crazy, spend a ton of money, and have an electrical issue end ur day. i would just do the jack shaft bearing and save your money for the bar.....
  8. Groomer Contest 2017-18

    Jan 4.... BJ
  9. New to Quebec

    Pretty Tough to find a bad trail in Quebec. Thats the beauty of it and it keeps you coming back. Typically during the week it’s unlikely to get shut out with lodging in any town. Its not worth going crazy planning and sticking to a firm itinerary as weather on a 10 day loop can always force you to modify your plan. its worth downloading the local maps to iBooks.
  10. 240Km New Trails North Of Lac St Jean!!!!

    Who's going to grasp the title of Lewis and Clark?
  11. 240Km New Trails North Of Lac St Jean!!!!

    If that's accurate.......that's a huge piece of turf. Much further north than Chibougamou.😳
  12. The Challenge

    Love it u guys deserve a Netflix series
  13. Make sure the plumber orders enough parts for two! the stacked cans worked great (4300 miles) although I realize it's not recommended by doo.
  14. Force's unite tour.

    Doesn't get any better! Cant wait to do it again next year. Great report......