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  1. Excellent pictures and amazing stories. Thanks for Sharing!
  2. Auberge Clova and Motel Safari - All about the people!
  3. Added some new art from a very talented shop in Montreal. (Dorval). Kevin Ward from the Pysch Ward.. I love it.
  4. Sean Fox Fraser was great Singer! Glad you like it!
  5. Great rides in April. Fun times had by all!
  6. Thank you mcstar and MrGutz.. both helpful. I’ll keep an eye on the camera Friday for new snow.
  7. Anyone driving through L'Etape after this rain. Warm weather Feb 20and 21st must have done some damage. Looking to see if anyone has any updates or pics to see how bad the actual damage was. looking to head out that way this week end.
  8. Heading to the Auberge on Wednesday and looking to see if there are any pics from the riding area. The chapelle, etc. They post of Facebook but the pics are just out the front window.
  9. Great Pics Fozzy! Thanks for sharing. Looks like it was lots of fun.
  10. Just thought I would share some photos. We stayed at Auberge 31, had an excellent experience! Hard to beat that snow! A Go Pro Vid too!
  11. Ya, that snow will help, like you said, hopefully the groomer passes a few times...I like hearing that much snow! we are getting rain here in Ottawa... we will be there starting on the 26th! maybe see some of you! Thanks for all the feedback Jack.
  12. what is the status out that way today? On the trail conditons website, it looks pretty much the same with maybe even more yellow. Did any area catch some of the big storm... they we talkinng 40 cm in Moncton. The "real time" pics from groomer are really not looking that good. If we park in Matane, hit north shore and back through the middle....I'm wondering if this is even worth it this year. I can't believe the effort it takes to organize this trip with guys, relieable sleds, family schedules, work schdules...and then we run into the obsicle of no snow. just feeling a little discouraged today.
  13. Thanks smclelan and lindasledgirl. That sounds like the exact trip I want to try. I haven't been from La Cache back down that local trail towards Pointe a la croix, that give us a good option for snow/time/breakdown situation in La cache , if we need to we can head back north and back to the truck, or if we are up for it, go back down and through groomers area. That carleton loop trail, what is the gas distance between La cahce and the next stop?is it Point a la croix, or do you have to back track on the 5 a little? I'm gonna do my best Snow Dance from now until next week...Due to the group and schedules I'll likely have to make the call if this is on or not by next wednesday, so I'm praying for the best. For now, I'll sit here and cycle through Groomers pictures!