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  1. I bought a “CMP” lift through my dealer about 15yrs ago and it has been well worth it. (Was about $285??). Not sure CMP is still around though. I did add the wheel kit and would definitely recommend it b/c there are always times you’ll want the sled moved to another spot in the garage - even if it’s just to get it closer to the open door to run it for track alignment checks, etc. 

    A quick additional thought - NONE of the wheel kits are much good on anything other than a concrete floor b/c they are small and each have a lot of weight on them. 

  2. 1 hour ago, jak said:

    Just curious are these 4-strokes or 2-strokes? I got into some bad gas last year with my 2-stroke and had all kinds of problems where my buddy with 4-stroke (same gas) zero problem.

    Two strokes will always be affected more by bad fuel due to the destructive effect of combustion detonation caused by the water. 

    57 minutes ago, quebec bob said:

    This is a good thing to know, but also surprising as they sell a lot of gas there and it pumps from the bottom of the tank, I am sure they will get this fixed fast, that is a very strategic fuel stop, almost impossible to leave there without getting fuel...you have to wonder if it is water or the inside of the tank is deteriorating being an above ground tank I can't see water leaking in...unless somehow they got delivered a bad load.

    Might just be timing - those that got fuel soon after a delivery got a lot of water and/or dirt stirred up by the force of the delivery nozzle. Water will always be in the bottom of a fuel tank and without a way to drain it off will always become a problem most noticeable after a delivery or when the pickup is at the bottom of the tank. 

  3. 6 hours ago, Blueblood said:

    I just had to buy a new axel for our Triton tc18 hybrid only 5 years old.  Was wearing tires out on inside edge so axel two new tires.  Axel was 475.00 usa.  Tires dont recall ready to head up Saturday for two weeks.

    Nearly all of the aluminum trailers have steel/galvanized axels. This cause galvanic corrosion due to the dissimilar metals and is accelerated by the presence of road salt. 

  4. Collett Communicators equipped groomers with warning beacons (GWBs) that emitted a “wee-waahh, wee-Waahh” tone to your helmet radio. I rarely got an alert In Quebec but regularly heard the warnings in Vt + N.H.  As a groomer operator, it is always a scary thing to meet oncoming sleds

    As others have said, it should never be depended upon to enable riders to ‘own’ a trail like there’s no oncoming traffic. 

  5. If your wife would enjoy spa experience, instead of diverting to all the way to Montmagny, go to St. Paul-de Montminy and go here: https://www.appalachesspa.com/en  It is a beautiful place with outdoor hot pools, etc. it is about 30m SSW of Montmagny between TQ35 + TQ55. (If you drew a line between Montmagny + Lac Etchemin, it’s about in the middle)

  6. Actually really sucks because the groomer had just done the trail and now must not only do it again, but has to fix all the spots where the car swung wide and buggered the trail. 
    Thanks mostly to GPS, we’re seeing more and more of the car-on-trail incidents. 


    1 hour ago, Kyles dad said:

    Keep right!!!!

    Just got back from a nice 800 mile loop. 
    Way to many people running down the middle of the trail.

    Please keep your hands on the handle bars and stay right.

    thank you

    There still seems to be folks in the snowmobile community who are continuing to promote hand signals to approaching sleds about the number in your group. 

  8. On 1/20/2020 at 8:24 PM, nyskidooerinnewhampshire said:

    Ha ha ..very true. If we had only known. Summer started riding snowmobiles with me at age 8. Loves the snowmobile, refuses to ride the ATV or HD. If my memory serves me right I put a 1+1 seat on my 2006 MXZ-X 800 while her older sister Taylor inherited my 2000 MXZ 700. 

    Aside from moving up from a 2013 - 600 ACE Renegade & currently running a brand new, out of the box, 2020 900T Summer is a very fortunate young lady for many reasons. One of which, in October 2017, at the age of 20, Summer was in Memorial Sloan Kettering here in Manhattan where she underwent liver resection surgery. Since recovering Summer hasn't missed a beat. Her surgeon states Summer is the poster child for liver resection & wishes everyone could do as well as she did. Needless to say, it is a delight to see Summer so happy on the sled, loving life & wanting to spend time with family while on winter break from her last few months in college. 

    Very heartwarming story about your daughter. Glad she bounced right back and is doing well!

  9. I’m glad everyone got out ok and a huge congrats to the Canadian military and the first responders. 
    BUT this should start a discussion about off-trail riding and how to fund worst case rescues like this. Many states encourage back country adventurers to purchase cards or contribute to funds that supplement local S&R groups’ funding. 

  10. 25 minutes ago, mikerider said:

    Over the years I have left my truck at the Beauceville snowmobile clubhouse many times in their big lot.  Never had any problems. It is a popular place for people to leave their rigs. It is just past St. George. Unload and hit Trail #55 or #35 towards RDL.



    Mike I think he’s looking for a place to stay on a Sunday night before leaving on a Gaspe trip but I second your thought of the Beauceville Clubhouse as i have also parked there while riding for several days.

    JTD0314 - in addition to Floridasnowman’s excellent hotel suggestion, there is an Econolodge nearly across the street from the Oiseliere as another choice. 

  11. Another point to consider while on the subject of medical care:

    1). If you are a US citizen covered by Medicare, your coverage may or may not cover you when traveling outside the US so check!

    2). Some of the US healthcare policies may or may not provide coverage when traveling outside the US so you may want to check on supplemental travel coverage.

  12. On ‎12‎/‎12‎/‎2019 at 10:57 AM, groomer said:

    bonjour !!!


    in my personnal name and in the name of the club '' la coulée verte d albertville '' , i would like to say a big thank you to those who their trail passes from our club ..

    many thx for your support !!!

    hope to see you at the clubhouse !!!

    merci !!!



    Very glad to support la coulée verte d Albertville again this year! Good for you to not get all the emails ha ha

  13. On ‎12‎/‎12‎/‎2019 at 10:00 PM, Gullyrider said:

    It's probably worthwhile considering that Ontario, whose trail network and membership numbers are quite similar to Québec, have sold their trail passes exclusively online for about five years now.  Anyway, at this point in time, our kitchen table would normally our be covered in the Club paperwork that our secretary had gathered up by travelling all over the country (at his own expence, I might add).  My wife (the club treasurer) would be going out of her mind counting and recounting upwards of sixty grand in small bills (while trying to calculate the applicable taxes) and I'd be trying to input the data from 400 poorly written pass slips filled out in gas bars, dealerships and dépanneurs.  Instead, this year we've simply received semi-weekly emails detailing just how much money was directly deposited into our bank account (with taxes already calculated), and I have access to a database where the info has already been entered.  And ... to top it off ... our club is 27 members to the good over last year.  If we had a bottle of champagne ... we'd pop it!  I guess Molson's Ex will do ...


    On ‎12‎/‎13‎/‎2019 at 2:35 PM, smclelan said:

    That is an excellent story.  I believe the online only permits are such a huge win for all those hard working volunteers like yourself and everyone else that was doing the same thing you just talked about.


    Cheers to a better system!! 

    I know I've always felt a little guilty emailing my information to Groomer because I knew all the other steps he and the Albertville club would have to complete to get my pass to me. Yes, I was supporting their small club but someone still had to fill out the form, deal with FMCQ, fill out the Canada Post forms, etc., etc.

    Volunteers everywhere have enough to do so if the burden of trail permits can be eased let's embrace the change!