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    mccaffrey reacted to Jackstraw in Northern smack down 2019   
    Jeepers, and i thought i had trouble relaxing for a moment! Whats after the boat ride? Split a cord a wood and reroof the house ! LOL!
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    mccaffrey reacted to ODog in Hotel Baie-Saint-Paul?   
    We've stayed there couple of times the past 3 years. Would recommend. Very nice, and within walking distance of several restaurants. 
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    mccaffrey reacted to viper2 in Hotel Baie-Saint-Paul?   
    Stayed at Hotel BSP many times, and agree with the above from Don and Mark nice Hotel nice rooms restaurant good and right inside but they don’t really cater to the snowmobilers. Last time or 2 we were there they didn’t sell passes and we needed some and they were no help in finding where we could get them. The last time we were there they wanted me to leave the keys for my truck because they were calling for a big storm. I always disable my truck and chain things up so I wasn’t going for that. They kept insisting so I said ok but they had to sign a paper they were 100% responsible for it...... They said park it over there and keep your keys 😂😂
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    mccaffrey got a reaction from iceman in Hotel Baie-Saint-Paul?   
    Thanks for getting back so quick, Don and Mark. was trying to stay in that area on our trip, and Hotel Saint-Baie-Paul was my first look at places in that area, did not want go down to the Casino. Going to give Motel des Cascades a try.   thanks again
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    mccaffrey reacted to revct1 in 2020 Jack & Sandi's trips   
    We are back from our ride and back from supper.  Sandi had a Greek style pizza with artichokes, black olives, red peppers, feta cheese and I have no idea what else was on it.  I got to try a little piece because she couldn't finish.  It was good!  I would have never ordered it but I might now.
    So this morning, where do you want to ride?  It is Jan 1st and not every place is open.  I ask at the front desk if they could call Auberge des Battures.  Other QR people have had great things to say and we have never stopped there.  The receptionist makes the call and yes they are open for lunch, yes the trail is open but not great and lunch is only a big brunch buffet.  Usually we have something light at lunch so I pass on the Auberge.  We will have to hit it some other day. 
    Could you call Relais des Lacs please.  She calls and yes they are open but for breakfast only.  They are closing at 12:30 today.  OK make a reservation for us please.
    Back to our room and plan a route so we end up at Relais des Lacs by 12:00, our reservation time.  There are four of us today.  Michelle and Chris from Mass are joining us.  We have to cross the two bridges and then how about a big loop on 367.  OK sounds good.
    On the sleds and our normal route from the Sag on 83 to 367 and cross the two bridges.  A little rough as expected.  On the north side though, 367 is pretty good.  Thru St Ambroise and 93 has been groomed.  Up thru the potato fields and Sandi is beating feet.  A little fluff on the nice smooth trail is just what we need.  We pass the junction with 328 to Begin and then the next junction where 328 goes toward St David.  This is just fine.  A little further up by the cabins on the lac there is some logging activity.  Nothing today being New Year's Day but a lot of wood has been cut.  The snowmobile trail winds back and forth crossing the new logging road.  I hope that logging road becomes the trail next season.  It is wide and gentle.  Oh one can only hope.
    The logging stops just before the junction with 482 to Onatchiway.  367 is now on the original trail all the way to Relais Mont Vilain.  There is one section just before the local trail to Lamarche that is not groomed.  A few miles of bumps here.  There is a swampy section that the groomer can't pass yet.  After that it is fine to Relais Mont Vilain.  We knew they were going to be closed from when we stopped here the other day.
    Sandi drops down on the river and off she goes.  Not groomed of course but no bumps.  A couple of miles later and Sandi gets on the connector that brings us from the river back to 367.  This is still good and what a nice ride this is.  Running along the blueberry fields, wide and flat with just gentle turns.  We get on 553 and Sandi gets us to Relais des Lacs at 11:45.  As they say up here, Perfect!
    Only one other sled but a pretty big group of at least twenty that must be locals.  They drove here.  We order a light breakfast and sit back.  We chat about how nice the trails are and no one is out riding.  We have only seen a couple of other sleds today but that is how Jan 1st is, quiet.
    Back on the sleds and u-turn.  553 to 328.  Watch out for the drifting here in the fields Sandi.  Oops!  I didn't realize you were stopping.  I'm off in the poof and with a little body English, back on the trail.  A stop at L'Acension for gas.  Easy stop right on the trail.  Sandi continues down 328 and turns left on 93.  I know this is going to have bad spots but lets go.  The new detour at Alma for 93 to get around the road work that was going on last season.  Some thin spots in the fields and hills and then on the other side of the hill is all the snow that has drifted.
    After St Nazaire 93, which was bad, is now fine.  The groomer made a pass last night and turned the ugly into the pretty good.  Thru St Ambroise and back on 367.  We cross the two bridges and pull into the Sag.  Home once again.
    Another day on the trails is done.  As usual, some good and some bad but it is still riding.  It is starting to look like winter.
    Jack & Sandi
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    mccaffrey reacted to revct1 in 2020 Jack & Sandi's trips   
    So Sandi, with the fresh snow and some wind this afternoon, where to?  Maybe stay out of big fields as much as possible.  This morning might not be too windy.  Lets go to Mt Apica.  We haven't been there yet.  Six inches of snow and here we go.
    On the sleds and 83 east it is.  A few sleds have been out ahead of us so Sandi has something to follow.  Ah, nice fresh snow.  A little track spin here and there.  We turn right on to 368.  This was groomed yesterday so it is smooth underneath.  Quite a bit of snow dust behind Sandi.  The past couple of days there hasn't been any snow dust.  Maybe dust dust and rocks would have been more like it.  We are out of the fields now and into the woods.  Nice riding here.  We pass the 383 junction and start climbing.  We get to auto route 175 and not much traffic.  The road is in good shape.  We cross and continue on.  Some logging going on in here.  Not disturbing the trail much.  We get onto the section of 368 that is on the old road and it is beautiful.  The trees hanging over and covered with snow.  So pretty.  We have only seen a couple of sleds so far.  Nobody else out I guess.
    We get to the junction with 23.  Sandi looks around and notices something is missing.  What's missing Sandi?  The warming hut is still there.  Looks like it has new metal siding.  Sandi looks at me and says "No porta potty!"  Oops.  I guess guys don't notice that but the ladies would.  So attention all ladies, the porta potty is gone.  You must plan accordingly.
    Alright, Sandi turns left and heads to Apica.  It will be a good lunch stop.  23 isn't quite as nice as 368 which was flawless.  23 is good but a little chop in the corners.  More traffic on 23 of course.  A quick ride and we arrive at Mt Apica.  Only five sleds outside and the guys are with the sleds chatting in French.  We park and Sandi looks in.  It is dark in there.  She goes up to the door and it is locked!  What does that paper sign on the door say Sandi?
    Dec 31, Jan 1 and Jan 2 CLOSED.  Open Jan 3.
    Very important folks.  I know a lot of riders depend on this stop for fuel to get to the Lac.  No one is here.  No food.  No fuel.  So for everyone that can't make Hebertville, make sure you tank up at L'Etape.
    U-turn it is and back up 23.  I've got a gas caddy with me but we will have plenty of gas in the sleds.  After we pass the 368 cut off, 23 gets better.  A lot of traffic from the previous days takes 368 so this section of 23 stays in better shape.  We get to Presbytere and drop down on the lake.  At the end of the lake is the steep climb up to the road.  There isn't a snow bridge yet and it is a bad spot because you pop up in the road.  Have to be very careful of auto traffic.
    I look around and see a sled track about a few hundred feet before where we are and it is going to the edge of the lake.  Lets go over there and check it out.  A much gentler climb up the bank, a slight turn to the right and we are on the side of the road.  Nice.  We run the edge of the road back to the trail and off we go.  We pull into the Petro station and top off.  We still had plenty of fuel even though my low fuel light had come on. 
    Lets continue on 23 north and then circle back on 383.  Well we notice that the snow is thinner here.  We aren't that far from Chicoutimi as the crow flies but there is only two inches of fresh here and this part of 23 hasn't seen a groomer this year.  Going from a really nice 23 to a single sled wide path stinks.  I know 383 is only about 5 miles up so keep going.  A few stakes in some of the fields but some fields have none.  Just following tracks.  The fields are wind blown and bumpy.  You see the harrow marks from the farmers still.  It will be over soon.
    Finally we get to 383.  This has a little more snow and maybe has seen a groomer awhile ago.  Keep on trucking.  We get to the Relais Grenouille (bad spelling) and this is busy.  From here on it is 83.  This was groomed but it is still rough.  We were on it yesterday and a groomer did make a pass but it just gets so much traffic and there isn't a lot of snow to work with.  Passable but we got spoiled with how nice 368 and 23 were before Hebertville.  You got to take the good with the bad.  We push our way thru and wave to the Delta as we go by.  We will be there in February.  Only another 10 miles Sandi.  Chin up.  We top off the sleds at the Ultramar just before the Sag.  One more mile on the spur and we are in for the night.
    It was a very good ride until Hebertville and then it went downhill from there.  We didn't see too many sleds today but there must have been a lot of traffic on 83 to beat it down like that.  I don't expect and groomers to be out tonight and probably not until tomorrow night.  We will have to plan accordingly for tomorrow.
    Happy New Year to everyone.  Ride safe and look forward to another great season.  Thanks for being with us.
    Jack & Sandi
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    mccaffrey reacted to iceman in Happy New Year   
    Wishing you many KM of happy trails.


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    mccaffrey reacted to markusvt in GPS - Layouts and waypoints   
    Snowmobile Trail Maps of Quebec
    2020 Snowmobile Trail

    Map v12.0 This map is free, available on PC, Mac and Android platforms, and compatible with Garmin GPS devices.

    Here are the links where you can recover the files.

    For PC Snowmobile Trails PC
        For Mac Mac Snowmobile Trails
             For Android Android Snowmobile Trails   For PC, card specially designed for Garmin GPS for cars like the Nuvi and Zumo   PC Card (Nuvi / Zumo)      
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - For PC users, you must first have Mapsource or BaseCamp installed on your computer.                                                
    For those who do not have Mapsource or BaseCamp v4.7.1, you will find all the information necessary for its installation in the
    PDF file which comes with the card or by consulting it at this address!AlrtCHHWCApwgz8YabRjMyfS3wLP?e=qVKVC1                     
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -     If you don't want to install Mapsource or BaseCamp on your computer, here is the map in gmapsupp.img file that you can send directly in the Garmin directory of your GPS memory card.    gmapsupp.img See the video that explains the procedure to follow. Video here                              
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    mccaffrey reacted to 800steve in North of the Wall. Valin 2019   
    Sorry we missed you guys, we stopped by Tues afternoon. Saw all you guys headed down the Escomins trail, we were headed up from the clubnouse for the trail over to Portneuf. It was awsome. Went out and back to Pelchat for the nite. Not much snow close to the river. Went across the cross trail to 93 to avoid coming back up the middle of the Escomin trail, 6 inches of fresh snow covered the sand and gravel to make it ok, 93 was great. Hope to see you guys this winter. How did you like the new help at the Chappel?
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    mccaffrey reacted to RoadRunner in North of the Wall. Valin 2019   
    A perfect Blue bird day yesterday, good going, groomers on the mountain were out covering their network, they posted yesterday that they will do the 93 trail every day until further notice,  Due to high levels of use.  That made it good last night when we stopped at the yurt for a beer on our way back from our loop  Pipmuacan yesterday.  A ride to Escoumin today. 3” on new snow last night!
    Think snow!
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    mccaffrey reacted to Pullinfront in 1st ride   
    Was able to get out on Saturday 12/7/2019 for a 1st ride.  Was able to get in 140 miles.  Still need some more snow.
    Headed west on 25 to 580, 580 after ST. Robert was in good shape.  Made it out to ST Ludger before turning back.   Then headed back up 25, went to the local trail that connects 25 to 535 but it wasn't opened up yet.  25 was good till St Martin then thin and ruff after that.
    Headed back to the St Theophile club house, then up 75 hoping to make it to 535, 545 back to 75 to finish the day.   Found St Theophile section of 75 to be near perfect, then after crossing the river the St Come section was ruff.  Lots of refrozen water issues.  After the club house it was much better going, stop and fueled up and then continued north on 75.  The section from the gas station to the short road section was freshly groomed and in great shape.  Had to turn back when I found the gate closed at the turn off at the end of the road section. Turn back and tried to take the local trail south of the club house out to 545 but found that to have just been broken open by the groomer without the drag,  Still lots of water issues and didn't feel like getting muddy,
    All in all a good 1st ride.
    Looking forward to the next ride, think snow

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    mccaffrey reacted to mikerider in Ct Rider looking for someone to ride with.   
    CT Rider,   I spend lots and lots of time riding out of Riviere du Loup, doing day trips.
    We all belong to the Teamsters union of riders,  meaning long coffee break in the morning,  nice lunch break, and in by 4PM,  average 200 mile days. We are mostly in '60's and '70's, ride at a good clip.
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    mccaffrey reacted to groomer in bilingual...genie ???   
    juste pour le fun !!!
    voyons voir si  you re a genius !!!

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    mccaffrey reacted to dooright in Looks like we're back crossing on the dam ?   
    Heading north on 345 towards 360 from Le Cabanon seems the trail to the snowmobile bridge is closed for now ? 

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    mccaffrey reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    friend of mine at his house !!!
    ding dong !!!!...ahahha

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    mccaffrey reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonjour playhard !!! 4w season ended quickly was my first ride since moose hunting ...put a few pesos on...ball joints and bearing 
    and bienvenue ...always a pleasure to share a few...
    sorry , for the bugger things....beyond my knowledges in english ...don t worry !!!
    back from a short ride on the z e c...turned around just below lake casault...while turning around...2 moose looking at me...and 5-6 deer in the back roads...
    few sled tracks going toward the lake !!!
    nice sunset tonight !!!

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    mccaffrey reacted to Blueblood in Who is getting ready?   
    2020 skidoo renegade xrs 900t.  First skidoo in a very long time this sled will be used in Quebec only.  Last Sunday 9 hours in the garage getting it all ready. 

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    mccaffrey reacted to Florida Snowman in Who is getting ready?   
    95% Ready.  Looking now for the right size & shape waterproof duffle to hold some extra gear.  Also need mirrors & gauntlets. 




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    mccaffrey reacted to PLAYHARD in Hypothetical from a nephew:   
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    mccaffrey reacted to PLAYHARD in saddlebag planning - Mont Laurier - Ville- Marie   
    The place?  Or the ladies?!
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    mccaffrey reacted to towing in St-Michel des Saint to Koubec through Mastigouche Wildlife reserve video ride   
    still from our last season ender on the 13april2019, the beginning around St-Michel des Saints village was slushy but the rest was nice, especially the 2nd part past Le Cabanon in the Mastigouche wildlife reserve. Many of you will recognize some of the spots I guess...
    Crank up the sound and quality and enjoy the ride again!
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    mccaffrey reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonjour artsled...
    back from camp...was there since tuesday ....about 22-23 seen since then...only last night....0 moose
    back shortly !!!....took close to a 1000 pics...
    enjoy !!!

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    mccaffrey reacted to towing in Taureau reservoir loop video souvenir   
    Hi guys!
    We got some outstanding conditions on our last season ender ride, mid april in Lanaudière. Not only the snow condition for the date but the warm temperature and the clear blue sky with the strong sun of april made it easy for me to catch some very nice footage of this nice ride. Here is a first video all taken on the loop path around the taureau reservoir
    Crank up the quality and the sound and enjoy the ride!