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  1. It is so good to see these areas enjoying premium conditions , as most die hards from PA spend most of there time hauling trailers around the county.
  2. Great thanks , I will give them a call
  3. Never been to Parent , just looking for a good place to stay ?
  4. I certainly wont be going during the lock down , Im just curious because a buddy left for Valdor yesterday and was planning to stay until Monday.
  5. Will hotels and other means of lodging be open during this 4 week lock down ?
  6. Let us know how conditions are up in the valley , I was thinking about going myself but herd there is extremely high volume of traffic.
  7. Im seeing lots of trails marked yellow all the way up to Parent , Im hoping to leave tomorrow to ride for a couple days before things get locked down . Does anyone know how conditions are ? I would like to drop at Saint ann du lac and head up towards 100 lakes , and usually try to avoid riding around Mont Laurier if possible.
  8. Yes they do have snow but you cant do a loop, trail is still closed from Matagami to Lebe Sur Quevillon due to logging
  9. was just talking to a buddy that rode there today, they are grooming but trails are marginal . He said not worth the 6 hr drive
  10. Very nice trails and usually very little traffic if you keep to the west . The 322 going south to Lac Cayamant is one one my favorites , fast and seldom ever meet a sled. But lets just keep this on the downlow 🤫
  11. This area affects me in a huge way and although I usually set cruise control around 140km/hr , I will be more than happy to ride the 9km at 10km/hr to ensure many years of passage . 😁
  12. only 16 years and 3 million dollars . We cross at Masson so this opens the gate to the entire east half of the trail network for us . Very happy camper here !
  13. I crossed at Chutes de Blondeau both last year and the year before and ice has always been very good , only one issue , its a bit of a challenge trying to find the trail on the Ont side if your coming from Quebec , its not marked and not groomed for nearly 2 km . We had to follow the tracks across couple of field to hook up to the trail.
  14. Well that would be good news for sure ! Thanks Gutz