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  1. US citizens will be allowed in but a heavy screening process will cause major delays at all border crossings
  2. Is there any chance this will move ahead or is it dead in the water ?
  3. I got it to work today by doing the same thing , just kept clicking until the icon appeared .
  4. yes, tried that way and nothing happens . Will have to call the help line today
  5. Tried to purchase a 3 day permit today and cannot advance past the part that asks you to choose you club by clicking on snowmobile icon on map, anyone know of a problem with the website ?
  6. Great, thanks for the feedback. We actually park right at the Hill and Gully clubhouse , which is about 10 min north of Mayo and by trail its 18 miles to Montpellier. Very nice clubhouse with a huge parking lot and they always welcome visitors .
  7. Planning on a ride starting at the Hill and Gully and heading to the Cabonon later this week, does anyone know how trail conditions are from Mayo up to Duhamel ? I know further north is good , Im just a little concerned about the south.
  8. Little rumor out there that BRP will be releasing news of another new sled on Feb 21st ( SUPERCHARGED 900 ace mach z ) . Ha Ha I say , wishful thinking .
  9. Just a heads up , The gas station in St Dominique is no longer there , we stopped there in March of last year and a local said no more gas . And no we did not make it to Amos , ran out of gas 5 miles before town.