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  1. So far that’s great news Bill! I’ll see you Monday night!! Staying for the week... can’t be to soon..
  2. Hey Bill! Time to break in that 900 Ace! I'm sure everyone is anxious to hear how the overall conditions are..! Sounds like you have a good amount of snow on the ground. With all the wind curious to see how the trails are.. I'll be seeing you Monday 1/15! Coming up for the week with 1-2 others! Make sure the Caribou is good and warm...
  3. Hey Greg, You need to put it o the left side. Typically where it can be seen easily at a glance. I put mine on the left side of the tunnel. I put it on my windshield before and then had to replace the shield that same year. I had to cut out the piece to save the sticker and carry it with me. Snowshark
  4. Hey John.. It's a little to early to be crackin jokes.. But just think, you could get one to match your Prius!!
  5. Happy Birthday Bill !! Have a great summer..
  6. Holy smokes jean-guy... I enjoy and look forward to all your posts and pictures but those most recent ones are fantastic!! snowshark
  7. I little peace of mind never hurts.. a Tek Vest it may stop a little My wife had gotten me a Tek Vest for me for Christmas a couple years ago and I loved it!! Unfortunately I accidentally left it at a place near the Casino in CA and a couple hours later when I called to ask if it there.. it was gone.. I found mine on Amazon and got it in 3 days.. Mark
  8. Great to see you on the trails again Bill!! See you on the 5th of Feb. ps.. I just bought a Tek Vest
  9. Hope you're recovering quickly Bill.. I'm sure you want to get back to riding soon! I'll be up the week of the 6th.. Hope to see you then.. Mark
  10. Now the season has officially started! See you early Feb.. Mark
  11. I had the pleasure of watching the little off trail excursion unfold.. Before he had even hit the kill switch I had stopped and started to remove my helmet. We had a bit of diggin" to do.. LOL!! All good..
  12. im4snow needs an official resume and has an extensive interview process.. Trust me.. been there
  13. Hey shadow12. Welcome ! When are you lookin to ride?