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  1. I knew I have seen it before somewhere.
  2. I installed Snow Trackers on the stock Sidewinder ski after running the stock dual keel runner and will never go back. Our Vector and my previous Apex tracked well with SLP skis with the spoons in front of the single carbide.
  3. My wife and I stayed there 2 week s ago. I loved it. The cabins are a bit far away from the lodge and spa so we rode back and forth in our street clothes. Cabins have a shared common area and multiple bedrooms with private baths. Wife prefers one big lodge and no outside stuff once settled. I would recommend it. make sure to check out the scenic lookouts on the way in from the south.
  4. 13700 miles most all in Canada. All touring bags included. completely serviced for this season. Auxiliary fuel system included. Can be seen in Colchester Vermont.
  5. I prefer Le Cabanon all day over La Glacier. Cabanon has a pool and hot tub, 6 groomers running out of that location and the drivers know what they are doing. Real Masse is nice too no WiFi in the rooms and cellular is iffy and only in the upstairs rooms. Tough to plan trips or check grooming from there. Love the people though. 63 from Cabanon to St. Michel dirtier than I like. We turned around yesterday and went home.
  6. My wife and I rode from the #360 intersection to #73 and up to La Tuque on 3/8 and it was just as bad as a month earlier. We found the groomer missing a track in the woods on #360 20 or so miles from Mattawin headed towards #355. I can say this trail has never been good for me in the 30 plus years I've been riding up there.
  7. Those trails looked super smooth last Thursday.
  8. I can feel your pain. Riding with the wife this week dug her Vector out just couldn't see the trail but could feel it sometimes.
  9. I must have jumped a half dozen or so Ski Doo 800's and one 1200 yesterday at Hautes-Gorges. I lost count of how many. Pulled the truck up to them with 25ft cables and went inside.
  10. Correction! It is a Ripsaw 1 off of a new Apex.
  11. Ripsaw fully clipped new "take off" track 128x15x1.25 came off new machine for an Ice Ripper. Zero miles on it.$350.00.
  12. Correction the accident was on Monday 12/15/14.