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  1. I would think the later you go the easier to wing it.... You are in a crowded area for lodging .... We do a march trip that time of the month after clock changes for longer days and usually ideal temps..... But keep our group to 3 or 4 - so if we had to we could sleep in 1 room if that was all that was available
  2. I don't know whether I was lucky to find a guy to both .... Or dumb to agree to it 🤣 Was prepared for the pain..... Didn't think about literally not having a leg to stand on.
  3. Who got their knee replaced? I just had both replaced 8/29 and doing my rehab - told my therapist I just need to be good to go when snow flies
  4. Had a friend who is 55 - had two when he was 21 ..... He went for years with us age 35-48 ...... Then one time ...... Denied.....has to go through process of getting permission from CA govt to go..... It is my understanding the catch to it all is if you had to do any jail time ..... He had county jail and work release ...... I would think they are stricter now as well
  5. In all fairness to Brandon, he said that during last year's hurricane season, when the chynah flu was being blown around more by the winds 😜🤣🤣
  6. All mentioned above are good. Lots of options from resort type accomodations to outfitter accomodations. In jonquiere and chicoutimi literally full scale hotel accomodations.... The resort in chicoutimi, although a PIA to get to had one of the finest steak houses ..... Casino is a cool stop as well..... We prefer nice places as well as outfitters......we usually try to plan a nice mix. Couple nice places on or just off the lake as well ...
  7. Never been afraid of a needle..... Have been concerned with what was in the needle.... Never was one to have someone inject me with something......just because, that didn't do anything to protect me from anything. Those who are scared and think a needle is gonna protect them, because a Govt. Told them it would, have every right to get injected with whatever they want. Those who choose to let their complex immune system do it's job..... Also should have every right to not do anything they don't want to. I feel bad for people who didn't want to and we're forced to do so for gainful employment, that's a sin. When someone are involved in an accident, the question isn't did you do something wrong..... The moral decent humane thing to do is.... help the person, pretty plain and simple in my world.
  8. LOL - 1st thing I thought of when I read we would be allowed back in...... Jackstraw will be re examining his southern plans LOL
  9. I hear ya!! We have been riding Potter county when snow, Tug Hil, and Maine..... Missing Quebec..... I don't understand, of we are following the science, the thesis has been proven wrong and that the vaccine makes no difference - Actually has proven what many of us have said from day one, this is following political science not actual science. At this point there has been enough data to be able to conclude and prove the thesis wrong...
  10. Interesting, you don't see this in MSM, they hoped it would work https://www.c-span.org/video/?c5021092/dr-birx-knew-natural-covid-19-reinfections-early-december-2020
  11. Since we couldn't get into Quebec last weekend..... We got as close as we could .... Far Northern Maine had good snow for what looks to be the last blast for us this year
  12. Hmmmm.........makes Sense (SMH) if vaccinated you cant get it or spread it (SMH) I'm sorry but the test to enter is the only thing that made any common sense to me..... if there is going to be any added requirement or restriction for entry....to me it made sense to require a test..... of everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated, simply a test..... seems to me to be Common sense....... Still cant for the life of me understand the requirement of being vaccinated does anything for anybody?
  13. My 2 cents... If you can't get into Canada to snowmobile ......if you can't get into a outfitter/relais to eat, for those that can get into Canada, then it certainly relates to snowmobiling.
  14. No order Cheval Lac fallion Meekos Relais 22 La colline/roquemomt Des Jarsdin Domaine lac Eduard Clova So many cool places
  15. Stayed at Cheval march 13/14 2020 .....we did not take the shortcut.....but heard it was good.....and Cheval is awesome! Ran into Florida Snowman there and in Clova - our loop minus the side tripshttp://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2021_11/Screenshot_20200314-195215_iMotoneige_1.thumb.jpg.9eef247d78a99afb995f2799dfef0f3b.jpg
  16. Hope the affected gets better... Yuppers.....we come home March 15th 2020 - can't believe this lack of zeal to live is accepted as a new normal..... WTH
  17. Amen..... Smeone said omnicron and shuffle the letters around......had no idea what omnicron was lol.....until I saw a meme for the shuffle of letters being moronic....not even sure if it still works LOL 😂
  18. Happened to my buddy last year .....fortunately he had an old fusion to ride for January.... I kept my 2016 in case I don't like my 2022 🙂
  19. Ironically the best we have to lead us against a world scamdemic/pandemic is a li 81 yr old life long govt employee.....who has a conflict if interest with his wife's position 🤷‍♂️
  20. Didn't they have houses to rent back when it was La Colline
  21. Made my decision back in March 15th 2020 at end of my last saddlebag trip..... I'm still good with my decision 🙂 I'll put my faith in God 100% - not govt, pharma or a new world order 😉
  22. so if i get vaccinated then i am safe and good to go?
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