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  1. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    Agree first and foremost with staying right. Snow is almost always better there. With 850 cc 2 strokes and 205 HP stock 4 strokes, 70 kph is barely getting the motor warmed up. On a wide open lake or trail (think the Bras Louie at Mt Valin) where you can see (NOT if snowing etc) it seems that nearly everyone is speeding. Thank God with 20K miles in Quebec, the police have a lot to cover. LOL. Agreed It'll likely never change though.
  2. Secure trailer sled storage near LSJ

    I found an RV sales/storage facility in Saguenay A. S. Levesque 450-691-5860 ext 3301 Serge LaBelle (large company with many businesses/locations throughout Quebec) that will store a 2 place trailer in their secure RV facility for $375 for SIX months, about 60 CAD/month. You could possible leave your sled/trailers in November and just pick them up when you come up to ride. Than take them home after last ride. Beats hauling if you come 2-3 times/season. You could even fly to Bagotville/QC and rent a SUV to haul them to wherever you're staying.
  3. Back to the Delta Next Year

    We stayed there one night. Decent rooms w/ small kitchens. Weird bar policy, had to pay for each drink right away, no running a tab. Food was just OK for dinner. Spa was real nice though ($20 CAD extra per day to use it though). Ate lunch there a few days later, 2 choices burger or hot dog. They also don't have a cooked breakfast unless there's a large group. If not too many people just a "continental breakfast". As far as I can tell the La Sagueneenee looks good to me for what our group wants.
  4. Secure trailer sled storage near LSJ

    Great idea, thanks. I just stayed there last week.
  5. Back to the Delta Next Year

    We figured out the crossing fairly quickly. It was warm the week we were there. We did cross in Alma also and that was definitely better. I think the ice crossing would be easiest when conditions permit. The FCMQ show grooming right up to the river from both directions. We never actually checked it out after Bill told us it was dicey...
  6. Does anyone know where I can securely store my trailer with sleds for 2 to 3 weeks near LSJ or QC. It's 1000+ miles each way from Pittsburgh and would like to leave the trailer/sleds somewhere, fly home for work and fly back to ride again in 2 weeks (next season). I emailed a couple of storage facilities and U-Haul places but no one has replied. Main thing is safe and secure place. Thought about 4 points Sheraton, but, not sure you could leave a trailer there for that length of time if you weren't staying there. I'd appreciate any thoughts/suggestions. Thanks, Fred
  7. Back to the Delta Next Year

    Thanks all, the La Sagueneenee looks perfect. Will give it a try next year.
  8. Day trips out of the Delta

    Nice rides out of the Delta are to KM31 in Mt Valin, Centre Plein air in Mt Vilain (notice different areas with similiar sounding names) the food here is great and the owner Annik is a real gem, also easy ride south to the Ravage for a super lunch, West to Chambord is good too. We did 900 miles in 5 days with no issues except getting in/out of the Delta when heading north.
  9. Back to the Delta Next Year

    We stayed last week at the Delta. Nice hotel and staff. Food a bit overpriced especially dinner. We unhooked and drove most nights. Main things that I didn't like were getting north of the river through Shipshaw was painful on the back. The "ice bridge" off of 393 seemed to be unsafe (according to Bill..lot's of slush) so each morning and evening you took a beating heading north. Going south to the ravage was really a good day. Also, can't believe they don't have a hot tub in a place this large. Can anyone recommend a hotel north of the river with a restaurant, hot tub, sauna etc? Not knocking the Delta, but, it would have been nice to have a drink after riding for less than 10-12 CAD in the Delta bar and to soak the aches away in a nice hot tub. We strayed at Manoir du Lac William last year and was hoping to find something similar in LSJ area. Would appreciate any help. Chalet et Spa in Chambord had nice facilities but food was marginal at best. Thanks, Fred
  10. Day trips out of the Delta

    Was at the Delta all last week. Met Bill on Saturday 3/3 and he was heading home after 2 months. Decent conditions, but, getting in/out of town and for gas was a major pain. The ice trail over the river was not safe to cross, So had to take the bridges in Shipshaw, man they were rough. The Bras Louie trail off 93 near the ski slope was the best of the week.
  11. Gaspe - Best Hotels and Attractions

    I'd stay and start your trip in Riviere du Loop. Hotel Universal is sledder central, mUSt make reservations. I'd stick to the south shore of the St Lawrence and you must see the Chic Choc Mountains. Stay second day in Matane, lots of hotel there also. Are you saddle bagging or wanting to stay in one place? Fred
  12. Groomer map

    The app is great to download onto your phone. The best $1.99 you'll spend. Each day you can plan your ride by when/where they've groomed. Also, when you turn your locations on it shows you where you are and you can set in waypoints, etc. Really don't need a separate GPS or even a map. Works even when you don't have a cell connection. Does burn up your phone battery though, bring a charger and charge it when you stop.
  13. Conditions around Manoir du Lac William

    FMCQ website reports great conditions and all trails recently groomed. Check out this site, where they're grooming usually means good conditions.
  14. Most scenic areas around Shawinigan

    I stayed an Manoir du Lac William. I can't think of a better place with your wife. GREAT hotel, nice trails, amazing outdoor spa. Most plans include dinner and breakfast (you don't have to, but, I'd recommend it). Or can drive like 20 minutes to Thetford Mines, many choices for sinner there by car. Only a few by sled. Also, they have enclosed, heated, locked storage (as does the Drakkar or at least it used to). From VT it would be way closer to than the Drakkar. Drakkar used to be the Safari, unless they did some amazing upgrades, I know that at least my wife would hate it. Main issue for that time of year South of QC is snow coverage. We did the Gaspe first week in March last year and the Chauderie region around Manoir du Lac William was done by than, this year who know?
  15. GPS - Layouts and waypoints

    Another great way (cheaper and easier in my opinion since everyone has a cellphone) is for $1.99 load the FCMQ map onto your phone. It is very accurate and it gives you grooming information. Great to have in the AM when planning your ride. Also can pick way points etc. Last year I mounted phone to sled using RA< mounts. Battery wouldn't charge while riding said "to cold to charge", but, charge lasted 4 hours, just took power adapter in when we stopped for lunch and plugged it in. My Galaxy 8 with rapid charging charges full in like 45 minutes. Also, you can than Bluetooth music to your helmet speakers if you have them (U-Clear work really great). Can also answer calls, but, I put it in airplane mode. Don't want to talk while riding. Fred