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  1. snobeeler, yes you do are the new style quieter ? Lol
  2. Pmac , I'm pretty sure " snobeeler" has gps coordinates for the radar tower as this topic reappears from time to time . Mayb if ,you scour the site it will come up .
  3. This should answer your question on trial map FCQM
  4. Jack , your trail condition post are appreciated, the sled thing is a bummer keep us posted on the findings I'll b up tomorrow with my 850 so very much interested . jagman
  5. Oilman, Im thinking on running back up myself , were you Going to do day runs out of the universal?
  6. Mike, i like your short cut statement , all that I know , when we started back on 5 to the universal someone must have promised you a case of wine because you were moving like a scalded dog ! Lol
  7. Thanks to mikerider Jak, Oilman for the the great ride in RDL this past weekend! Meet with Jack and Sandi bunch of others as well had a short but tremendous time up there, look forward to next year. Jagman
  8. I landed in room 112 hopefully will see some riders at brunch in the morning! 1877-278-7897 my cell jagman
  9. Finally after a crazy week jagman is on the way to RDL or bust ! My ETA 9pm hopefully the snowmobile spirits groom a smooth trail in maybe meet some qriders at dinners end ! Look forward to placing faces to the handles Jagman
  10. Thanks Mikerider for all the updates is surely appreciated!
  11. The Weather Network offers a glimmer of hope on Wednesday, I'm curious if anyone that's there thinks the area could withstand some rain, then it looks like some snow is heading in , what they think of that scenario ? thanks Jagman