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  1. All the best in your recovery! At least you got it done at the right time of year!
  2. That is rough to hear, always looked forward to stopping there
  3. This outcome is disheartening to say the least. We're assholes as a species
  4. Sorry to hear, deepest condolences.
  5. Happy Birthday Jean-Guy!! Any plans to give up the power saw in your advanced age..?
  6. Enjoyed following along with you guys. It's no small feat doing reports on the trail, thanks for taking the time! Wishing you guys a great off-season!
  7. Damn, those trails look unreal!
  8. Glad to see them pumping some life into the Delice, there is a shortage of good food and accommodations in that area, great to hear!
  9. Wow! Can't say you didn't get your money's worth..!
  10. Awesome write up and pics! The interior of the Gaspe is a different world! The snow map is rarely right for that area..
  11. Great ride and great pictures! Thanks for posting!
  12. Thanks! It's not showing on the map. Important stop!
  13. Great pictures! Quick question, is the gas station still open beside the St-Adelme Relais?
  14. Thanks for the write up and pics, glad to see you getting at it!
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