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  1. Not what I expected for vegetation in the video. All the friggen Cacti...damn.
  2. If I'm reading this right, it says your maximum altitude was 846ft, I know zero about Aruba, but there must be some hills there?
  3. Neat App, trails look like they are coming along.
  4. The Delice has a self contained two story townhouse which is pretty good, kitchenette, etc. Food at Motel Mont St. Pierre is way better. We typically stay in St. Anne Des Mont at the Hotel & Cie. or have stayed in Grande-Vallee at the Maree Haute Motel. Maree Haute is one of those neat and clean places, not fancy. Good food, but you have to walk across a parking lot to get it. It's better than its two stars imply..
  5. Thanks! That is similar to the Kms I have gotten, 25,000km has been the max so far. I was just wondering what others experiences were.
  6. Hi Alain, just curious if you are on your original track?
  7. Nice to see those snowplow rolls getting higher!
  8. Fantastic videos Alain! Thank you so much for posting!
  9. I was happy to see that the sugar shack has new owners and have reopened in the winter. We've stopped there quite a bit over the years, always liked that spot!
  10. Hard to get used to the glass bathroom doors...might be okay with the wife..but a little strange with a foul weather friend..
  11. Nice to see that they are staying safely in the middle of trail..
  12. Looks like Lac Baker/Packington area?
  13. I was some glad to see that green warming hut one night a couple of winters ago at -28C. Took an hour in there just to start to thaw out..
  14. Wow, fantastic pictures, great find!