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  1. Looks awesome Jean Guy. Now you have me thinking of another trip!
  2. Cool Pictures! We were running short on time too, or we would have liked to try to find our way up. Likely be next year now. I think I have a bit of an idea of where that trail is, thanks for the map!
  3. Groomer, do you know anything about the odd shaped building on top of the hill in Matapedia? I saw it this year but don't remember seeing it last year. Thanks!
  4. Great Pics Groomer! I'm surprised last week's wind didn't blow all the ice out into the Gulf...
  5. P Hardy

    GT 2019

    Great write up and pictures! Thank You!
  6. Mundles is typically the tow truck most seem to use their number is (506) 759-8881. Didn't see any tracks across the ice when I was up on the weekend, so I typically don't risk it if the locals aren't going. http://www.mundlesservices.ca/trucks.html
  7. Hey Jean-Guy, We were fortunate enough to be some of the first tracks on your fresh groomed trail Friday morning and they were fantastic! Had a couple great days of riding. Thanks for all the time you put in, it's greatly appreciated! Preston
  8. Don't know which way you are going but the trail from Moose Valley to Amqui is an option.
  9. You could try Motel le Portage. It is real close to the quality Inn. Never stayed there, but have eaten there a few times and the food was really good. The restaurant was neat and clean. http://www.leportagematane.com/ There is also the Hotel-Motel La Vigie, it is across the road from the Portage, don't know anything about it. https://www.lavigie.com/ Best of luck
  10. Just my 2 cents.... Day 3 is going to be a steady day. 300km on the north shore is a long enough day. Lots of stick handling. Just a heads up that the section of 5 between the town of Gaspe and the trail into Perce has not always been very well maintained in the past. We typically avoid it by taking the orange trail just below Gaspe that goes over to the 597. As a bonus, it is one of the nicer trails out on the tip. Planning for a weather day is definitely a good idea, but if you don't have to use it, I personally would run from Murdochville to la Cache to Point a la Croix. Then the next day run from PALC to the Valga. Nice running up the Matapedia Valley. If you really wanted to treat yourself on the last day, you would go to Amqui via the 587 when leaving PALC. Food for thought
  11. To see the Gaspe, it is pretty hard to not saddlebag it. But, if you want to do day rides in the Gaspe, one option would be to stay in Amqui and ride out of there. Nice area with a good mix of riding, very nice scenery, really good snow cover this year and a place where you are never really far from anywhere. Ride Options: South West - Amqui to Moose Valley, NB and back - approx 180 miles South loop - Amqui, 587S, Matapedia, Campbellton, La'Alverne, Amqui - Approx 180 miles, East - Amqui, Matane via 5, to the St Paulin Relais and back to Amqui via local trails from Matane - approx 170 miles West - Amqui, to Rimouski loop - lots of local trails and zig zagging, could be anywhere from 100-200miles - La Redemption snow mummies on this route. Hotels: Select Hotel Hotel Ambassadeur Just some options, maybe some others will chime in.
  12. Thanks for the update, good to know before we head up!