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  1. Lots of snow left up there, going to be mowing grass soon down here..
  2. Happy Birthday Jean-Guy! Great catch on the coyote, typically just a blur when I see them! Preston
  3. Geez, you got a lot of hardware under wraps there...Hope it works out that the north is on the menu for next year.
  4. Wow, fantastic trip and write up! I made a few notes of some new places to try, much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time.
  5. I've had really good luck at Resto bar le Stela
  6. Wow! Fantastic pics and write up, thanks for taking us along!
  7. I think I've met a groomer every time I've ridden that 571 trail, always in the daytime. Sorry for you bad luck, glad you are all well.
  8. 373 miles, can't believe you got any pictures..
  9. Great run, thanks for the write up and pics!
  10. They're not filling you up with bread on that sandwich..
  11. That orange trail is one of the nicest in the Gaspe, I don't know if I've ever met another sled on it.
  12. Fantastic pictures! What weather you're having.
  13. Thanks for the write up and pics! Helps when a guy can't get up there himself..
  14. You do need a pass for NB. I typically buy my pass when I get to Moose Valley.
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