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  1. Sounds good. Let us know what you find. One thing to bear in mind is that two rivers meet right at Matepedia, so be cautious around any ice.
  2. Thanks for the reply GT Rider! There is actually a new trail from Moose Valley to l'Ascension that isn't on the map yet. From my understanding, it joins onto the trail going from St. Irene to Moose Valley. I'm just trying to figure out where it is and what the mileages are. Is this the one you are referring to? Thanks again!
  3. I have poked around Matapedia a few times looking for the same thing. Judging from the tracks on the river, it would appear that locals are crossing, but there is no clear or marked way from NB to Quebec.
  4. Hi Jean Guy, Did you happen to notice the turn off to L'Ascension? Just wondering how far from St. Irene the turn off is. I was in St. Irene yesterday and wanted to try to loop around to L'Ascension but didn't know how long it was. Thanks!
  5. Baker Lake is quite close to that loop, more of a village than town. There is a beautiful looking restaurant right on the lake where the trail passes, it wasn't open the couple times I have been by. The trail from there to Edmundston is actually very nice, and has been in excellent shape anytime I have been on it. It would appear that the majority head east towards Moose Valley and these trails seem quite a bit lower traffic. I thought the area was pretty neat and have looped through a few times now.
  6. This is an option for day one: Option for day two: Mirimichi does have some nice trails, but their grooming isn't quite as consistant as it is further North, it's great when you hit it right though. The Bathurst club has a huge area, 3 groomers and groom constantly. They even groom to Serpentine which is 180Km one way. http://www.bathursttrails.com/en/conditions As you can see on the map, there are lots of loops to extend your day, and the miles go quick in NB, we've seen a moving average of 70km/hr up there, which is good for being able to stop lots and still not get in late.
  7. I have stayed at the Days Inn, just a little further south of Edmundston. They have good rooms, very snowmobile friendly, very close to the trail, large parking area with no issue leaving your truck and trailer there. Only real drawback is proximity to food in the evening, they do have a decent continental to get you going in the morning. For your first day Edmundston to Bathurst I would go via Serpentine Lodge which is very close to the intersection of the 23 and 58. Alyre the owner is quite a character and serves up a good burger. Fast trails in this area, you will click off miles quick. The trails around Mt Carleton are nice if they are groomed and you have time. Just a heads up, in the interior you are buying fuel at the lodges and club houses and they are all right around $2.00/liter - bring cash. Second day I would personally explore the trails north of Bathurst and end up in Campbellton for the night. Jacquet river area trails are nice and have lower traffic. Third day would be Campbellton to Edmundston via Moose Valley. Easy day. The 17 out of Campbellton is a nice winding railbed. On a clear day, The Squaw Cap lookoff on this railbed is worth taking the time to see. Moose Valley is a real nice area, wide fast trails, nice lodge with good food, a destination for sure. If you need to get to Edmundston quick from Moose Valley, the 17 is fast. If you have the time, the trails to the north that that parallel the 17 are a little more scenic, albeit slower. Just my two cents
  8. They have a beautiful lodge, it was closed for a couple of years and just reopened this year. I have never seen the inside a room, but know many that have stayed and were happy. You may want to contact them and ask what is available for services and open times. The Atlantic Host in Bathurst is an option in that area and always a sure bet.
  9. Day 4 Option: La cache 595 north to St Paulin Relais (TQ5 intersection) then backtrack the 595 South and end up in Carleton for the night. approx 320km but the 595 trail is quite brisk and the top part is very scenic, no hardship to backtrack on it. Hotel Baie Blue is popular https://baiebleue.com/en Day 5 Option: Carleton to Matane - via 587S, Approx 310km. The 587S in my mind is one of the nicer ones in the Gaspe.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to post Alain, it is greatly appreciated by those of us who don't get out near enough!
  11. Not a club, but I had a great meal at Resto Bar Le Stela in Cabano the other year.
  12. The black and white pictures sure suit the old Bombi!
  13. Ate at this restaurant/motel/bar the other year. https://www.leportagematane.com/ On the same trail as the quality Inn, just before it. Just a small spot, but the food was really good and the place had a real local flavour, I was going to try a night there next time in Matane, but haven't made it back. From what I remember room prices were pretty reasonable.