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  1. It's not a local village unless there is at least one dog running around pissing on everything!
  2. It's a shame that the "no work for me" attitude is overtaking the world in such a short period of time.
  3. Looks like a parking lot taking a smoke break?
  4. We used to have colletts and were very happy with them and would have bought them again but it was time for new ones. After some research we decided to go with Cardo Packtalk Bolds.They are supposed to be weather proof. You can pair up to 15 riders via their DMS mesh technology and can also connect to other brands via bluetooth.We use the boom mic on our various modular helmets. Only used them for the first time 2 weekends ago. The range seems to be a little less than the colletts but each unit is supposed to act like a repeater and on motorcycles they claim 15 riders can be strung out up to 5 miles and the front can talk to the back as long as each rider is in range of the next one. The voice activation is great and the sound is crystal clear without having to raise your voice to activate them. The battery life seems to be around 7-8 hours which is about 3/4 of a day for us ( if we start out at 7:00 )compared to the colletts which would last all day, but on them, there was a battery pack that we kept warm in our bib pocket and it was large compared to the packtalk where the battery is in the headset itself and much much smaller and is out in the weather/wind on your helmet. So I wouldn't expect it to last as long. If we give them a charge at lunch or a clubhouse visit with a portable phone charger we should be good for the day. Will find out more this weekend.
  5. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel........
  6. The doo dealer should put a sign up at the VTT trail.
  7. Ok,Thanks. I was reading the bottom paragraph. Was that translation ok?
  8. If my translation is correct, you got a fishing and hunting permit??? Nothing about trail riding? There is nothing on here that mentions any of your sled info. Correct me if that's wrong. WTF??
  9. Right now we get to choose which club a portion of our trail pass goes to. No ZEC's listed. Just say no.
  10. NSHM


    I think it's way less of a percentage than that.
  11. They don't seem to mind using FCMQ trails to sit and collect fees. Sounds like Mafia extortion. The Fcmq should not groom their trails if they are their own separate organization and see how much money they get then.
  12. NSHM


    That's like blaming the gun.....It's not the sled or the high capacity magazine.....it's the operators actions. There are plenty of responsible operators of both. Punish the offender, not the tool.
  13. NSHM


    Stickers won't do anything. We ALL had to watch a video stating that in order to get our trail pass/registration and put that sticker on our sled. Is that not enough??? We need enforcement, not more friggin stickers and a feel good pledge. It's not the people on this site doing the trespassing. If you think a sticker will stop anyone without a sticker from going off trail, you got another think coming. JMO........
  14. If your not off trail and on a fcmq trail just don't stop.
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