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  1. Balmoral Hotel

    They are not on this years map and have heard they were sold and is going to be turned into condos.
  2. I would give them 2 weeks before you go so they can get the trails groomed and marked.
  3. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Will this new dealership have a trail to it ?
  4. flooding in Maniwaki

    Makes you think twice about doing a "snow dance".Hope the damage is minimal for everyone.
  5. The spec for my 2016 1200 says it has a has a 40 litre tank/10.6 gallons.This winter I drove it to the pump and put in 37.6 litres. You have to burp the tank and you can put in 3-4 more litres.
  6. We have had good luck with Colletts since the 90's.Our first set we had enough ordered to get our own club channel for free.The platinum 900's we are using now are 7 or so years old and the battery's last all day for us.Some of our riding days are 12-14 hours.We find them really helpful on the trails and you can get one with bluetooth so you can answer your phone while riding.If you have cell service your range is then unlimited if needed.
  7. Le Chenail du Nord

    Whats up with the duct tape on the helmet?
  8. 2017 RDL Conditions

    Another vote for the ice ripper
  9. The Accidents begin.....

    I remember those trails.The only time they were good was when they were fresh groomed.They were found to be much more unsafe and the best thing they did was get rid of them.The corners would get blown out and then you were on the wrong side and it wasn't always easy to get back into your own lane.They caused a lot of head on crashes.If you caught up to a slow group you were stuck behind them for a long time and would have to make many jumps back and forth over the berm to get by everyone unless there was a very long straightaway and you could clearly see ahead and safely pass the entire group and then the rest of your passing group also faced the same dilemma.And as VTblue stated they didn't hold up after being groomed anywhere near as long as the trails we enjoy now.Every single sled rode in the exact same track as the sled before it.Imagine if everyone only rode the extreme right now.The trails hold up as well as they do now because everyone can pick a different line and spread the abuse out.Ride right in the corners but where you can see ahead enjoy the smooth parts of the trail.If you want to always ride extreme right ,than thanks for leaving me the middle on the straights.
  10. New heavyweight explorer...

    Yea,right up Iceman's alley. And has a 14 gallon gas tank.
  11. A Sad Day for Yamaha...

    I sometimes stand for a couple of minutes to stretch or to air the "boys" out when it's warm out.
  12. Iceman and Friends head east.

    Congrats Guys! Hope for Safe and Easy on the rebound! Probably gonna be some new belts put on soon.
  13. Trail Conditions

    No snirt there!
  14. Fun with Dick and Sam 2.0

    Sounds like this has changed from Fun with Dick and Sam to ...There is no joy in Mudville.