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  1. Neige sen vien

    Looks like they will be riding there in 2 weeks!
  2. Not how it’s done !

    Going to be a low snow year.That bee hive is close to the ground.
  3. All the time.You get the current rate with no fees except for the ATM fee which my bank refunds.ATM's are everywhere.
  4. 2019 ski-doo models released

    Shield? Real men don't need no stinking shield! You just stick your head in the river and then after it freezes the wind can't get to your face and you are protected from frostbite.
  5. Need help ASAP

    Northern Maine looks like it still has plenty of snow.
  6. Yvon Rondeau @st Zenon,Lou Lous Restaurant

    He always used to say snowmobilers always complained about the weather....it's too warm,it's too cold,theres not enough snow ,theres too much snow. R.I.P.
  7. Team Iceman report..... trip 2

    Collett is still in business.Ordered from them last year. They work great.
  8. Gaspe Trip Planning Questions

    Only if they have snowballs!
  9. New Pet at Groomers camp?

    The mice are huge up in the Gaspe.
  10. Thanks for the recon.
  11. Question about St. Raymond to Alma

    *NEVER* talk about fight club!
  12. Not much traffic.I have never seen the Jasmine parking area that empty.
  13. Wonder if it has anything to do with throwing a stud last year.Might be a loose clamp somewhere when the front exchanger was repaired or a rub thru on a hose under the motor. Should still be under warranty.
  14. How were we able to ride groomed trails before the internet?
  15. bridges.....kaputtt !!!!

    Been over that bridge many times when we would leave from Stanstead. Remember crossing that river before it was built a few hundred yards away on a rickety old bridge that was on it's last legs.