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  1. I noticed when looking at the map last week with trail conditions turned on a lot of trails that showed green were last updated 6-8 days before. And the trail from the Adventures clubhouse to RDL was still showing green until a couple days ago and is still yellow today. Your pics from a couple weeks ago there looked mostly red to me. Maybe the updated truth is buffering.........
  2. That's a big Tabernac 😒
  3. Do you have a better pic of the ski?
  4. Looks like they ran the groomer around there. He probably stocked up on more bingo cards! It is definitely not going to be the Gaspe.
  5. Good luck! Cold weather will be harder to find.
  6. I've tried ,but you can't ride on imagination. We were up the end of January from Bernieres to RDL on a mixed bag of conditions and said, they just need one more good storm and it never came. Canceled a couple of trips in Feb. Timing and driving mileage didn't allow going up to where the snow was. Some of us have to work.😂 Worst winter since my first time riding Quebec since 1979 at Hotel Motel Sawyerville with the berm in the middle of the trail.
  7. No mention of snowy trails or frozen shores? lol
  8. Hard to groom ice with no base under it. All around Matane shows red this morning.
  9. Hey was hoping one of you ran out of gas or had to stop for a nature call😅
  10. At least you get to wear knit slippers that thousands of others wore. At least the last time I was there.
  11. Looks nice! Nice job photoshopping all the snirt out! LOL
  12. This is the year of the triangles 😧
  13. Now the triangles just show caution.
  14. Interesting choice of parking spot for the picture!🙃
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