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  1. Long track, 4 stroke, aggressive gets my vote.
  2. How much did you end up with there?My friend said 18" in Island Pond VT.Go get it!! Up to 26" now and still snowing at 8:30 a.m.
  3. Finding fresh groomed trails is a problem we all should have!
  4. Maybe the secondary was adjusted to the old worn belt and the newer replacement was then sitting too high not allowing shift out.
  5. Amazing how fast all the snow is disappearing.
  6. They don't like to groom when it is above freezing.It just makes a mess of the trails.Looking at the forecast I would bet they will be out tonight.
  7. Wow..Sledders have run into many things, but he may be the only one in the world that can say he t-boned a Black Hawk. I'm sure he would rather be saying he almost hit one.I hope he has a speedy and complete recovery.
  8. Looks like just a wrap.Fake news imo.
  9. Sometimes zeros matter.You got 3 extra for now.LOL
  10. what was the reason for the change?How many miles were on it?
  11. 1.)That's why you always need to ride with at least one buddy who is slower than you. 2.)Chances are a single wolf is not going to take on a pack of helmet wearing aliens unless it is rabid. 3.)If it is,refer back to #1😉
  12. My condolences,may your memory's keep you strong and help you thru this.