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  1. Thats an awesome story! I mean a brand new 900T wow! Oh yeah,and the liver thing is pretty cool too! Keep racking up the miles and smiles!
  2. As said above,it depends on the card you have.Find one with no fees.
  3. Looks like the groomer has been active around Shawinigan. Any boots on the ground updates? Is the Maurice safe to cross on 3 in Saint Etienne?
  4. The Quebec version of this from Christmas Story
  5. There are always two options there for dinner......take it or leave it.
  6. Does it run in the background while using imotoneige?
  7. The second one in town is a Gite. Not as nice as the first one coming from the south .
  8. Thanks,looks he did some more renovations and added a par 3 golf course this year.
  9. Does anyone know if Real Masse is still open? He is not shown on the interactive map or listed as a place to stay or eat. https://www.snowmobilecountry.ca/en/conditions/
  10. Don't forget Happy Boxing Day!
  11. Long track, 4 stroke, aggressive gets my vote.
  12. How much did you end up with there?My friend said 18" in Island Pond VT.Go get it!! Up to 26" now and still snowing at 8:30 a.m.