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  1. Four of the six of our regular riding group have had air ride suspension sleds since 2010. What the dealer said is very true. Drop that air ride to 1 and get that snow flap closer to the ground when conditions are hard will make a big difference. Add scratchers too, big help with cooling and hyfax lubrication. One other thing that our group did is replace the stock hyfax with vespel hyfax. End of melting your sliders. They are expensive, but I have moved mine from sled to sled since 2016. Quick story - My wife has a 2016 900 Enduro. In those hard conditions she would overheat all the time with the air ride on one. Let it cool for 10 minutes, ride another few miles. Repeat. My wife weighs about 115 lbs. I would change sleds with her, no more problems with the Enduro, but she would overheat my sled. I only weigh 165 lbs, but that little bit of weight made a difference in the snow flap height. I ended up replacing the torsion springs in her sled with a lighter set. End of problem.
  2. Thankfully you guys are ok to some degree. It happens so fast. Speedy recovery to Jeff.
  3. Signed. Since we had our itinerary and reservations set for our group of six, we were good boys, followed their rules and paid the fee to pass through the ZEC. Since we were just passing through for one day, it didn’t break the bank. If I had known before we had established our itinerary, perhaps I would have rerouted?
  4. Staged out of Hotel L'Empress a few years back. We have an in line four place trailer and had no problem with parking. Gas station right next door. Tim Hortons across the street if you want a quick coffee and something to eat for breakfast. LaCage sports bar/restaurant in the hotel. Trail right out the back of the parking lot to take you out of town.
  5. Since I responded back in 2019, I’ll update. Last year my Uclear Amp Pro, had an open mic that I couldn’t correct. Killed the battery in under an hour when in intercom mode (talking with others). Four guys in our group added the Uclear Motion 6 with great success. Three have Oxygen helmets one guy was still in a BV2S, he now has an Oxygen for this year. I purchased a Motion 6 as well this year since we already had four of the six of us using them. Installation was simple in the Oxygen helmet. I do not use the ear muffs that come with the Oxygen. I found it too quiet when you’re standing trail side talking to each other. Here is a YouTube link that you may find helpful. https://youtu.be/HIDScKqZU74
  6. There was a coffee pot…thankfully a previous guest left coffee. The four coffee drinkers in our group certainly appreciated it. I’m sure you will enjoy. Have a great ride.
  7. Pipeman, report.back on Marina Chibougamau. Last time we were there it was still JC Bou. I have often wondered how it is now under the new owners. Thanks
  8. It’s been quite a few years since I was there. Pretty darn sure there is dishes, glasses, pots and pans and silverware. Kind of tough to rent cabins expecting your clients to bring their kitchenware with them.
  9. Send your pass to your files or notes that are stored on your phone. No need for service. Put your phone in airplane mode so you’re not pinging the cell towers. When you are outside of coverage, or have very weak coverage, your cell phone is transmitting at full power to try and make/keep a connection with the network. That’s the battery killer. You can still have Bluetooth active if you’re listening to music stored on your phone. IMotoneige navigation works in airplane mode, you just won’t be able to get services.
  10. That is awesome. Hmm, I have a 2018 600 ACE and a 1970 12/3 in my garage? Problem - I don’t have the talent to duplicate that! Great job!
  11. I just went through creating an account with the ZEC. Website is a bit clunky, but doable. Then I registered for the day that our group of six will travel through the ZEC. It was not expensive for one day, one sled. For a little over $10 USD it wasn’t worth the potential hassle if we were pulled over. Do I agree? - by no means. Do I wonder/worry if other ZECs will follow suit? - absolutely. I think about fellow riders that spend their winters riding in that area. That somewhat insignificant $10/day fee starts to add up. Business starts a downturn as riders avoid the ZEC and their fees. Hopefully businesses, the FCMQ and the government can work together with the ZEC for an agreeable solution and avoid the possibility of other ZECs doing the same.
  12. Gotta love the finger countdown. You stay right, I stay right. No problem.
  13. We’ll be riding through the area on the 7th and 7th. I guess if we don’t see anyone we’ll just pass. If someone is there checking we’ just hand the guy $100 for the six of us and hope that that is acceptable. Not looking for trouble or arguments.
  14. If you open the trail conditions on the iMotoneige app in the area of the ZEC, most if not all of the conditions are listed as acceptable. Click on the trail in that area and there is a note about having to resister with the ZEC.
  15. If the garage is safe enough for a 1967 corvette, then it’s plenty safe for a few pieces of paper!
  16. Yes, or bring in food. Not sure Uber Eats or Grubhub delivers there.
  17. Looking at that picture, one has to wonder, are there really other manufacturers besides BRP?
  18. l’ hombre du vent - awesome cabins, awesome hosts.
  19. Hey Chris, MARKUSVT has a comment in his Team Vermont Midweek thread that mentions that the trail to Gouin was freshly groomed. http://www.quebecrider.com/forums/index.php?/topic/13625-team-vermont-mid-week-travels/
  20. There is gas at Lac Faillon. Then gas in Clova. No problem to Fer a Cheval. Nice run, enjoy.
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