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  1. Hello Snobeeler,  We typically have a group of guys ride in Quebec.  One of our group doesn’t want to get vaccinated, so we thought we’d give him a one time pass and give Maine a try.  I’m thinking we will probably ride some loops and then maybe saddlebag up to Fort Kent or Caribou. Any information that you can share on your experience would be appreciated.  Thanks Rick

  2. My wife just looked at this picture on Facebook, it is in Watertown, NY
  3. Seems like a lot to avoid paying for a trailer registration. Careful going under a bridge.
  4. ^^^That is our formula too.
  5. I have to agree that it is probably a moot point. For those of us going to Canada from the US, we would need to be fully vaccinated with qualified COVID test results. It looks then like the only way you would need a quarantine plan is by having a random test come up positive. In that case, you’re probably heading back home.
  6. Looking for fellow Quebec Rider thoughts on their quarantine plans that have to be submitted when you enter Canada. Is it good enough to say that you will be here on this night, and here on the next night all the way through your entire trip? I thought this may be a helpful topic as there are probably just more than me that are wondering the same.
  7. Something just not fun when the gas light is on for the past 20 miles and you have 10 more to go.
  8. According to the App, 149 miles.
  9. That was most likely our group. Would have been the first week in February. We tried for awhile to connect a small portable generator to the gas pumps that the generator repairman had brought with him. The wiring to the pumps was a soup sandwich without having a schematic diagram.
  10. Back in 2019 we pulled into La Cache for gas. Generator down and d they were waiting for the repairman to arrive. There was another group of riders there along with the seven of us. The repairman arrived and wasn’t having any luck getting the primary or backup generator running. The backup generator would run for a minute or so and shutdown due to no oil pressure. We had the repairman start it for us again and saw the analog gauge on the generator control panel showed good oil pressure so we had him bypass the oil pressure sensor. Generator back on line. When we got there there were about 15 sleds needing gas. This is what it looked like by the time the generator was back online.
  11. I live close to the border so we see quite a bit of news about the border. What Scorpionbowl wrote is correct, just Canadian citizens returning to Canada after a short visit. The Canadian government is concerned about the US increasing COVID cases, so no change for US citizens going to Canada at this time. I am hoping that before the riding season sets in that the PCR testing requirements are dropped.
  12. My mistake. It was the winter of 2019/2020. So easy to forget the first two months of 2020 these days.
  13. When we last rode it back in 2019, we came out of Clova. The first little bit was good, then we got to a section that was just being opened up. That was some crappy going for a few miles. Once clear of that section it was gorgeous trail to just north of Fer-a-Cheval. That is not the Lepine road of old, just a shortcut. I thought I read that the Lepine road trail was going to open again this year? I’m sure someone can comment on that.
  14. USS Alexander Hamilton SSBN 617 Gold Crew. 1980 - 1986. The North Atlantic gets very angry in the winter, even underwater.
  15. Looks like they should have directed a few nighttime flights to Virginia?
  16. Afghanistan, Southern Border, Supply Chain…Joe says, nothing to see here. No problem, move along.
  17. I can remember all 5 of us kids and our parents in the living room watching All in the Family. Loved that show. Hope no one is offended!
  18. Another place to try would be Hudon’s Sled Salvage in Barneveld, NY. Before you could choose a track when you ordered your new sled, I would buy new tracks from them. https://hudons.com/contact-us/
  19. I don’t think he has a clue what he has done. Although both Biden and Trump wanted out of Afghanistan, something tells me the planning and the the strategy would have been much different. There would have been planning and strategy!
  20. From the desk of Dr. Fauci I suppose?
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