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  1. Looks like the old Bistro Saint Zenon...formerly Lou Lou Steak House?
  2. Pfizer’s vaccine freezer?
  3. Barrage Mitchinamecus? Local trail onto the reservoir by Club Scott
  4. Looks like restaurant in Manawan
  5. Guessing, Abitibi. Junction 93 and 309?
  6. ^^^ Local trail between Murdochville and LaCache?
  7. No need for a new virus for awhile now. Their guy/gal are going to occupy the White House now. Now beware, in late 2023, we may see COVID 23 if Donald is making a 2024 bid.
  8. I have the aluminum lift from Mad Sled. It works very well. It uses a Bulldog 5000 lb jack to lift the sled. A 1/2” drill raises it no problem. I’m not sure if they are still in business? The Extreme Max Aluminum Sled Lift loos to be the same thing.
  9. Torn lugs on the 1.6 Cobra was a commonly reported problem on the 2019 Ski Doo. In our group of 6, we have one 2019 Turbo and four 2020 Turbos. There have been zero issues with any of them. Two of the 2020’s have the 1.5 Ice Ripper. No problems with those. Since 2010, we all rode 1200’s with 1.25 IR on them (we swapped out the 1” tracks on the early models). We never had any problem with the 1.25’s. No question about it, studs provide better traction on hard pack and ice. We ran them for many years. Occasional chewed up idler, but thankfully never a tear out that went through a heat exchanger. Since most of our miles come in Quebec on saddlebag trips, we want as few problems as possible. So the move was made to Ice Ripper tracks to avoid the punctured heat exchanger. I guess as long as the backend of a sled that is passing me isn’t mine, I’m happy. As far as the Turbos, all indications this far is that they seem to be very reliable. When you read the Jim Jamison write up, you’ll see that he ran 87 Octane in his all the time and had no problem. Last year we had to use 87 a few times, and they were all just fine.
  10. Testing goes up, number of positive cases goes up. Makes sense. After the appropriate time lag, will those positive cases then translate to an increase in hospitalizations, and deaths? That is yet to play out. I'm just going to do my part, hope everyone else does too, and hope for the best.
  11. Trex is great. Light washing once in awhile...if you feel like it. Cool underfoot in sunlight, no. So worth it though.
  12. That video was outstanding. The girl is on the ball for sure.
  13. George - M20 is the orange trail that goes between 345 and 360. I rode right past it so many times. Last year a buddy of mine and I went out of LeCabanon for a couple of days in April. Finally went on it since we were just riding loops and not out on a bag tour. It’s a special trail. M21 - if I remember correctly, at one time connected up to Windigo? I don’t know what is up there now?
  14. Yeah. I watched the whole thing. Thanks for the ride. It is an awesome trail for sure.
  15. Funny the Plan B topic should come up. Our group had a Maine trip planned back in 2013. We thought it might be worth a try. A few days before we were supposed to leave, it turned warm, rained. Calls to the hotel operators in the area showed very little promise that we would have a successful trip. Were were to leave on Saturday. When I was driving home on the Thursday before, I was talking with my brother, he said, how about the Michigan UP. I said, what difference does it matter which way the trucks head on Saturday, give me an hour. I then called another in our group, he goes be the QR name of Banker. He's at home with access to his computer. He likes the idea and says, give me an hour and I'll call you back. He calls me back in 45 minutes. The UP has snow from Sault Ste. Marie to Wisconsin, first two nights of a saddlebag trip booked. We actually finished planning the route and booking lodging while we were driving there on Saturday morning. Sault Ste. Marie > Grand Marais > Marquette > Tip of the Keewenaw Peninsula > Ironwood > Munising > Sault Ste. Marie. It was a good ride. We hit the snow conditions just perfect. Not much traffic until the Friday afternoon on our way back in. I told the gang as we have started to talk about the 2021 ride, we may want to dust off that Maine trip just in case.
  16. Best $25 I spend. You guys are a wealth of knowledge...not to mention a wealth of laughs. Stay healthy and God willing we’ll see each other on the trails in the coming winter.
  17. Border open in time for winter 20/21. November 1, 2020. Vaccine? As Chris Rock once said, the money is not in the cure, the money is in the medicine. He was talking about cancer, and referencing the money lesson learned by vaccinating against Polio. Makes you wonder...
  18. I have the same thing, but made by Jameson’s
  19. Check these guys out. We have found some amazing deals on their sample items. I’m not totally sure what sample means, but the Klim bibs and boots that we have bought as samples are all brand new with tags on them. https://www.snowbigdeal.com/
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