Duhamel and surrounding area

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First run up at the chalet, week end with the wife so can’t leave her alone too long. Blue jay day on Saturday, Sunday supposed to be too but heavily overcasted with some blowing snow. Visited the Relais in the area checking out the locals and getting some trail info. 53 in the park leaving from Le Mulet is plowed and sanded, I’m told only for a few klms, after taking a look I did a quick u turn, lots of sand no thank you. Club house parking lot full house must’ve been 100 vehicles and trailers. Railbed beat to shit with the traffic, local trail to Mulet in good shape, the 43 over to Pourvoire Douze in good shape surprisingly considering its in the mountains. Pourvoire Douze is no longer a Relais, restaurant is for overnight guests only. 3 restaurants in town Resto Chez Linda, La Madorick both on the railbed and one little gem off the beaten path called Chez Pepere, she is the only one in town with a liquor license, Resto Chez Linda will tell you she’s getting one in 3 weeks but she’s been telling me that every time I go there since August. Somethings Up with that.

Lake in front of the house has seen some traffic so I go and investigate, bording the lake I’m stuck, front of the sled plowed in the snow and the track spun itself down to the ice and now is spinning, give her a little shake back’n fourth and I’m off but not with out struggling. Seems the new snow is not set yet on the ice and there’s some water underneath. The front is plowing the deep snow and the track is spinning like crazy so I b-line it down the shore line where I can get off then look back, I see a trail of slush. Glad I didn’t go any further out.





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Thanks for the info on the 53 JG, won’t get much use if it stays like that. We we were there Friday there was a car stuck 50 ft down the 43, turned in from the sanded park road. It was empty the first time we passed, the second, we rode past and stopped 25 ft from it, the person was just sitting in the car with it idling. At one point we were 5 sleds talking and wondering what happened to the 53. We were going to try and push him out but it was pointed out we had been standing there for 10 minutes and if the driver wanted our help, they could have opened the door and asked. Guess they had towing on the way.

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Up at JG Chalet once more, gotta load in the trailer to off load then sledding we go, mostly off trail stuff, keep ya posted.

Snowbanks on the side of the road at an arms reach north, no shortage here.

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