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It's not all bad. 

Unfortunately my 19" Cobra windshield was delivered to Easton today plus side is the new  Bv2s does a pretty good job of keeping wind off face head. 


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31 minutes ago, 182ray said:

Hi guys it's looks incredible I hope you have a great time 👍

BJ what gps are you running 

Zumo 590 LP

does the job

need to spend a bit of time in the instruction manual to realize full potential

trackmaps installed....luv seeing the trail



i have a ton of great pics from today but the site isn't cooperating 

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41 minutes ago, Pipeman said:

Sweet! Anxious to hear about the 850

First Impressions 

0 vibration

0 rider fatigue

great suspension

crazy pull....if it stayed in break in mode it would still exceed expectations.  The response is instant and extremely smooth.

13.9 mpg in mostly fluff today.  .5 liters better than 2017 1200 at 111miles.  It wasn't an ideal day for great gas mileage.

17 inch doo windshield provided surprisingly good wind protection on a very cold day.  -11F at start of day.

if the sled has the reliability doo claims it's a great ride.


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16 minutes ago, Trailblazer said:

Son of a gun.....dam that looks good.

Phil........you get a chance to feel the pull on that 850?

No BJ won't let me ride it imagine that. :)

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