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2022 Local Ride #1


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Hello! Mrs. Ice here. 

Did you miss me? 


So we went out for a ride today. We wanted to go yesterday, (Saturday) but it was -34 C. So we waited for today, it was much better -31 C when I woke up! 🤣🤣Hahaha !!! 


I was excited to try on my new pants which finally arrived this past week. I tested them good, wore only my hypnose pants underneath. I guess I was ambitious, will need to add another layer when it’s below -25 C. 


Lover was proudly wearing his new FXR jacket as well and he wasn’t cold at all! Great purchase. 


We didn’t go very far, we took trail 3 west and a local orange trail to St-Louis de France. Then We reached 351 along the highway. This is one of my favorite place to rip it!!! 😆Just past Champlain. However, I had to be careful due to a lack of snow, some bumps and bushes sticking out. That shouldn’t be a problem after tomorrow’s snowstorm. (Supposed to get 30 cm)


We made a left and took a local orange trail to St-Luc de Vincent. Back to St -Narcisse to rejoin trail 3. 


We saw more sleds today than during all the days in Gaspésie. But it’s ok, I ‘m glad people enjoy the outdoors even though it’s cold and restaurants are closed. That’s why we chose to do a short one, 2 hours it lasted. 


Trail took us back to Turtle lake, through Shawinigan to home.


After Gaspésie we brought the sleds to Moto Thibeault, our mechanic. Lover had me installed some snow trackers because my stock Yamaha tuners were close to worn out. 

Now, I can steer even better. 


I told lover that I would gain speed because it’s easier to steer and it stays where I want it to be. Awesome! What a change! 


Also, Mr. Iceman let me ride in the front for a very long time today! Yeah! That way I have to stay on the right even more because I’m the first one meeting other sleds, so no warning coming my way! It’s fine! I can handle it! But it was fun to be the first one. I like it when it’s just him and I but with more people I feel a certain pressure to go fast enough so they don’t get bored behind me… so I’m comfortable doing my own thing in the back! 😉


It’s was a great short ride in this cold Canadian weather. 


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Cold but fun. Got home just as the real rush was starting. Nice test of the Mrs. new gear. Big snow they say tomorrow. Let’s hope so.

Trails decent actually much better than I was thinking.







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