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  1. That is quite the dinner.....could be popular this coming season.. Things are only getting worst here in Qc with the virus.
  2. nothing has been rebuilt yet. Never heard of any updates for months. Last year there was a cabin behind the gas station for eating and warm up. Dead end this year.
  3. I drew something(roughly) where the other connector is off TQ 63
  4. Latest news is..... in partnership between club Les Ours Blancs, Club Alliance du Nord and Relais Pensive, Lépine road will be groomed this winter. We will take it either via TQ 63 in lavérendrye Park or Rabaska lodge area. Looks like relais pensive has its own groomer. This is a great alternative going to abitibi since 63/386 being closed. This is a top quality trail. Fast!!
  5. Trail still in the works. I've been told club is aiming for 2021. Route still to be determined. Yes restaurant le classic is closed this winter. That sucks!
  6. I would get in touch with PSDA (Pontiac Snowmobile Drivers Association)
  7. This is my playground. It's a mixed bag of everything basically. Wide open logging roads Narrower logging roads Tight twisty trails Railroad bed Lake crossing. *** also heard about a trail up Lépine road. Stay tuned!
  8. Indeed....I live in Québec. I've been part of this site since day 1. I am tired of seeing US politics BULLSHIT on a site dedicated to snowmobiling in Québec.
  9. My thoughts and prayers to the people of Nova Scotia during these terrible times. Great gesture from the municipality of Cantley here in Québec. Stay strong!! The Municipality of Cantley sends condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims. She also wishes to show her solidarity with Nova Scotia by lowering her flags at half-mast until April 27.
  10. Balbuzard Sauvage outfit as we were walking-in the door.😝
  11. https://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/health/coronavirus/3m-makes-deal-with-white-house-says-canada-will-continue-to-receive-n95-masks-1.4885409
  12. Brp factory is shutdown since march 23rd....Québec is shutdown basically except essential services. All we hear on the news is STAY HOME!!
  13. Canada, U.S. working on mutual deal to restrict non-essential travel https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/canada-us-border-1.5501201
  14. From Alliance du nord SC. This decision is not ours to make but that of the Fédération des clubs motoneige du Québec. A portion of the TQ-83 trail has officially closed until further notice. If this happens, you will not be able to fill up your gas tank in Wemotaci nor refuel. Access is prohibited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please plan your travel accordingly. Let's be good citizens and avoid travel as much as possible. Please be aware that this situation is beyond our control. Thank you for your understanding.
  15. Wemotaci on TQ 83 is closed to snowmobilers as Iceman stated
  16. Canada is shutting down its borders.
  17. FYI Both La Doré and Chibougamau SC posted on their respective fb page stating that as of march 16th and until further notice, gas won't be available due to the situation with covid-19( no it's not a joke). Be aware.
  18. Val d'Or posted on fb last week. 386 closed for the season from Kitcisakik down to TQ 63due to logging.They were there in february.Also no more grooming this season from le domaine to lac joncas.Which probably means Maniwaki won't keep maintaining Classic-Le Domaine.
  19. Bonne retraite Groomer. Pleinement mérité👍. Vous travaillez dans l'ombre et avez pas toujours le crédit qui vous revient. Excuse me for posting in french.
  20. Yes there is gas at kitcisakik. We rode maniwaki-val d'or friday.
  21. FYI tristano(the owner) posted this on their fb page last nite.I guess the phone was ringing. One cabin that can accomodate 6 persons. Book your snowmobile package every saturday in the main lodge and in cabin everyday 819-435-2133
  22. They posted on fb on saturday. Looks like they are renting a cottage for 6 persons on saturdays. https://www.facebook.com/Pourvoirie-Pavillon-de-la-Vérendrye-331851148362/ Forfaits motoneige les samedis au pavillon!! Réservez dès maintenant Un chalet pour 6 personnes à louer en tout temps pour motoneige avec le forfait souper et déjeuner inclus 819-435-2133
  23. there is gas at restaurant le classic 63/322 jct. gas at Le domaine on 63 gas at Pourvoirie Laverendrye gas in Kitcisakik on 386 south of Louvicourt.