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  1. You guys have a good ride- stay safe.
  2. Wall-eye for us Friday! They said Louise wasn't there, vacation, we'll miss seeing her.
  3. You also have to wonder, how much financial impact there may be from all the ever active lawyers, looking for an accident victim. There is a lot of common sense logic to posts here, safety, minimal permanent road damage, financial impact to cancelled trips, or decrease in registration renewals. The exchange rate as it is right now, makes Quebec financially attractive similar to late 90's, but everyone is buzzing about this very contrary action, not in a good way. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Its spit snow here (Derby, Vt) nothing on the ground yet. Tundra is waiting.....
  5. RIP . thanks for pics, Greg
  6. good choice. 1200 renegade is excellent. we have 2 now and a new 2016 on order.
  7. We saw you on the M20!! I was almost positive when we crossed that it was you, and it was. Me and Dana were on the 2 black and orange ski-doo 1200's going opposite direction down the M20 back to Manawin. We departed from Mannawin Friday AM, went Est to the pipeline, up thru La Tuque to Relais 22 for lunch, accross the TQ83 to Barrage Gouin. 275 miles of perfect trails and saw 3 sleds all day. On Saturday we left Gouin rode to Kanawata for gas, Lac Repos for gas and lunch, down the M20- saw you, back to truck. 500 miles of great trails for sure. Glad to see your report, you always have so much good info. Thanks, we may be done for the year, as well. Maybe a little ride close to home in Vermont.
  8. check sledmagazine.com for their long term trials. Skidoo 1200 still gets my vote. New 1200 Renegade X on order for 2016- Black.
  9. Thanks for all the info and pics!! We're headed up tonight to Shawinigan to run up to Barrage Gouin in the morning. Hoping this warm and rain stops SOON!
  10. We are just across the border from Stansted in Vt. As of today the trails are mid winter here, expecting warm Wed/Thurs, then back to colder. We rode all thru Weedon, Lac Megantic, Sawyerville a week ago. It was all still excellent but showing a patch of grass here and there. We got snow since then and it has been cold, this am -4 F . 10* F right now. I have never stayed in Sawyerville Hotel, but it did not have much of a restaurant several years ago, last in there. It is not far off the trail, but it is down the street about 3-4 blocks from trail, there is a sign on the trail. We have stayed Motel LeQuiet 3 times this season and last. If you come into Lac Megantic from the North it is all powerline and great. If you come in from the south it is interwoven with atv's and woods, not so great. The parking lot was bare at Hotel LeQuiet, but the trail was perfect right up to it, and they have a really good in house restaurant w/bar. If the warm isn't much, things should still be very good.
  11. Canadian Lynx are supposed to be a large lynx, compared to one's around here. It is definetly cool when you see a big cat.