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  2. Give me a few days. Will look at the track for the coordinates
  3. thx guys !!! sunset last night ...... very windy friday night...but i did nt can have nice surprises looking at moose !!! the otter the old dam ....lake frenette....just too bad...i guess i was still asleep ...she just surprised me...and she had kids !!! the pic with mom + calf and the stand...thats the road i use to go back at my camp ...late 4w know the road very well.... soon , i guess...ill ride with my tuque !!! jean-guy
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  5. I purchased online last year too...and I support Jean-Guys club as its a small way to thank him for all that he does for us when we are 116 I believe. I found the process very easy.
  6. We are so fortunate to have JG posting his photos. Great work my friend.
  7. You have a few really nice sunset/sunrise pictures!
  8. Congratulations Steven. Its looks sweet. I think you will be very happy with your new ride.
  9. congrats steven !!! jean-guy
  10. bonjour !!! great weekend...12 moose...few partridges and an otter !!! 3c late last night coming back from the lake !!! jean-guy
  11. The orange accents are nice. Very sharp. Just enough, but not too much.
  12. Yeah this seems like an accident waiting to happen. What's wrong with a linq fuel caddy?
  13. Last week
  14. THANKS for info .. it will be good when done .. trails are closing every where . we had some re routes this year and even had to move our Warm up hut / relais do to trail closure.. No help at all from fcmq. infact they were the cause of a lot of problems in our area.. Not at all sure of the direction of FCMQ.
  15. Options posted above is how most cross . Haven't tried it yet but the Sorel ferry has a rate posted for sleds , The fcmq map shows trails on both sides as well .
  16. Going to be hard for snowmobile haters to shut this part down, the noise from the traffic on the 117 hwy far exceeds the noise of today’s sleds.
  17. Put that honey back in the trailer. You don't want to get the track dirty. Lol
  18. good color choices, id be in for a couple of hoodies, and some toques, maybe with the fleur du lys on them?
  19. Great to see, we use to ride in the St Agathe area alot before the rail trail was shut down.
  20. another.... opps, reached my limit...LOL... i have boat-loads of pictures, the trajectory is all within 200 feet of the highway more or less, and id say the excavation work is approx. 60% finished....😃👍
  21. lots of advancing now..... gauthier excavation has 2 cat excavators going, and is bringing in boat-loads of fill and gravel... here are a few pics...
  22. I ordered a black and red renegade xrs turbo for my Canada sled. Seems I need to check my dealer if its in. Some guys complain about getting them early not me nice to put everything on it in nice weather and not rush.
  23. Sweet looking ride! Guess I will need to buy you a wine to celebrate. (And this winter I promise to remember the promise-damn the old age memory). mike
  24. Nice! We rented a Turbo after Spare Parts turned into the Krispy Kritter, and it was nice! Contact Chris at CT Powersports for the Tuner, He has been running it on his sled last year. Congrats!!! GutZ
  25. 7500 miles on the 2018. Traded. I already had another as my backup sled.
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