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  1. So true. Too bad the population believes the media over truth.
  2. Turns out this was an error by cross contamination of two samples
  3. Great. Wonder when crossings shut down again? https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/cdc-very-high-risk-travel-destinations-january-10/index.html
  4. This is the problem. The liberal media is horrible. Why would they support criminals? Perhaps it's the hunger for ratings? Personally I am sick and tired of seeing lies and half truths spawn by these so called reporters. Wish it would stop. Truth would serve the population better
  5. Much easier on the oil changes. The single stroke engines are quite inefficient and create other issues. On the flip side, full independent suspension with traction control makes for an interesting and comfortable ride after canter mode is engaged. Real horse power from the business end...
  6. Need to try out the trails uhhh.. upstate... Been focusing on improving horseback skills and have completely neglected my motorized vehicles.
  7. Glad to see this piece of garbage out of office. Too bad he is eligible to receive public funding. Retirement package On another topic. Its interesting to see public officials that are not in office do not get impeached if they are Democrats. Glad to see double standards apply
  8. For what it's worth, I have a nuvi 550 motorcycle rated GPS that is intended to be water resistant. This has worked on my snowmobiles for thousands of miles... and years. If there is any interest, I can locate a photograph of the setup
  9. I also do not see advertisements. Screen shot of my view from chrome.
  10. Those come with a free case of koolaid and an updated vaccination....
  11. The app will be useless where most of us ride. No cell service for tracking. Unsure how tracking works when on satellite internet at an outfitter camp. Perhaps it shows everyone congregated at the address of the downlink data center? That would be really funny and a nightmare for the tracking police
  12. My horse has been trying to tell me this for years. Never trusted rocks alongside a trail. He believed they should all be removed. Maybe he was right? Rocks are dangerous and can sneak up on you. I'm sure they single out a specific group of individuals, making them racist. Be careful out there!
  13. Today must have been a test run. Say a QC license plate near my office today. YaY!!
  14. Nice. Hope they expand parking lot as well.
  15. My sled registration shows transferrable. Unsure if it's a carryover from 2010? Good luck with paperwork
  16. Just saw the post online and will check it out tonight. Still worthy of sharing...I hope. Dont flog the messenger... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pcgamer.com/amp/you-should-take-this-free-open-world-snowmobiling-game-for-a-spin/
  17. Travel into Canada still hasn't been approved by the clown in charge. Say goodbye to another season.
  18. Wont believe until it's TRUE. I'm sure another series of delays with lame ass excuses will follow
  19. Really nice pictures. Thanks to all who shared. My french lessons are really paying off. I can actually understand all the signs!!!
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