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  1. What's the earliest you have ridden in the area. The last couple years I have gotten some good miles in on Xmas weekend. With all this weather I am really itching to ride. last Dec 23
  2. Left out of Jackman on 1/26. Trails in Jackman were good, once across the boarder trails got a little better. Stopped at the Armstrong club house for breakfast and then headed up 75 to 55. 75 was good all the way to 55, I did have a near collision with a turkey on 75 right behind the gas station this was a 1st on a sled. Once on 55 trails got even better. The pole line was a lot of fun, flat and fast. Stopped in Lac Etchemins for fuel. The gas station just off the trail has been renovated, went from run down to very nice and can pay at the pump with card. Headed up 55 to the St Pamphile club house for lunch. Once past the 545 turn off 55 was about perfect, lots of snow and groomed smooth. On the way back we took 55 to 551 547. 551 and most of 547 were great, about 5 miles of 547 wasn't groomed since the snow on wed. but was still decent. Then back on 55 to 545 for the run back to the boarder, 545 was great as always. Even passed a groomer on an already near perfect trail. 335 miles on the day, high for the season. Roadrunner I did this trip with Ed W. and at lunch at the St Pamphile club house we bumped into a lot of your crew. I believe even your sled was there haha.
  3. Day drip on Saturday 1/20 rode out of Jackman. Rode 75 north to 55 east to 545 south back to Maine. Trails were in much better shape than I expected a little in spots but a great ride. Didn't take many pics.
  4. Thanks for the up to date report RR. I plan on riding the area on Saturday. Pullinfront
  5. Got out before Xmas, trails were good, still needed a little snow on the woods trails. Roadrunner are you riding with Ed W.
  6. Thanks for the links. looks like some clubs are opening up, hope to do some riding next weekend.
  7. Any snow or trail reports from the St George area? Hoping to get up there and burn some gas next weekend.
  8. Can someone post a link to the map, not sure I'm seeing the correct one. Thanks
  9. Left Jackman to Armstrong club house for breakfast, Trails great door to door, after a great breakfast we headed we headed out on 25 to 55. Stopped at the covered covered bridge for a quick pic or 2. Trails were in great shape, flat with plenty of coverage. Then we headed up 75 to Bercerivile for lunch. After lunch we headed out on 55 east, 55 had a few bumps but not bad at all for a Saturday afternoon. Then jumped on 545 south for the run back to the boarder. 545 was in perfect shape, hard to believe the a trail could be in such great shape late on a Saturday. about 240 for the day. Looking forward to the next trip.
  10. Love the motor, it is very addicting. The power is smooth, but that said it is the hardest pulling sled I have ever ridden. The suspension and handling will need a little tuning.
  11. I did get pulled into immigration, this was the 1st time I have crossed into Canada in over 6 years. This took only about 10 minutes. Coming back into the US was very quick and easy. Just asked 4 or 5 questions and ID card and then on my way.
  12. Been a member since 2007 but haven't ridden Quebec since 2009 haha. Good to be back, boy have I missed these trails.
  13. Hey RR. Looks great I rode up in the area on Friday and Saturday. found much of the same, feels like bonus riding this early. I am on a Sidewinder this season also, what do you think so far?
  14. Rode out of Jackman on Friday the 23th and Saturday 24th. Got to try out the new sled Yahama Sidewinder. Rode to Lac Etchemin via 75 to 55 on Friday. Mostly very good, a little thin in a few spots. Then on Saturday did 25 to 55 to 535 to 540 to 35, Stopped in St. Marie for fuel and a bite to eat. Then back down 75 to Jackman. Trails were very good up around St. Marie great trails overall for early season riding.
  15. Cooper found us a mattress to throw on the floor. We were 3 staying in one room when doing the Gaspe, It was a few years ago but if i remeber corretly motel Mont St. Pierre had a room with 3 beds as well. Dont remeber the name of the hotel but the one we stayed at in Chandler had roll aways,