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  1. Nice photos Don. I’ve been riding in Quebec since ‘93, had no idea the bridge was that new. Hard to visualize but it looks as though the crossing gate house was there back then. How long have you been a Quebec resident? Hank
  2. Probably a politician, because they always tend to talk from both sides of their mouth!!! HANK
  3. I was confused , but now I know for sure, I am confused!!!???
  4. Hope you and your staff are safe. It must be very difficult working under this situation. I ride all winter out of LECABANON and enjoy following your adventures with SNOWMASTER CHRIS. He always stops by my table for a visit. Where are you in Massachusetts? I’m just across the state line from you in Hudson Falls, NY. Hank
  5. Hi Bob, You must be an essential business, what do you do? How many people do you employ? Hope you are all safe and healthy. Hank
  6. Doonali, You are on the right track with that thought. When Trump starts to open things back up, watch what happens to the stock market and other things. He will become untouchable at election time. I still think around April 30th things will start trending towards a more positive environment. Also, the corrupt Democratic Party is going to get exposed just about in time for the Democrat convention by Attorney General Barr. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Comey, Hillary, Schiff, Pelosi, Biden and a few others escorted to jail in handcuffs!!! Hank
  7. WOW!! He is a lucky man!!! Hank
  8. YAMAHA is an acronym for: You And Me Are Haulin Ass!
  9. I’m a really optimistic guy and I predict April 30th. Numbers are beginning to level off. I think the numbers show right now that the surviving numbers are in the high nineties percent. Hank
  10. Fellow Quebec Riders, At this point in the game, we must have a positive attitude (as hard as it may be), this will end sooner than you think. You must continue on, with caution, with life as usual. I did my part this week and ordered a new SIDEWINDER LTX GT. Believe me, the dealer was very happy to here from me! KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!! HANK
  11. I have a 19 SIDEWINDER LTX DX with 6000 miles now, with CAT skies and semi aggressive sno trackers, also an 18 VIPER LTX DX with semi’s on it. Best set ups I’ve ever run. Cat skies made a huge difference. I almost bought the red one you have, beautiful sled. Good luck with it. I did 3000 miles this winter, based out of Lecabanon. Good Luck to ya! Hank
  12. I just pulled the trigger for a 2021 SIDEWINDER LTX GT. Now it’s going to be a loooong summer till November!!! HANK
  13. My season ended (reluctantly), on 15 March with 3000 miles. Wanted to get one more week in starting on the 22nd, but as we all know that isn’t going to happen. Many many smiling miles though, for the season!!! Looking forward now to doing a spring order for a new SIDEWINDER LTX GT!! It’s going to be a loooong summer. Almost time to get the boat out! To everyone on QR, enjoy your summer!!! SNAPPY HANK
  14. Hi Alain, You and Christine do an incredible job with both pictures and videos! I stay at Lecabanon every other week all winter starting Christmas week. My trailer is the black one opposite the gas pump, with the ICEMAN sticker on the gas door. I so much enjoy following your posts. How many miles did you get on the dream meter this year? You must be approaching 20,000 total by now. I anaged to get 3000 on for the season. Wanted to go back one more time on the 21st, but now that’s not going to happen, with the border closing. Till next year, you two enjoy your summer!!! Snappy Hank
  15. Windshield off from an 06 YAMAHA APEX. Asking $65.00 US. I can ship or you can pick up. HANK