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  1. My vote just put you ahead by 8 tenths of a point!!! Let's go QR PEOPLE!!!!!!
  2. Hi Mark; just cast my vote for today. Where are you in Vt? I am in NY near Vt border in Hudson Falls. I ride out of Lecabanon every other week starting the day after Xmas. GOOD LUCK Hank
  3. Fit Yamaha skies. Came off 2011 Apex only used one season. Model # Y4003. Will fit most Yamahas up to 2013. Asking $ 175.00 US or $ 200.00 CAD. Call 518-926-9700. I will be at Lecabanon Dec. 26, if that works for pickup. Snappy Hank
  4. Snappy Hank

    Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Patiently waiting for the '19 Sidewinder LTX DX to show up at dealer. Estimated arrival is mid October. Although it's hard to believe its Labor Day already. Summer went by way to fast. Hank
  5. Snappy Hank

    April 21 2018 Krikri and Towing season ender

    Alain, That is definitely one for the record books ! Nice video. Hank
  6. Snappy Hank

    device !!!..........beeeeeeeeeeepp !!!

    Amazing device, could avoid a lot of accidents with this. I would like to see it mandatory in Canada. I've been riding in Quebec for 25 years and seen and avoided many close calls. As CNC stated you should never let your guard down. No problem with the age thing, I'm 67 but feel like 50. But still can't remember shit. Hank
  7. Snappy Hank

    device !!!..........beeeeeeeeeeepp !!!

    Groomer ; Can you translate to English, this looks like a great idea if everyone has one. Maybe manufacturers should be made to install as standard equipment. Thanks Hank
  8. Snappy Hank


    I will be there, for dinner around 5 pm , usually at the corner table by the bar entrance. Depending upon what time we arrive, we usually take a ride to Real Masse for lunch. Looking forward to meeting you. My trailer is usually parked on the corner next to gas pump, black inline three place with "ICEMAN " sticker on gas door. MERRY CHRISTMAS Snappy Hank
  9. Snappy Hank


    That windshield is 21" high, the tallest available. They used to have a 25" but no longer available. I will try this one, may have to swap with my '14 viper, which has the 25". You are right , the taller the better. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! Hank
  10. Snappy Hank


    I would recommend either the 21 or 25 inch tall windshield. I had it installed on my 18 Viper LTX DX right out of the crate. Short windshield will allow wind to cut through any helmet, and you could end up with very serious frost bite. I saw it happen to a very stubborn friend who thought it was really " COOL " to have that race look.
  11. Snappy Hank


    The new ride is ready, and headed to St Zenon Tuesday 12/26. Conditions look good, can't wait to start the season!!!
  12. Snappy Hank

    Slow Times

    Patiently waiting for my 18 SRVIPER LTX-DX to arrive at my dealer. Snappy Hank
  13. Snappy Hank


    That should take the summer edge off! Will keep you busy till snow flies!
  14. Snappy Hank


  15. Snappy Hank


    As I patiently wait for winter, this will be my summer ride: