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  1. That sheds a different light on the situation. It also gives another option of taking trail to St Come and going in that direction over to Mont Laurier. Plenty of fuel on that trail. Towing, thanks for your input on this subject. It is always better to get local opinion. Thanks, Hank
  2. As a frequent rider out of LECABANON this is not good! With the cafeteria being closed at the top of the park last year, no gas is available from SMS west to LaMacaza. Maybe Towing can jump in here and get a clarification about this, to confirm this is true. Hank
  3. Hi Alain, Looks like you had a great ride, on a beautiful spring day. I was pleasantly amazed to see a ride report this far into April. Great pictures by Kris. How many miles do you have on the Venture now? Have a great summer !!! Hank
  4. Big Mac, No, I didn’t miss the point, you need to read the first part of my post as well as the last part. What do you ride? Hank
  5. How about asking (demanding) FCMQ, to direct the local club, where their are problems, to assist these distressed land owners by installing temporary snow fencing through these places to force sleds to stay on the right path. Caution tape won’t work, they will drive right through it. That might keep the stupid disrespectful people out. Another idea is a permit fee substantially higher for tracks over141 and lugs larger than 1.6 . these people think they have a “RIGHT “ to go anywhere they want because they bought a permit. Education is not enough here, stronger fines and more enforcement will work. Instead of licensing and registration checkpoints, put the police in the problem area. Just my opinion, Snappy Hank
  6. LECABANON has a security guard on duty all night till 7am . He’s been on duty all season. Still have not seen any FACTS posted in regards to this topic. Hank
  7. As I read all the post on this topic, I am disappointed to see no one posting any facts, such as where , when , who was the victim , or circumstances , ( key in sled , truck or trailer , location of theft etc.). Thefts happen in the USA as well as Canada but we never see those posted. We should know all the facts and circumstances before we condemn an area. All we know right now is here say , or as our President Trump calls it “FAKE NEWS!!!”. Just my opinion. Hank
  8. I have a 20’ LEGEND brand with 5’ V nose, front drive on, rear drive off, curbside walk in door, and two gas doors on left side. It’s all aluminum, dual torsion axles, and holds 3 137” track sleds in a staggered configuration. It works really well for me, and also has aluminum wheels. It is now 3 years old, and is looking like new. General maintenance should be done, to include brake clean-up and inspection, tire pressure checks as well as checking for premature wear, and tire rotation. Tongue and coupler should be checked,serviced and lubricated frequently. Door hinges and springs greased twice a year. I have one 6” overhead cabinet for helmets, boots and misc. gear, as well as 2 spare tires mounted on wall racks in the v-nose section. Loading from the front is highly recommended by manufacturer for proper balance when hauling. This is the best trailer I have ever owned in my 40 plus years of hauling sleds. I spend my winters in Quebec, and my trailer stays there from mid Dec till April 1st. every year. Hank
  9. My vote just put you ahead by 8 tenths of a point!!! Let's go QR PEOPLE!!!!!!
  10. Hi Mark; just cast my vote for today. Where are you in Vt? I am in NY near Vt border in Hudson Falls. I ride out of Lecabanon every other week starting the day after Xmas. GOOD LUCK Hank
  11. Patiently waiting for the '19 Sidewinder LTX DX to show up at dealer. Estimated arrival is mid October. Although it's hard to believe its Labor Day already. Summer went by way to fast. Hank
  12. Alain, That is definitely one for the record books ! Nice video. Hank
  13. Amazing device, could avoid a lot of accidents with this. I would like to see it mandatory in Canada. I've been riding in Quebec for 25 years and seen and avoided many close calls. As CNC stated you should never let your guard down. No problem with the age thing, I'm 67 but feel like 50. But still can't remember shit. Hank