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  1. My season ended (reluctantly), on 15 March with 3000 miles. Wanted to get one more week in starting on the 22nd, but as we all know that isn’t going to happen. Many many smiling miles though, for the season!!! Looking forward now to doing a spring order for a new SIDEWINDER LTX GT!! It’s going to be a loooong summer. Almost time to get the boat out! To everyone on QR, enjoy your summer!!! SNAPPY HANK
  2. Hi Alain, You and Christine do an incredible job with both pictures and videos! I stay at Lecabanon every other week all winter starting Christmas week. My trailer is the black one opposite the gas pump, with the ICEMAN sticker on the gas door. I so much enjoy following your posts. How many miles did you get on the dream meter this year? You must be approaching 20,000 total by now. I anaged to get 3000 on for the season. Wanted to go back one more time on the 21st, but now that’s not going to happen, with the border closing. Till next year, you two enjoy your summer!!! Snappy Hank
  3. Windshield off from an 06 YAMAHA APEX. Asking $65.00 US. I can ship or you can pick up. HANK
  4. Nice, clean set for YAMAHA chassis with rear exhaust pipes, (delta box chassis). Currently on an 11 VECTOR LTX GT. Asking $85.00 US. Will ship, or you can pick up. HANK
  5. P M Trudeau just announced that he will be closing border. More details will follow, according to a new post on MSN website. Hank
  6. Hi Don, a couple years ago , I got an update from you on the disposition of the CHEZ GERRY near St Paulin. I am wondering if there are any good news updates about it being purchased and hopefully reopened. The place is gorgeous inside and out, and served the best crepes I’ve had in Quebec. Thanks, Hank
  7. ICEMAN, Last year you gave me an update on the status o f “CHEZ GERRY” that had closed. Just curious if it is reopened yet. Thanks Hank
  8. I have used “COLLETT” brand for about 12 years now. Unfortunately the owner recently passed and family is shutting the doors. They are very good units, and would love to see someone step up and keep it going. Not sure what to replace them with, have about 8-10 people who use them. Snappy Hank
  9. How do you download “TRAK MAPS” , what is initial cost, and how often are updates required? I’m looking for something, but not sure what. I ride in Quebec all winter. I’m a little computer savvy, but mostly dumb. Any information will be helpful. Thanks SNAPPY HANK
  10. That sheds a different light on the situation. It also gives another option of taking trail to St Come and going in that direction over to Mont Laurier. Plenty of fuel on that trail. Towing, thanks for your input on this subject. It is always better to get local opinion. Thanks, Hank
  11. As a frequent rider out of LECABANON this is not good! With the cafeteria being closed at the top of the park last year, no gas is available from SMS west to LaMacaza. Maybe Towing can jump in here and get a clarification about this, to confirm this is true. Hank
  12. Hi Alain, Looks like you had a great ride, on a beautiful spring day. I was pleasantly amazed to see a ride report this far into April. Great pictures by Kris. How many miles do you have on the Venture now? Have a great summer !!! Hank
  13. Big Mac, No, I didn’t miss the point, you need to read the first part of my post as well as the last part. What do you ride? Hank