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  1. Near KM31. My buddy tried a little off trail stuff. Didn't work out too well.
  2. That downtown looks cool. Great pics, great thread.
  3. Nice, mine is likely in pieces at the dealer in Matane. LOL
  4. I really just hope we can get into Canada at some point this year. Will see. Usually do 2 trips a year in Quebec. 1 of 1 week, and 1 of 2 weeks duration.
  6. Very very sad. My heart goes out to all of the great people of Canada.
  7. Mark: I hear you on the Plaquenil study. I am big on study protocols. If it's not a true double blind study with lots of participants and time it's useless. I will caution you all to take diet studies with a huge grain of salt. You hear every year, this diet is great for you, that diet causes such and such. It's all BS. To have a good diet study, a person would literally have to be on a strict certain diet for their entire lifetime, then a control group for their entire lifetime, to be valid. No one is gonna do that. Plaquenil is not without risk. When used for Lupus or other diseases, it's used in a limited number of patients. The more it's used, the more the known problems with it come to the surface. It's major problem is that it widens the QT interval of the heart, so we have been getting multiple EKG's to make sure the QT interval is below 450. Every one of our intubated patients did the plaquenil, z-pack treatment, which is 7 days then stop. They're still intubated. So, it is definitely not a panacea. What I am seeing as a major contributing mortality risk is obesity. My brother in law just got off the ventilator after being on the vent for 23 days. IMO, the thing that turned him around was steroids. On day 15 of being on the vent, they started steroids, and within 24 hours showed good progress. 1 person is not a study however. I can't emphasize enough taking Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3. I have been taking these for 10 years, and I tell you, being in the front lines every day, not only to Corona virus, I can't get sick. It's crazy. If I feel a little sore throat or something, I double the Vitamin C that day, and the next day I fell pretty good. But again, 1 person is not a study.
  8. I am with Hartford Healthcare. A system of eight hospitals throughout CT. Not at Hartford Hospital, one of the other hospitals in the system. I get an email daily of the census. It will likely fluctuate daily. I'm not gonna say we are seeing a downside trend until we have less active patients system wide, and dropping continually.
  9. Practice medicine here. Currently deployed to the ICU at my hospital. It's a war zone. Indescribable. Please follow Eastern Virginia Medical School guidelines for prophylaxis. Vitamin C 1000mg daily. (Prefer Ester Vitamin C). Vitamin D3 1k-4k IU daily. Zinc 50 mg daily. Plaquenil and Z-pack is not at all a panacea. Will see if Remdesivir holds some promise. We are trying not to put people on ventilators. If patients end up on the ventilator, the mortality rate is 70 to 80%. Our hospital numbers finally dropped from yesterday to today by 3 patients. Hang on tight, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.
  10. No new sled. 2018 Sidewinder is ready to rock,
  11. 4,651 total miles. 2,700 in Quebec and New Brunswick. The rest in VT.
  12. That bipolar hip is crap. Hope its not yours.
  13. Holy shiot. I have known Sylvie for 10 years. Stayed there many times, and rode sleds with her a few times. If you watch the video of news footage, at the 50 second mark, that's our crew. That pic is from 2012.