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  1. Damn. Wish I could do this. Stupid work gets in the way.
  2. Not too soon. I'm in the process of putting together our 2 week trip for next year. Haven't called to book, but looking at trail maps. With our days trips from the VT house going into Quebec, I spend a lot of time up there in the winter.
  3. Not sure what that means.
  4. In Carelton Sur now. Next stop is Perce. But, they called a member of our group and said trails are closed that way? Anyone have information? Thanks
  5. Done all of these areas multiple times. If bringing the wife, would do Quebec to Lac ST. Jean. As stated before, start in St. Raymond at Hotel Roquemont.
  6. Grew up spending a lot of time at Otis Reservoir. Still go there now and then.
  7. Dude, Holy F, huge help. You went way above and beyond, Thank You. I have stayed at the Roquemont in St. Raymond, in fact started there last year. And in Mont Laurier, usually stay at the Quality Inn. Just not sure where to stay up around Lac St. Jean and heading east and over the Saguenay river. Stayed at KM 31 and was not impressed.
  8. Starting in either St. Raymond or Mont Laurier. Headed up and around Lac St. Jean and to Chibougamau and back. Starting to plan in the next couple weeks.
  9. Been to Quebec on the sled many times. Looking for the places to stay and their number to call to book.
  10. Arriving Jan 28th, on sleds the 29th. Back to truck Feb 9th
  11. I am looking to set up my own trip in Quebec for this coming winter. Thinking 10 to 12 days or so. I am having a hard time with the interactive trail map on the FCMQ site, as it doesnt list many hotels to stay. Is there a way i can get all the paper maps from the regions to make a better plan?
  12. This. Only got 5,800 miles out of mine. Total POS in my opinion. 2 ply tracks from now on.
  13. So coming back to St Ray from Roberval, you don't suggest 355? Should I book somewhere else to avoid this trail?
  14. Returning to St. Ray from Roberval, how is trail 355? Is there fuel on it?
  15. Exactly why I ride my 2011 Apex. Ultra reliable. 24,900 miles and not a single problem. Never getting rid of this sled.