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  1. Question about St. Raymond to Alma

    Returning to St. Ray from Roberval, how is trail 355? Is there fuel on it?
  2. Question about St. Raymond to Alma

    Exactly why I ride my 2011 Apex. Ultra reliable. 24,900 miles and not a single problem. Never getting rid of this sled.
  3. I am doing my usual 2 week Quebec trip starting Saturday the 20th. My buddy and I are doing a little mini trip before we meet the rest of the group. We are going from St. Raymond to Alma on Sunday the 21st. Then Alma to Roberval on the 22nd. Then Roberval back to St. Raymond the 23rd to meet the rest of the group. It's been a few years since I have been to this area. I am using the FCMQ interactive map, and i don't see any fuel from St. Raymond to Alma on 23. There has to be fuel along that route, but where is it to get fuel? I Have a 2011 Apex so i'm getting 110 miles on a tank max. Thanks, Jim
  4. 2017-2018 Shawinigan Snow Reports

    Thanks for the reports.
  5. Do you see what I see?

    Now that's funny.
  6. L’etape aujourd’hui

    OH man, you guys got me so excited. Where's the wife, i need to hit it. LOL
  7. Bell Centre Area?

    Not snowmobile related, but looking for some info. Coming up on the 11th for a Canadians Game, and looking for info on things to do around the Bell Centre. Oh and I snowmobile too. Just got back after 10 days in the Gaspe, and 1700 miles.
  8. A Yamaha to make sure you get where you're going.
  9. Post up your ride for this season

    21,000 miles and going strong.
  10. ELECTION DAY 2016!

    I'm with Bill on this. I'm so sick of BS that the democraps have been pedaling in the face of pure facts. So happy right now I cant even tell you.
  11. Yup, this is what I would do. Love the area. Can leave from the Roquemont.
  12. Fremont NH show

    I will be there. Bill, are you selling trail passes?
  13. Price for Pass

    Bill are you selling them at the NH grass drags again?
  14. Do Not Illegally Invade the USA, Twice!

    Don't even want to get started about experiences with the US border patrol coming from Quebec. Other than to say "I don't answer questions".
  15. For the Yamaha Guys.

    Here's how I do it. Was in Quebec this past Jan into Feb for 2 weeks and never got above 9 degrees. Most mornings were -20 to -34 was the coldest. This is on my 2011 Apex. First make sure battery is strong. This is a must. Cycle fuel pump 3 times. Crack throttle just a pinch. Start engine and keep the key on until the stumble goes away. The engine may sound rough but keep the starter going until the engine really catches. The clutch may want to engage if you give it too much gas, so back off a little if needed. If the engine does not fire first time do the same thing again, but the most important keys are to give a pinch of throttle and don't let of the key until the engine smooths out.