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  1. We do have a fair way. No felony convictions. No prior restraining order. No mental disease, and no admissions to a hospital for mental disorder. It's impossible to legislate peoples future intent, 1 month, 6 months, 6 years later etc. So let's not try. Look up active self protection on you tube and see if a spoon, or your hands are gonna work in a lot of those situations. That's ridiculous.
  2. I hear ya Gutz. Respect goes both ways. They act respectful, and I know I did something wrong, no problem. They start being disrespectful, or fishing where there is no crime, I shut it down. The more you talk, the more they try to entrap you.
  3. In case you forgot, this is in the USA. You know, the place where you have the bill of rights. You wanna give them up, go ahead. Me, not a chance. 5 words if cops wanna be dicks. I don't answer questions, and LAWYER.
  4. I hear you 100% on the Northwoods Law show too. They act like your friend initially, then get you to admit you did something wrong. If people would just say "I don't answer questions", it would stop them in their tracks. I had the same shit on my quad in the summer. Got back to my truck, was drinking a soda and talking to my riding buddy. Fish cop comes up, acts all friendly as he's spying to see if our quads are registered. I am by the book. He sees that I'm carrying my 9mm shield and aske me if I was carrying that on my quad. I say, "I don't answer questions". It ended right there.
  5. First time ever a fish cop asked me where I'm coming from. I don't drink at all. It's none of his f'ing business where I'm coming from. He was absolutely fishing to see if I was drinking. My rule is I don't answer questions, period. He then broke the VT governors directive to not take peoples registration paperwork. They were told to look at the sticker on the sled, and if good, let them go.
  6. More proof that fish cops are not your friends. They act like they are, but they're not. This is me this year, skip to the 14 minute mark and see my interaction. Night ride, cop shutdown - YouTube
  7. 4,200 miles. Took a 9 day saddlebag trip from Island Pond VT, to Fort Kent Maine. The rest all in VT. Miss Quebec, really not sure the border will be open for next season, will see.
  8. Near KM31. My buddy tried a little off trail stuff. Didn't work out too well.
  9. That downtown looks cool. Great pics, great thread.
  10. Nice, mine is likely in pieces at the dealer in Matane. LOL
  11. I really just hope we can get into Canada at some point this year. Will see. Usually do 2 trips a year in Quebec. 1 of 1 week, and 1 of 2 weeks duration.
  13. Very very sad. My heart goes out to all of the great people of Canada.