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  1. Wow! What a mess, thanks for sharing.
  2. So most of the muzzle laws are over? Do you still need to prove vaccination etc. at the border or don’t you know? Not that it matters, it’s not January yet ⛄️ Hope all is well with you and the Mrs.
  3. Good, hopefully the muzzle mandate disappears soon also.
  4. That’s awesome Chris! Looks like an angry skeleton along the bottom of the pic.
  5. We just finished riding from Shawinigan to Gaspe, not one trail check the whole trip. Guess I better invest in a radar detector!
  6. I’m getting a vibe here that miles are not a priority on this trip! Enjoy and be safe 👍
  7. Yep she needs to do a better job of knowing who the source is / their credibility and is their story factual just like the report that you posted a link to . More incompetent “hurry up and get the story out reporting”, she never admitted to creating any such story, she reported what was told from her by sources on the ground before finding out all the facts.
  8. Sad indeed, I saw that last night on Tucker Carlson unreal.. As you said though all network news ABC,NBC etc. are ignoring it, do a search.
  9. If you are bewitched, bothered, or bewildered by how the far left communicates, then this column will be a safe space for you. Way back in 2006, I wrote a book called "Culture Warrior," which quickly became a number one bestseller. In that book, I put forth the goals of the progressive movement - what they really want besides power and money. Now, 16 years later, it has all come true. The far-left controls the man in the White House, most TV News operations, newspapers, and Hollywood. I'd say that's an impressive resume. But many Americans still don't understand the progressive language, so I am here to help. That's just the kind of guy I am. Behold, the lexicon. Social Justice. The big one. The tent under which most minority grievances are displayed. Equity. The solution to social injustice. The government and private enterprise favoring minority groups and sometimes women. Restorative Justice. The movement not to punish criminals with incarceration. This, of course, has led to thousands of murdered Americans, most of them minorities. Climate Justice. The destruction of the fossil fuel industry and the allocation of massive government funds to support mostly speculative alternative energy plans. Economic Justice. Guaranteed jobs and salaries. Income Inequality. Another big progressive tenet. This is the justification for socialism whereby the federal government controls the money flow to Americans - taking from the "haves," giving to the "have nots" with no work requirements or substance testing for the folks receiving other people's money. Inclusion. Preference for certain social categories, i.e., gay, trans. Food Insecurity. Free food for the poor. Housing Insecurity. Free or heavily subsidized shelter for the poor. Reproductive Rights. Abortion on demand at any time, for any reason, funded with taxpayer dollars. No rights for the unborn or their fathers. There are other far-left codes, but those are the headlines. Progressives have now reached the apex of their power, with the ill-informed having no idea about what is actually happening. So, this is quite the brave new world, is it not? And I don't think President Biden and Vice President Harris would object to any of it, which is frightening. And know this: If progressives get what they want, there will be no safe spaces. What you have earned throughout your life with sacrifice will become a target of seizure by a powerful government. That's the plan. However, there is still time to defeat it. The November vote will be key. By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 13, 2022
  10. So did they do a re route because you can no longer get gas at the sawmill? Or what is different? Does it effect distance to La Dore from Chib? Thank you
  11. 3 1/2 miles of dirt road though unless they pull snow back down once they’re done
  12. Yep, this happened about 30 minutes from where I live. Not much being discussed about it, mostly hush hush everything is ok here…. I think Fauci is on his way.
  13. I sure hope Quebec follows Ontario’s lead, there’s no sugar coating the current restrictions suck.
  14. Sorry to see and hear that, best wishes for a speedy recovery you’re in good hands!
  15. The day Ike and I will be heading up, should we expect delays beyond the usual Montreal traffic?
  16. Ha! My first trip was in 1995 also and we stayed in Saint Donat and yep I was hooked. No riding like that in Pennsylvania! Rode to devils mountain, Saint Micheal de Saints, all the popular spots. In 1996 we stayed at La Culliere de Pot and made the run to La Tuque and back. That was a big ride on a ZR580 but what a blast! Been back all but one year when we tried Hearst Ontario by train from Sault st Marie, hated that train ride but good trails and one other year we rode from Kirkland lake up to Hearst and back the next day. That was it, saddlebag riding was what I wanted to do but most didn’t want to venture out like that until I found IKE , now we ride all over Quebec and have been doing so since 2002. We don’t care where we end up, what time we leave or get to where we are going, no biggie just ride. As soon as my sled comes in we will be heading to Quebec! 😷👍
  17. Correct that is New Brunswick. From what I can tell/read Ontario does not allow indoor dining right now either.
  18. One of the most evil men ever to walk the earth was Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda. His lies about Poland led the planet into the Second World War and his demonization of the Jewish people was the foundation of the Holocaust. As vile as Goebbels was, he murdered his own children in Hitler's bunker, he is considered a genius and is the orchestrator of today's incredible propaganda machine, which is aided and abetted by the internet. Goebbels understood two basic things: that most human beings are generally uninformed and believe what they want to believe. And that if you repeat a falsehood often enough, many will think it's true. Today in America the corporate media largely controls the flow of information to the people. Social media companies are the most dominant in that area. And to these powerful companies, information is money. Truth has little to do with it. Media companies target audiences and serve up what those folks want to hear. Like Germany in the 1930s and early '40s, restraints are few when dishing out dishonest garbage. Two recent examples of propaganda from both ideological perspectives. The liberal line is that President Trump "instigated" the riot on January 6, 2021. But we now know that Mr. Trump made a request to the Pentagon on January 5 asking that 10,000 National Guard members be committed to protecting the Capitol and supervising the gathering crowd in Washington. President Trump could not directly order the Guard to the streets or to the Capitol grounds. By law, the DC mayor and the Speaker of the House have to make a request first. Muriel Bowser and Nancy Pelosi did not do that even though both knew there was trouble brewing. So, if Mr. Trump really wanted violence why would he request the Guard? And why is the House panel investigating January 6 ignoring the Pentagon's documentation of his request? The media is also silent about evidence that destroys the "instigation" theory, as well as the possible January 6 culpability of Bowser and Pelosi. This is a propaganda scenario at the highest level. On the right, you also have madness about the Capitol riot. There is video of two men urging demonstrators to invade the building housing Congress. Neither man has been arrested. One man's name is known, the other anonymous so far. During a recent radio interview, the host asked me about "FBI undercover agents" spurring on the mob. She said she heard that on Fox News and talk radio. She believes the two men caught on video work for the FBI in some capacity and that's why they haven't been arrested. Of course, there is no evidence showing any Bureau involvement - it's a conspiracy theory. And it's preposterous. How could anyone think the FBI, already under fire for the Russian Collusion fiasco, would participate in a seditious attack? But millions of people apparently do believe that. Propaganda is dangerous. It can destroy the truth and distort reality. It can certainly lead to violence as history shows us. And it is here. In a big way. Bill O’Reilly
  19. Ha ! Sad but true. Hopefully soon It will be a thing of the past. Mask ? What’s a mask?
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