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  1. This used to be owned by Tony correct?
  2. Thank you for posting! That is an amazing amount of work they are doing.
  3. Awesome! Have some raspberry cheesecake for me
  4. I have never used these and just learned about them but might be a great option.
  5. Another vote for Ski Doo absolute zero
  6. Awesome! What temperatures were you riding in?
  7. Yes he still lives in Pennsylvania definitely loves to ride, generally from December 1 till at least April 1 he is up there. He and his wife are great people always fun to talk to and listen to the stories. 👍
  8. Outstanding adventure! Thank you for taking the time to share it👍
  9. Looks like the Eazymove snowmobile cart, same one I have and it has served me well for at least 10 years.
  10. As always its a pleasure viewing your reports, can’t wait till next year when you start doing it again! Thank you and happy trails
  11. Wow! I hope no one snores.... awesome stuff! Yep always need to remain calm and deal with Mother Nature best you can 👍
  12. Great feedback and I really appreciate it. Not sure what to order yet, I’ve had 1200’s , Cat turbos, and now a Polaris 850 which I thought I’d never go back to a 2 stroke but the light weight and 2stroke motor sure make for a playful sled! I had forgotten how fun they are, carrying oil as Jackstraw said “stinks” but not that bad. Was hoping the 900T would be more “fun” but all say their 850 Doo is more fun. Boosting the 900T will help but no warranty right after it.... still thinking 🤔
  13. Hotel Tamarac when Carol and Alain were running it, outstanding food and 1st class people. I really miss the place. I prefer home like places not the big fancy ones, mingling with the owners and guests is always the most fun memories for me. Pourvoirie Windigo, Club Gatineau and Lac Faillon (when Peter owned it) are all nice.
  14. Just looking for opinions from owners of this sled and how it compares to anything else they have ridden especially the 850. If you had a tune done to it that would be great to hear your thoughts as well. Thank you
  15. La Dore to lumbermill is 61 miles
  16. Huge congratulations to you Bill !
  17. Please do, I plan to do the same trip about a week behind you. Enjoy!
  18. I wonder why no mention of Godbout?
  19. Back home safe and sound , we had a great time and met many wonderful friends along the way. As always Reggie was a great host at Drakkar. Martine and Stephanie were a blast to exchange stories with at Windigo, both top notch places to stay.
  20. Yep no problem with gas cash only
  21. And here is what the fox at Windigo thought
  22. Windigo to Shawinigan today, trails were rock hard from the rain / freezing rain. Definitely need a few inches of snow to bring trails back into shape especially the closer you get to Shawinigan.
  23. Woke up Friday morning to about 3” of snow a little freezing rain on top and now the wind was howling! Luckily the 83 all the way to Windigo from Faillon was in excellent shape. We hit several white out snow showers on the way and some downed trees and branches in the trail. Once we hit Haltaparche there was about 2” of fresh snow the rest of the way!!