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  1. We started at Temiscamingue Saturday morning and went to Rouyn-Noranda, pretty good trails but lots of sleds for the free weekend. Today we went up to La Sarre then took 93 to Sennetere and dropped onto 83 and we are at Lac Faillion for the night, trails and traffic much better today . Barrage Gouin Tomorrow, meet us up there Snowmaster ! We will be at the Auberge in Mistissini Wednesday evening
  2. What city or state run by liberals isn’t going down the shitter? I don’t know of any....
  3. What a tragedy, I hope the responsible person does not see the outside of a jail cell for many many years. Wishing her a speedy and full recovery.
  4. Same here, our only “child” was a spoiled Cocker Spaniel for 16.5 years, handing her to the vet to be put to rest was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Memories keep you smiling though as do smooth trails....
  5. Damn! I was going to say Miquelon but the old store there has been closed for years....good stuff
  6. What an outstanding report you do, you definitely have a knack for It. I will definitely be staying there this year, wanted to the last couple years but it was closed great to see it open again!
  7. Ha! I have seen the “locals” carry one of those under each arm out of that store....no joke
  8. I think Chapais and Chib area are open but there always seems to be a hold up around Lebel sur Quevillon for some reason probably water related I don’t remember but that area always seems to open a little later than the rest for the connecting section of the 93.
  9. Thanks very much for all the posting that you do, I greatly enjoy following along as I’m sure everyone else does. Have you ever had issues carrying all of the fuel and luggage on your tunnel or have you reinforced the tunnel to tolerate all that weight? Thank you
  10. What a beautiful picture! Do you know if the 93 over to Chapais is open yet?
  11. Thank you for sharing! This area is always a little slow to get going so it’s nice to see parts of it up and running ! 👍
  12. So it begins👍 Thank you so much for all that you do and the reports that you give us, it is greatly appreciated.
  13. Wow, that is awesome thank you for the report it is very appreciated!
  14. This used to be owned by Tony correct?
  15. Thank you for posting! That is an amazing amount of work they are doing.
  16. Awesome! Have some raspberry cheesecake for me
  17. I have never used these and just learned about them but might be a great option.
  18. Another vote for Ski Doo absolute zero
  19. Awesome! What temperatures were you riding in?
  20. Yes he still lives in Pennsylvania definitely loves to ride, generally from December 1 till at least April 1 he is up there. He and his wife are great people always fun to talk to and listen to the stories. 👍
  21. Outstanding adventure! Thank you for taking the time to share it👍
  22. Looks like the Eazymove snowmobile cart, same one I have and it has served me well for at least 10 years.
  23. As always its a pleasure viewing your reports, can’t wait till next year when you start doing it again! Thank you and happy trails