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  1. Yea...their menu is different. I was dying for a cheeseburger.
  2. Glad you had a good experience at theft...etc...Their rooms are awesome....wife and I stayed there a lot....turbo showers and hot tubs.
  3. Wow...thanks for the posts and incredible pictures...especially the ones where it looked like you had to dig yourself into the refuge shack! Crazy how deep that snow drifted.
  4. Your posts and pictures were awesome! Incredible scenery....
  5. You are definitely right about friendliness of staff, great accomodations, pool, sauna, etc...view from overlook...and food. Very nice place. Too bad dirt bag thieves have to ruin a great experience.
  6. I was wondering same thing? My friend who was on the trip, but wasn't the one who had stuff stolen, said he and others knew nothing about the option of storing their stuff in garage? I have stayed there myself...and was encouraged politely by management to secure our sleds and even small trailer if I wanted to in their heated secure garage...which we did every time. At the time it was an extra $10.00 a night per sled...but a small price to pay. The only thing I can think is that perhaps the garage could not accommodate as many trailers and vehicles as they had with the group for a whole week? Was sorry to hear about this because we have stayed there many times and always had a great fact when I heard from my friend that they were starting and ending their tour there I really talked the place up to him....then he tells me of the theft when they got back.
  7. Just had a guy from Pennsylvania return from a group tour to find his truck and trailer stolen from Mountain Coupee lot.
  8. Have you ridden the trails up near Lanaudiere yet?

  9. My vote would be the Saguenay region....loops from Delta possibly
  10. Awesome pictures of the animals. Never saw such animals while riding.
  11. Great trail reports and pictures. Just got back from riding up around Mont Valin. Hit it on a Friday before weekenders invaded. Wasn't bad.