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  1. St Ray to Saguenay

    Nice pictures!
  2. She says she's going to miss me,

    Do you know if there will be good snow in 2 weeks?
  3. One more dose of handle bar therapy

    That is some serious view.....altitude! I am so jealous and wish I was still riding. I didn't realize the snow conditions would still be that good at the end of March. I have heard both good and bad about snow conditions in Gaspe in March...but clearly you have what look to be excellent conditions and it is almost April!
  4. The Accidents begin.....

    Very sobering and sad article....but one that hopefully inspires responsible riding in everyone. Snowmobiling,to me, is one of the most fun recreational activities...but it comes with quite a bit of risk. Hopefully no more tragic events this season....and a lot less next season.
  5. St-Maurice river video

    Nice go pro video!
  6. Awesome photo reporting..thanks for doing it.
  7. One more dose of handle bar therapy

    Me too. Glen and I will hopefully make another run up to the Delta....probably in February again. Maybe we can join you and Ginger for a ride around Lake Jean. That complimentary buffet the Delta put on for us was nice. Have a blast riding.
  8. One more dose of handle bar therapy guys are really squeezing every last drop out of the snowmobile season! That's awesome.....I unfortunately have already summarized the sled....pulled out the lawnmower....and put the snowblower away for the winter. Have fun and post pictures. My friend and I ran into you and Ginger last February up at the Delta.
  9. Awesome trail always! Glad to see you and Krikri are back to sledding in tandem. Great scenery you showcase in Quebec and great trail maintenance.
  10. The Accidents begin.....

    So many crashes, death, injury, and sadness for the families involved. I wonder how this season compares to past seasons and why?
  11. Current Conditions: St Zenon or St. Raymond?

    ActionJack is right....Montagne Coupee was hit a few times in past years I believe, but none have ever been stolen from their locked garage....only from those choosing to take a chance and leave sleds and or trailers in their lot. They used to charge a $10 fee per sled per day to use garage, not sure if they still do charge, but that is still cheaper than replacing a sled.
  12. Current Conditions: St Zenon or St. Raymond?

    I have stayed in St Jean De Matha and likely passed the place (hotel) where this happened. I believe it is right on the main road through town and pretty heavily traveled for that town. I myself always stayed at Montagne Coupee which is slightly higher $$, but offers a locked and heated garage to secure your sled and trailer in. Sorry to hear of this, and I hope this bad experience doesn't sour him on returning to the best snowmobiling area around.
  13. Current Conditions: St Zenon or St. Raymond?

    Hate to hear of theft like this. Curious exactly where it happened. Usually you think you are good if you lock the sled in the trailer, but I guess not in this case.
  14. Not one but

    Glad all turned out well considering. More remote places it could have happened....or more high traffic areas like around Quebec City so at least it happened where it did. They seemed more than happy to get you back on the road!
  15. The Accidents begin.....

    Glad you were not hurt. Been there a few years ago (close call)...and it makes you wonder what is in peoples heads?