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  1. Still going into the office a couple days and working from home but found time to get out and ride this past weekend. Even found some big snow banks in the woods.
  2. I thought that excluded US citizens. ??
  3. Thanks Pipeman and Ike for a great trip this year. I'm glad this one went smoothly for you too. I look forward to some more miles with you next year. Come up to NY this summer for some lake time.
  4. I can tell you there is no Riotel in Perce (or at least one that is open). right Pipeman! lol
  5. I don't remember exactly but it was heading north on 5 after leaving Perce. Then made the run to Murdochville to fuel again before heading to La Cache.
  6. We stayed at Roland 2 weeks ago and we found out when we got to Perce that there was no gas. We were kind of needing it, but we did manage to make it to another place in the morning.
  7. Some of these pics were taken by them...
  8. Well better later than never. I got back from riding Shawinigan on 2/9 and shortly after I get home I was invited by a couple fellow quebecriders Pipeman and Ike to join them on a Gaspe loop. I have never been out there so I was excited to join them. Arrived at Shawinigan (Drakkar) Friday evening and we left Saturday morning 2/15 on the sleds. We ride to catch the “suburban” for a ride across the river. What crossing that was. We rode along the north shore stopping to check out the snow mummies at Redemption as we worked our way to Percé. We had a nice wind/snow storm overnight in Percé. Rode up to murdochville then over to La Cache. Worked our way up and over to lac Etchemin. Then headed back to catch the “suburban” ride and back to Shawinigan on 2/22. 1800 miles. No issues or breakdowns. Having those two guys leading my first trip out there was great. They know their chit and it made things go smoothly. I appreciate them inviting me along. I will try and post some pics
  9. Last week we left Perce, rode to Copper for lunch then went to La Cache for the night. Easy one day trip as the trails are pretty fast.
  10. Yes he told us that about the tips as well. on the return trip he started yelling that one of us didn't pay him but I know we all did. finally he realized he only brought 5 sleds over and not 6. lol. You also mentioned the owner/bartender ? at the Colibri, on Saturday I ordered the French onion soup and he repeated it back, I was wondering why it was taking a while for mine to come out while my 2 buddies pea soup came out. when it did it was Onion rings. lol mixed signals somewhere. I happen to love onion rings so I didn't say anything. He was a nice guy though.
  11. lol, we got back from doing the Gaspe and we had an entertaining experience with that shuttle truck as well. On the Saturday crossing south the driver almost ran into the guard rails as well having to make emergency maneuvers. But in our case it was beautiful sunshine and dry roads. Like you posted in another post about the dash board warning lights. I used the expression lit like a Christmas tree as well. It sounds like it is on its last leg. The trailer too with the messed up rear gate. lol crossing back over on the following Saturday we pulled up as he was loading up 2 other sleds and he put our 3 sleds in to make it 5 in there. That trailer was steering the truck the whole way. How the tires made it I will never know. lol