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  1. You forgot one of the best uses.... If you show up to a hotel you want to stay in but it is fully booked, just drop Jake the snake in the lobby somewhere and I bet suddenly there will be some immediate room availability. Just teach Jake to slither back to you when things settle down. :)
  2. if it was after the belt blowing check to see if any remains of belt are wrapped around or stuck in clutches which wouldn't allow the clutches to fully shift out. It just seems to much of a coincidence that it was after the belt blew. either bad replacement belt or old belt pieces causing clutch issue. good luck with it. I would try a new arctic cat belt (and everything else that is attached to it) and it should run like a rapped ape. lol ;)
  3. Either that or someone dropped an Arctic cat motor in it without you knowing and the horsepower increase was to much for the clutching.... ;)
  4. I don't run Ski Doos, but It sounds like the belt was either slipping badly (was it doing it before/after the belt blew) or you for some reason need to add weight to the clutch. maybe the belt was so bad that it was slipping and causing the over rev. ?? Maybe that helped in causing it to blow. ?? But I don't know if it did it before or after the belt blew or both. if not then weight needs to be added or clutch is not opening/closing fully for some reason.
  5. I don't know how they will be on the Ski Doo, but if those Bergstrom triple points work as good as they did on my girlfriends Arctic Cat you will love them. They improved the handling and they were extremely durable. I would definitely recommend them.
  6. I guess I must have missed what happened. ??
  7. Yes we left Reggies yesterday and there is a huge amount of snow in that area. On our rides we saw some collapsed buildings and many people on the roofs clearing big buildings.
  8. They know how to clean up a messy situation.... ;)
  9. Very good explanation. Completely agree. I don't ride there anymore, but I don't ride Old Forge really either (once in a blue moon) as I have seen bad accidents happen right in front of me and waited for people to be airlifted out (not from my group). Weekday riding is better, but I found much better places to ride local (Perkins to Indian lake to Newcomb, Clear lake north, etc) Great trails with a lot less traffic. I'm fortunate I can also ride from my garage as I live on a lake that also branches off onto trails like Mulleyville etc.. I put most of my miles on in Quebec, but will ride the nice and less traveled northern NY trails. As many clubs are finding it harder to find active volunteers, the work is being done by fewer and fewer members and some just can't do it any longer. Trails are then affected and thus either closing or are becoming even more dangerous as signage is poor or trails are narrower from lack of maintenance, etc.. It would improve greatly in NY if they went to a state run trail system like Vermont. Paid trail maintenance and groomers with permit fees. Would improve trails and take the burden off over worked volunteers each year. Might also help eliminate some of the "problem riders" that we have allowed. New York is one of the top states with snowmobile registrations and yet has no real control of the trail systems. The funds (that the registrations pay for) do not get to the clubs in a timely manner and too much red tape to change, add or alter a trail. It is just to hard on all the individual clubs. Just my opinion.
  10. Yes it was nice meeting your group. I am glad your trip was a good one. You are correct, those trails are some of the best I have seen there. That rain on Thursday really set them up great. We are heading back up 2/14-2/18 ( might even go up the weekend before as well). Hopefully we will see you up there.
  11. Well I guess that's better than going through 4 wives in one summer..... lol
  12. Thanks Wes! We picked up a bottle today and we just got in and we all but finished the bottle.