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  1. I am always game for a long weekend trip. I can be at the border (northway) in about 2.5 hrs. Ike has a hike. ;) further drive for him. Like Ike said the trip up and over the reservoir was more roads. If I remember correctly from Gouin up and over and to Clova was around 215 miles. Great view up on top of the mountain. Great trip. I would be up for some long weekend trips.
  2. Yeah, we actually had to wait a few minutes at the bridge as they were just lowering it after a freighter passed under. It was loaded with ski doo parts.... go figure. ;)
  3. Absolutely. Crossing things like that is cake. I just appreciate someone took the time to fill it in.
  4. This was one of the big bridges we had to cross. They used anything they could grab... logs, ply wood, boards and they even used guard rails on the side of it to keep us safe from going over! Lol. And just across the "bridge" you can see the burnt remnants of someone that didn't make the crossing. Lol
  5. Yup had the steak there too. Very good. I will say most of the places we stayed at last month had great food.
  6. Blueberries everywhere. Some other nice views....
  7. We did cross a lot of bridges....
  8. The greeting party at Rabaska and "foxy" at Gouin. The 3 machines parked at the top of Devils mtn. Bathrooms for those couples that can't be apart from each other for even one moment out in the wilderness under the stars. Cold morning leaving Kanawata.
  9. As Ike said the trip went incredible. Ike had his chit together and made this trip what it was. Thanks for all the info from the guys on here. Definitely a trip for the books. The lookout on top of the mountain with the cross was spectacular, and one of the favorites of Belinda's. The trip had some "I can't believe what I saw moments". Like when a truck pulling into a place we stopped for fuel, towing a boat and trailer. Only problem was there no no axle under it. The boat trailer was on its entire frame dragging. Who knows how long it was towed like that. By the time we left the trailer was up on jacks.... The tractor trailer is still parked up on the mountain..... And groomer must have traded his machine in for a grader as we passed one making the trail smooth. I will post pics as I get them (belinda took a million of them).
  10. lol I guess its better than under a tree! Thanks for the leg work.
  11. I have complete faith in you! lol I am flexible and will go with whatever changes are made. if that means a longer days ride or whatever, I am good with it. Let me know if there is anything I can do or help you with.
  12. Well it looks like I will be heading up for a side x side trip this Friday. I will be following another Quebec rider around up there starting this Friday for 10 days. He planned and organized everything. (Thanks Chris). Starting a roughly 1200 mile loop from Rabaska. Belinda and I are very excited to see where the trails will take us. Problem is keeping her from packing everything but the kitchen sink!
  13. Send him up! We can always use more cash! lol
  14. And Don't forget the marmalade..... It looks like I will be joining a couple couples (thanks Chris) on a loop ride out of Rabaska from Sept 6th to Sept 15th. I am excited on seeing this part of Canada from the seat of the side by side.
  15. Aren't those just pictures of a local garbage truck? ;) just joking.... sort of... ;) lol