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  1. When we stopped on the river at the ribboned off junction you could see the heavily ridden track still going up the river. Just then a couple sleds were coming down from there so I flagged them over and they said they were just staying at a place a couple km’s Up the river and they were told there was a “pond of water” on the ice further up from where they were staying. They also said they were told you could still make it up the river but they weren’t going to try it. So we didn’t either and took 23 to 360 up to LaTuque. It snowed hard Saturday night and we took a quick ride Sunday morning before heading home. Nice powder day of riding. I had a few first timers in Quebec with me so I was showing them around. They are already booking a return trip in a few weeks. Lol. They loved Reggie.
  2. A nice 265 mile day. Mostly good some garbage. Up to LaTuque. The river is roped off going north past the trail 23 crossing. They said there is a section of water up the river.
  3. Rolled in today at Reggie’s (Drakkar) and headed out for a ride. Trails were in great shape. A little thinner the more south you go but going east was in great shape. A little warm but still a great ride. Passed a groomer this afternoon on trail 3.
  4. I am here with Reggie right now. Had a few of his shots. Sitting in these comfy recliners. Reggie is the best. It’s like being at home.
  5. SShhhh…. Don't tell them our secret! lol Great place. Will be there a week from today.
  6. I was just thinking that too, as I sit here at my desk ready to go to lunch.....
  7. I think that is where he stores his 60 pack of Budweiser...… ;)
  8. smeared with orange marmalade...…. Which we know you have a bunch of that. lol
  9. As if I needed any more reason not to ride a Ski Doo..... ;) jk
  10. That old truck appears to be a 1948 Ford. My dad has that exact truck. Great pics as always!
  11. Purchased my season pass and only had to switch to English once. Purchased, printed receipt and everything went very easy and smooth. Within a minute got email notification and proof of purchase. No problems, so it appears maybe they have the bugs worked out. Thanks.
  12. Thank you. I built the garage before I built the house. Lol. Now we just need some snow so I can use the sleds! Hopefully we can meet up north this winter.
  13. I am ready. Got the barn switched around and sled ready to go.
  14. Wow how time flies! 4 years ago Drakkar opened!
  15. I am always game for a long weekend trip. I can be at the border (northway) in about 2.5 hrs. Ike has a hike. ;) further drive for him. Like Ike said the trip up and over the reservoir was more roads. If I remember correctly from Gouin up and over and to Clova was around 215 miles. Great view up on top of the mountain. Great trip. I would be up for some long weekend trips.