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  1. Send him up! We can always use more cash! lol
  2. And Don't forget the marmalade..... It looks like I will be joining a couple couples (thanks Chris) on a loop ride out of Rabaska from Sept 6th to Sept 15th. I am excited on seeing this part of Canada from the seat of the side by side.
  3. Aren't those just pictures of a local garbage truck? ;) just joking.... sort of... ;) lol
  4. We are postponing it for a little bit. The weather has not been cooperating, but we will be up there after the black fly season there slows down. Thank you for all the information you gave me. When are you heading back up?
  5. Where ever he is going, I'm following!
  6. I would guess depending on the trails you ride up there that 150 miles would be a pretty good average day ride. I haven't ridden it yet either, but those I have talked to say if riding pretty open trails that they have ridden 200 miles in a day. depends on the trails and obviously what you are looking to do (sight seeing, push from town to town etc..)
  7. Great info. Thank you very much for taking the time. I am looking forward to trying different areas up there. Those sound great.
  8. My friend asked Pascal at Drakkar yesterday and he said that you would have to trailer a little bit from there to ride. Looking at the ATV map it does show that the trail is not there in the summer for ATV's but you can ride from there on them in the winter. ???? The trip to Latuque is exactly what I wanted to do from Drakkar. I am going to check into it further and see if there is a way from Drakkar, as it is a nice and safe place to stay.
  9. Yes this definitely helps. I will look into Rabaska. Were the trails there wide enough for side by sides? I know some places (like bridges etc) can be an issue in some areas. Thanks for the info!
  10. Damn, a 1000lbs limit including the rider!? I would have trouble riding a bicycle then on those trails in the Berkshire Mass forests to keep under that weight. lol I have heard the ATV trails in Quebec have all different kinds of terrain and I think I would enjoy seeing the area with no snow on it as well. I just love seeing the wilderness and what Canada has to offer. I rode Tug Hill area with it a couple weeks ago and it was fun, but its mostly dirt roads and limited on terrain changes,
  11. I was thinking of Trailblazer as a great source so I hope he finds this.
  12. Well I decided to get back into the side by side game and I purchased one again. I have never ridden on the trails in Quebec with an ATV and I have looked into it but I thought I would see what insight I can get from some of you. I know some of you ride the summer trails so I thought I would ask. I would be crossing from NY on the Northway going through Montreal. We usually snowmobile out of Shawinigan but where we stay the trails do not go to. So would it be better to pick up the trails closer to St. Zenon and go north or trailer further east of Shawinigan like St Raymond and go from there? We would be interested in riding from either a home base each day or even starting from a safe place for truck and trailer and doing a loop returning to truck in 3 or 4 days. Any insight or opinions of where to stay or trails to run etc... are welcome as it is all new to me with the ATV's up there. Thank you.
  13. You forgot one of the best uses.... If you show up to a hotel you want to stay in but it is fully booked, just drop Jake the snake in the lobby somewhere and I bet suddenly there will be some immediate room availability. Just teach Jake to slither back to you when things settle down. :)
  14. if it was after the belt blowing check to see if any remains of belt are wrapped around or stuck in clutches which wouldn't allow the clutches to fully shift out. It just seems to much of a coincidence that it was after the belt blew. either bad replacement belt or old belt pieces causing clutch issue. good luck with it. I would try a new arctic cat belt (and everything else that is attached to it) and it should run like a rapped ape. lol ;)