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  1. Aren't the French called "frogs".... ;) Hmmmm.......
  2. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    The pictures you take really are incredible. Love the fox. Thank you for sharing them with us.
  3. Quebec elections? Making the trails great again?

    But will it be groomed by then......... ;)
  4. He is Alive!!!!

    Yes I saw him there. Should have gone up and said hi. It was a busy show. Picked up some things there. Belinda couldn't pass up more clothing and I picked up some Linq items (the 14 liter stackable gas caddy and the bag to go on top of it). Should give me more peace of mind when doing a few longer legs.
  5. 2019 QR Get Together and Ride

    And Belinda and I might be able to share a bed, so that can make it 20 people. ;)
  6. 2019 QR Get Together and Ride

    I am in. Either weekend for me. I can understand the 14th issue for some. So count me in. I would be game for a loop leaving the 16th, coming back Thursday 21st and then doing day trips out of Drakkar with everyone 22,23,24. :) Whatever works the best for others. I haven't had any of Reggies welcome back drinks in a while.
  7. Neige sen vien

    I'm sure the guy with the motorcycle in the parking lot isn't ready for it! lol
  8. Permits up slightly

    Come on isn't your crystal ball working?! mine is and it will be $7.82 more USD. ;)
  9. Permits up slightly

    Not that I want you to jump off that ledge you are on (well....), but it will actually be more like a $7.90 increase (USD). Either jump or eat a few less jars of that marmalade. lol Those damn Canadians! They keep trying to take our American money! First they make the trails so damn sweet, then they treat you so damn nice, and then they want you to come back.... How is one able to resist the temptation? I can't. I know I don't mind spending my money there. Some of the best money spent in my opinion... :)
  10. Summer Updates and Repairs

    Is it you or the sled that smells so bad you need to have the green tree air freshener hanging in order to work on it... lol
  11. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    No, but I wish I was. I am almost always up there for this weekend, but we had a big gathering at my home lake this weekend. Weather wasn't that great for it, and by the looks of the weather in your picture I should have gone up there! Any good stories from the weekend? There usually are a few. lol
  12. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Yes we plan to be. Kingston is my favorite run. We love that city. In fact we took a run to Kingston from Clayton over the weekend to show my passengers who had never been.
  13. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Great group of boats and great time.
  14. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Great block parties and after parties.
  15. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    I was there and ran in the poker run. It was a charity for the hospital and for make a wish. We gave rides to some of the kids and also presented one of the kids with his wish it was a new camper for him and his family. Huge turn out. Great time and perfect weather. I think 115 boats was the final count.