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  1. Triggerhappy

    Le Central SMDS

    They know how to clean up a messy situation.... ;)
  2. Triggerhappy

    ON MY WAY!!!

    Very good explanation. Completely agree. I don't ride there anymore, but I don't ride Old Forge really either (once in a blue moon) as I have seen bad accidents happen right in front of me and waited for people to be airlifted out (not from my group). Weekday riding is better, but I found much better places to ride local (Perkins to Indian lake to Newcomb, Clear lake north, etc) Great trails with a lot less traffic. I'm fortunate I can also ride from my garage as I live on a lake that also branches off onto trails like Mulleyville etc.. I put most of my miles on in Quebec, but will ride the nice and less traveled northern NY trails. As many clubs are finding it harder to find active volunteers, the work is being done by fewer and fewer members and some just can't do it any longer. Trails are then affected and thus either closing or are becoming even more dangerous as signage is poor or trails are narrower from lack of maintenance, etc.. It would improve greatly in NY if they went to a state run trail system like Vermont. Paid trail maintenance and groomers with permit fees. Would improve trails and take the burden off over worked volunteers each year. Might also help eliminate some of the "problem riders" that we have allowed. New York is one of the top states with snowmobile registrations and yet has no real control of the trail systems. The funds (that the registrations pay for) do not get to the clubs in a timely manner and too much red tape to change, add or alter a trail. It is just to hard on all the individual clubs. Just my opinion.
  3. Triggerhappy

    Riding from Drakkar

    Yes it was nice meeting your group. I am glad your trip was a good one. You are correct, those trails are some of the best I have seen there. That rain on Thursday really set them up great. We are heading back up 2/14-2/18 ( might even go up the weekend before as well). Hopefully we will see you up there.
  4. Triggerhappy

    2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions

    Well I guess that's better than going through 4 wives in one summer..... lol
  5. Triggerhappy

    2018-2019 Shawinigan Snow Reports

    Thanks Wes! We picked up a bottle today and we just got in and we all but finished the bottle.
  6. Triggerhappy

    2018-2019 Shawinigan Snow Reports

    Hopefully it stays all snow. I will be rolling into Drakkar around 9am tomorrow. Some of my group will be there later today. If you are around this weekend Don and are free to ride let me know.
  7. Triggerhappy

    When will it stop?

    .....or as an old wise man told me once, "if out playing in bear country with friends always carry a .22". So I ask him "why a .22 as that won't kill a bear". He says "It is not for the bear, it is to shoot one of your friends in the leg".... Wise old man. :)
  8. Triggerhappy

    When will it stop?

    This moose here was behind my cousins house not far from mine. This was the youngster and the mom was around watching it. The youngster was acting very strange and we watched it for the day. It basically would almost let you pet it, but we kept back and watched it. It wouldn't leave. The next morning it was still there. Called the encon officer and they watched it a bit and they decided it was sick with the "brain worm" (which can get passed on from moose to moose). they shot the youngster and the test did come back positive for brain worm. it was a shame.
  9. Triggerhappy

    When will it stop?

    Well you do come highly recommended as the biggest dummy in all of Quebec....... ;)
  10. Triggerhappy

    When will it stop?

    Actually the concept is a good one. Let them smell something that is not pleasant (or maybe even dangerous) and they will move on. Flip side of this though could be say you used bear scent, after a while of seeing sleds that smell like bear and the sledders don't really endanger them, they may not associate bear scent with danger anymore and that could be deadly for them when a real bear is present and they don't sense an emergency anymore until its too late. Just thinking... Gutz should be our test dummy.... ;)
  11. Triggerhappy

    Quick two day trip in Charlevoix area

    Thank you very much! Great option as a starting point. I am maybe 40 minutes from LG so not a bad drive. I will not share this info outside this circle... Thanks again.
  12. Triggerhappy

    Quick two day trip in Charlevoix area

    Nice run. Could you tell me where you started from and how long of a drive it was (by vehicle) to get there. Thank you.
  13. Triggerhappy

    2018-2019 Shawinigan Snow Reports

    Have a safe trip Wes. Looking forward to your reports. Can't wait to get up there myself. Say hi to Reggie and Nancy for me.
  14. Triggerhappy

    Shawinigan Jan 19th? Anyone?

    I just did and responded, thank you Tom. I will be keeping in touch.
  15. Triggerhappy

    Shawinigan Jan 19th? Anyone?

    Well I have been itching to get up there and I am working on a plan to come up 1/19 and do a trip out of Drakkar and returning back to Drakkar 1/23. I have a group of friends meeting me there on 1/23 to do day rides until 1/27. Right now Belinda and everyone else here can't go then but I still want to. Is anyone going to be around Drakkar 1/19 that would be interested in a saddle bag trip? Planning on heading north and back down ending 1/23 (could even come back 1/22 if they needed to be back), no set plan for it just let the weather and trails dictate where I go. Saguenay? Let me know if anyone is around. I prefer not doing it by myself, but I guess I could put my big boy pants on. :) Don? Playhard? Anyone up for it let me know. We also have reservations from 2/14-2/18 at Drakkar with our friends if anyone is around then. Chris