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  1. Snowmobiling & winter camping

    They just ask you to park in their corral with a nice roof for protection and gaz available, so their fancier patrons won't have to see the iron laying around the entrance, then those fancier patrons can walk down to the corral and hop on their rental fleet of skidoos, so tout e bon! X2 on the exertion aspect of hiking, I'm in no condition to exercise, but it sounds pretty frickin awesome!
  2. Sounds like she wanted to wear you like a sombrero and ride you like a rental sled!
  3. 2100km Loop Guidance

    Nothing would please all of us more than you guys successfully making that (terrific) loop as planned! I wait until after Jan 15th for my first run of each season. Bon chance!
  4. Sad news to announce

    With deepest respect and gratitude,
  5. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    McLuvin me some Duramax (but no towing since the receiver got swapped for the rear winch)...
  6. Whats New?

    Special for last spring-check, the final of this breed from Japan, with: "B! N! G!" (bold new graphics!)... Oh my god these days are the loooooooongest
  7. Mt Valin looking good

    Mushing! Someone forgot the dogs back at the Auberge?! "Teamwork makes the dream work"
  8. Team Travels

    Rock n Roll!
  9. Saddlebag Trip Planning?

    Super smart! Gas-n-go at Cabanon as needed! But ice sculpture/fest in St Come in that region can be cool. La Tuque pipeline is iconic (stay away on weekends). Saguenay is muy bueno. West of Valin can get banged up by crisscrossing long trackers. Ice Hotel is a must at least once. Depending on budget & miles & personal preferences, Fairmont & Sheraton & Saccacomi are great experiences, but so is the hospitality at the smaller lodgey places like Windigo & Ravage. The hub benefits (lodging & resto & gas & svc) at places like Roquemont in St Raymond are tres bon. I use this mapping site most: But the Fcmq version is also amazing for the groomer info: #1) As you probably already know, always remember to bring two things: Flexibility & your sense of humor (rental Sat phone optional #2) Regardless of any general routes that you plan, check the grooming reports before going out... Go to: Click "Services" in the upper right corner Click “Delai de serfacage” (and whatever other "Attraits" you want to see) Click "Fermer" to close the drop down box If you switch the view from Carte (map) to Satellite, it's easier to see the Whites (those haven’t been done 3+ days) THEN HEAD FOR THE GREENS & YELLOWS!! "Life's too short to ride whooped out trails"
  10. for amateurs !!!

    McLuvin! Works for Jacques Daniel too?!
  11. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    This one's wide open, and we're all set for this Fri thru Sun!... But this one's closed for the next 2 weeks for hunting season: And this one's gone, bye-bye:
  12. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Well, y'know TK, we need to bulk up our winter coats! Hey, we're coming to play in your neighborhood this Fri & Sat @ Rausch Creek & AOAA. You all into 4x4'ing?
  13. Duhamel and surrounding area