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  1. Quebec word?... Tbk! Glad you're safe & it's not blizzard season yet! Keep kicking the tires and work out the bugs!
  2. Just gotta be more thorough and pay respect to all possible stakeholders! This granny knew about the construction in her front yard. And probably knew about the list of meetings with neighbors that she was overlooked on. Put me down for: Keeping the faith in common sense! Anybody reminded of Vera Coking?
  3. Yes! At least once! Or twice! May sound silly, but all the lefts become rights & all the ups become downs!
  4. QB! More power to you for looking the other way when the good town & citizens of Becket meet with all neighbors but you and go ahead and run some playground right thru Roberto mountain! I've got faith they'll correct the error and pay proper respects to the nice old lady. Maybe offer her a nice 2-up slowmobile ride on one of those whisper-quiet Doos?! Erreur indéniable Si quelques citoyens de Mont-Tremblant s’inquiètent du bruit et de la sécurité au volant, le maire Pierre Poirier a souligné d’entrée de jeu qu’il y avait bel et bien eu une erreur affectant une résidente de sa municipalité de Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré. Alors que sa résidence se trouve à l’intérieur du rayon de 30 mètres, elle n’a jamais été rencontrée pour obtenir un consentement. Une liste de six résidents dont la demeure se trouve à l’intérieur du 30 mètres et devant absolument être visités avait été dressée par le MTQ. Or, le nom de l’opposante ne s’y trouvait pas. Elle n’a, par conséquent, jamais été visitée. Sa résidence n’est qu’à 17 mètres du sentier. « Il y a effectivement eu une erreur. Le but n’est pas de savoir qui a fait cette erreur, mais de trouver une solution », a mentionné le maire. Ce dernier a précisé que, du côté du ministère, on n’envisageait nullement de se lancer dans une bataille juridique avec la plaignante. « Le ministère veut que le sentier soit ouvert dans un climat de bonne entente avec les résidents », a-t-il expliqué.
  5. Big! Thanks for sharing! Been there under all different conditions, and always a very welcome rest spot! Never mind when you're there in a blizzard and you can barely see the orange sticks across the street forming an "X", ya gotta love a 20k shortcut to bacon pizza!
  6. We haven't ridden the area just by road. Good idea to check out the museum during Grand Prix, since that's the one time a year they allow touring the sleds up close.
  7. Ditto on all of that! And bonne fete Kristine! Merci! A true gentleman!
  8. I agree with this in principle, normally, but my Cote Nord rides haven't been consistently normal! I'd pass on sledding the ferry and the twisties north from Tadoussac, and launch from the Coronet in Sacre Coeur. You won't regret having more time on the coast, even if the weather is agreeable. Been up that way a few times now and still haven't gotten dinner at Resto Chez Julie in Havre-Saint-Pierre! Me too neither. I haven't stayed there. Coronet has what we need, gas, resto, beds, truck parking.
  9. Ahahaha! No worries! Merci! Ever since the first time we rode up to the golfball/radar & ski hill (by accident) it's been a "mission" to return! There were winter and summer (tricycle) attempts, and not all successful! So I get excited at any sighting! Thanks again for sharing!
  10. Sorry 4w season has concluded! Super glad that it was good and long for you! Thanks for sharing all pics! Especially the one with the (radar) golf ball! I don't know what it is about that bugger, but it gets me all worked up?