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  1. Is this an appliance? Or a job description?
  2. Alain! Mon frère! Ditto-infinity! We always count on your trip reports as a methadone/step-down drug between our rides! But who could have predicted that this "off-season" may last 2 years?! Shall we send you & Kri extra film?
  3. Huh?...
  4. Died "from" it, or "with" it?...
  5. Maybe the Libtard celebrities boycotting NBC for airing Trumpster's town hall against ABC's Sleepy Joe farce should get onboard here?!... “Koe Knuffelen”, an alleged wellness fad, has people cuddling farm animals to relieve stress Travel - Is cow hugging the world’s new wellness trend?
  6. "Guaranteed, to blow your head apart!"... "Roll up! Roll up!"...
  7. Thanks for the well-wishes & positive-vibes! Same back at all of our brothers & sisters north of the border! Maybe time to reserve e-bikes & buggies & lounge chairs in Aruba?...
  8. Thanks again iceman for the excellent intentions of corralling this muck all in one thread! Thanks again markusvt for the excellent recap! But seriously, what adolescent stuck in an adult body would giggle the first time they tried to understand this one?!...
  9. Looks like a front-porch banjo player?
  10. We're super fine signing a note at the border crossings that we promise not to sled thru those cities!
  11. Maybe?... Then (after the pipelines are capped n stuff) Vegas is waterfront property?
  12. This reminds me that Naturists may have "put their ear to the ground" to see how far away a heard of Bambies or a train was. But PLEASE be careful on the asphalt, cuz those Teslas can sneak up on an innocent shutterbug!