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  1. Beouf place was on the main drag in Thetford, but gotta check out Lac William next time in the area. Highly recommended by Sled Industry Ambassador & Berkshire Snow Seeker Ninja Gary B.
  2. Ha! Oops! Ouch! Hey, by the way, appreciating: this is a family oriented site and all, and Snowhor goes for the extreme stuff, but do you think this is too sexi?...
  3. After a break for the grading crew, night #2 Thetford Mines Sorry Vegitarians
  4. Hydro-Quebec starter kit VID_20190813_150813.mp4
  5. Teamwork makes the dream work South & west thru Lac Etchemin More spinny things VID_20190813_150054_edit_0.mp4
  6. A bit of off-roading and come up on these spinny things VID_20190813_114619_edit_0.mp4
  7. Some attractions downright magnetizing It's real, but not enough metal on the tricycles Beautification
  8. Trailheads looked to be groomed up nicely Moseying along from vue to vue
  9. Stopped into Levis' herbal-pharma for some apre'trail remedie Brilliant placement of choco-therapie right next door!‎
  10. Trail Meeting "sittin on the dock of the bay" @ Quai des Brasseurs Miscrobrasserie