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  1. Big Mama reminds us: "Never trust a skinny cook!"
  2. The Vandalizing/Beautifying continues: When you see something, don't just say something, for goodness sake, DO SOMETHING! What's wrong with this picture?..
  3. Y'know... "If we're not living on the edge, we're taking up too much space!" And I KNOW y'know...
  4. Merci! Thank you for bringing back fond memories of an AWESOME tour guide (and philosopher)! Marceea shared, no matter how near or far: “The difference between a Tourist, and a Traveler?”... “The nature of our passage is determined by the quality of our attitude”
  5. Feeling good Billy Ray. Check out the new Water-Spyder! The armrests do floatation for the whole rig! https://www.relive.cc/view/v7O9B7xyeQ6
  6. You can hear the band loud n clear in the rooms above reception!
  7. Wanted, needed, appreciated! For sure 100%! JG is Emotional Wellness Coach & Counselor to many-many-many!
  8. Hey Bobby! This might not be the place for this stuff? Remember?... "We choose truth over facts!"
  9. Food porn anyone? PB&J and bacon wings & heart attack burgers... https://www.alfiesinaruba.com/?pgid=kf9t3804-9a591413-f96a-44c3-90c4-8e0f2394f090
  10. You know it's a bugger of a drive when your truck seat cushion ends up in the shape of a shark fin?
  11. That Secret Service detail musta busted a gut holding in those roaring belly laughs. But yeah, that woulda been brief, with the thought of who their new direct report would be.
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