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  1. There's a whole lot of style right there! And farfegnugen for the operator!
  2. Did they do the cook-it-yourself on hot rocks?
  3. These buggers are YUGE up close...
  4. Stayed there a bunch over the years, always a good time. One time was most interesting, before the locking-cup install in the fake hip. Got an ice-road-trucker scoot to LaTuque then to Trois Riviere in one of those box truck meat wagons. Re'jean looked like he saw a ghost when I walked in under my own power one week later! Ortho-zipper would be super-terrific for future revisions!
  5. Nice limousine! Looks like some grooming would be nice! And it looks like it's worth the effort!...
  6. All righty! Here's one we've all been to! More than we'd like! Where am I?... (Yeah, i dunno either!)
  7. Looks SWANKY! And super timing for the tour, especially if it was blizzardy! Glad you had blue skies!
  8. Someplace cccccccold?! Kinda thinkin The Seagull? Stopped serving grub not too long ago? "Complete bedding, European plan only"
  9. At Champlain border crossings, we lower all left-side windows & shut off engine, we hand them stacked passports open to picture pages, they ask our destination & intentions, we answer that we're going sledding, they ask where are your sleds, we all look at each other with that dumb-n-dumber: "I THOUGHT YOU HOOKED UP THE TRAILER?!" "DANG, I THOUGHT THE RIG WAS FEELING LIGHT!" look...
  10. Sorry! The this ore that chat got my remaining 2 brain cells banging into each other about an old Abbot & Costello bit!
  11. Train or what?... What are the choices?...
  12. It was one's 1st time staying at this fine establishment, though one (as many here probably) had ridden right by about a jillion times.
  13. Safe to presume that one is disqualified if one is in the photo?