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  1. Too funny! And nice job manicuring that parking lot by the bridge!
  2. Not to be all corny about "the adventure" but you know, with zero-drama riders even a black trail rescue is WAY better than a terrific day at work, and with the right refreshments can even be fun.
  3. With all due respect... Screw Mar-a-Lago! Drakkar's the Winter White House!
  4. My & mine's wedding song does NOT apply to trails! Roger Major!
  5. What's better/worse?... Seeing the Mrs. in the mirror, lifting the beast's inside ski coming out of a turn? Or seeing the Mrs. out front, lifting the beast's inside ski coming out of a turn?
  6. That phrase has "deeper" meaning there!
  7. I got my Snaggletooth saw! How do you pyros light up those 3" saplings? The 7" should be good for weenies & smores, don't need the 10" cuz I'm not planning any off-trail overnights!
  8. Love those guys. Very thoughtful & generous. Especially when the poop hits the fan. Gotta get tons more riders to part with $10 to peruse the museum downstairs and fund their collection addiction!
  9. Does Dominos deliver with drones?! And can they include some JD & a bag of weed?
  10. This one where Julie didn't want to put up the sticker until the reno?...