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  1. gaspie

    Did you get into Mikerider's stash?!
  2. Gaspesie season ender March 19-23

    Party with Marty! Great vid! I swear that boy's a puppy in an adult body!
  3. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

  4. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

  5. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Need help telling his story some time! (There's a brand new dispensary in Pittsfield MA!)
  6. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Impressive! Looks like you made it thru last call!
  7. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    We understand you better than most people on our side of the fence.
  8. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    He's smiling but you can tell he's ready to roll back up at a moment's notice.
  9. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Not complaining here, actually the opposite, we know we're riding late into the season when a few k's of maple grove around St Ubalde has the sap plumbing going across the trail too low for a groomer to pass. Lumpy enough to remind us how it could be if we were riding back home! Dropped onto a local river and had a trail meeting: 40'ish to the barn, or 90'ish and loop up to St Joseph & Mekinak & down the river to Grande Mere. Nope! Once more enjoying the guilt of doing our planned ride and getting in early! Rode the girls right to the shop & trucked to Chez Ice to see the 3 is still very rideable, then back to Drakkar to hose off, and out to Shawini for final demi-poulet at St Hubert w/Mr. & Mrs. Ice.
  10. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    And over a nicely signed rise & curve, uh oh... Looks like 2 tracks miss this gentle sweeper to the left. One VERY wide around a tree. The other not so fortunate and hit head on. Fairly fresh boot marks all over the area. Not the time for speculating on speed or booze or nut-to-butt following. Just hoping this pilot punched out before the sudden deceleration and they're OK.
  11. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Roquemont for break & grub. Lot has zero snow BUT IT'S FREAKING FREEZING FROZEN COLD! Out of there to the railbed in 8/10 condition, at the picnic shelter down the 353 that's never been groomed this flat & wide in the past. Wow wow wow.
  12. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Is there a lot of snow, or is this an outhouse for very-short-people?...
  13. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Groomer secteur south of Jeannette warming shack had "texture" to keep us honest & humble. But it got back to magic-carpet well before the turn off for SR3, which is AMAZING. Seriously, it's all I'd need, even without the gobs of offshoots. Sorry got in the zone so no pics.
  14. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Day 5, Mon 3/19) Destination Cap de la Madeline. Plan is scenic route down almost to Riviere Pierre on the 73 to the orange east into St Ray, then railbed west and drop down the 353 and locals to the toy shed. Did I mention is was COLD all 4 days & nights! Wind thru La Tuque must have been blowing south, because we didn't get the rotten eggs smell from the pulp mill until we were below their parking lot. On the south side of town after the gas there's that tracked up left that we KNOW goes straight to the 73 ripper, but we weren't in a rush, and it's not official, and it's not groomed, and the legit trail has the airport run (103mph) & the moose & 9 freaking perfect miles of twisties!