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  1. Lots of scary news about flooding. And the PQ Premier talking about govt subsidizing people moving from flood zones, after they pass a threshold of govt subsidized rebuilding. Dratted Al Gore!
  2. Launching out of that big ol' soup can is COMPLETELY badass! Way to "keep your head!" Thanks for sharing!
  3. Hero status! Thanks for sharing! Excellent pics & notes bring us right there!
  4. 10-4. Mrs. Playhard likes this one:
  5. It looks like 4k by road from trail 63. There are a few others there closer to the trail on the iMotoneige map. But if want access to all directions for day trips, and you're willing to trade off the indoor pool for "mom & pop" hospitality, you want to stay with these guys: AUBERGE MOTEL DRAKKAR 4496 12E Avenue, Shawinigan-Sud, Quebec (819) 536-2664
  6. Trail goes right to it. Can't miss it from their major investment in on-trail signage. Staff confirmed sled-friendliness will only get better under the new brand. And they've always provided free shuttle van service into the city.
  7. What do you get everyone's role-model bon vivant on their special day?! Mother Nature says hello to you this morning, with best wishes from Downstate NY!...
  8. Not super familiar with that area. But definitely have one bit of advice. TAKE ALL OF US WITH YOU!!!!
  9. Who was it used to say they subscribed to two magazines for the same reason, National Geographic and Playboy: “To see pictures of places I know I’ll never get to visit in person”
  10. Bunch of posts w/maps & notes here: "gas at Lac Humqui got local info to find the trail, ride up the road behind the church, trail crosses the road on top of the hill."
  11. Dude! They sound AWESOME! What's their number?! Just 270 days... just 270 days...