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  1. Just what I was thinking! But that's not the route to getting old! This JiggleFoot (knuckle-head) guy's got a hell of a story, especially everything after sleep-walking/sport-biking...
  2. Aye-Yay-Yay! Seeing those spots of white carpet we've ridden thru, DEFINITELY triggers happy things "between the ears!"
  3. It's all good, but NOBODY does like you did! What if I have nothing?...
  4. For the record: I respect & support The Thin Blue Line! So it'd be a big oops if maybe the Maine Warden Service application numbers have dropped BECAUSE potential applicants are sledders & quadders who are hip to the show's (hopefully few) ball-busters? Full disclosure: I don't know the show, so I just peeked at a clip of them stopping (and arresting) a 20 yr old gent ripping across a lake full of ice-fishing families in broad daylight. He had a warrant for missing a recent court date, plus Buds in his backpack, so I'm all for thinning that herd at any age. Sorry if this is unrelated: Louisiana Senator John Kennedy just spoke to the woke about the 100 million-plus gun owners in America exercising their constitutional right: “I don’t believe we have a gun control problem in America, I believe we have an idiot control problem”…"We have a lot of drunk drivers in America that kill a lot of people”…“The answer is to concentrate on the problem”…“The answer is not to get rid of all sober drivers (sledders)"
  5. About grooming the trail for the rest of us toward miles of smiles: About grooming the trail for the rest of us toward ripe(r) old(er) age:
  6. And with trails! And with photos! BIG thanks for all of it!
  7. PLUS there's a playback speed selection for us slow readers! Merci buckets!
  8. With respect to our dearly departed loved ones who've died mostly alone, the most damaging crime was/is outlawing us from praying & paying proper respect at funerals for our dearly departed loved ones, while we were all "allowed" to buy local lottery tickets & line up to shop big-box retailers. Huge global opportunity going forward: The mental/emotional wellness industry. Debbie-downers can be more contagious than any virus, so like the flight attendants say about a loss in cabin pressure: "Please secure your own mask before assisting others around you” HOW MANY DAYS TILL SLED SEASON?!
  9. We know Mon Frere. Sorry if this is a repeat, but seriously...
  10. Warmest condolences. Sorry to hear. Wishing you & yours strength.
  11. Didn't want to hijack the "How many miles this season?" thread with this. And Trudope's "reset" rant isn't making me warm n fuzzy for winter 2022. What app translates this kinda thing?...