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  1. Soon! Probably by next winter when Dish adopts us and we start roaming on T-Mobile's network. Been riding with a&t in the pocket & Iridium sat phone in the saddlebag on a no-contract monthly plan by Roadpost. But really really go sledding to get away from the tech!
  2. Always a great bonus when you ."paint pictures" by catching cool shadows!
  3. Seems like a fair goal to get the trail miles equal to or greater than truck miles!
  4. Bravo! Muchas gracias! And hats off to you, living so close to the chicken fingers a bunch of us drool all summer fantasizing about inside the Sunoco up the hill from exit 42 off 87! Their wings & standard fried chicken's OK, but the fingers... oh oh oh...
  5. Thanks Bob! Didn't want to hijack this thread so started a new one. Looking forward to getting back on the "old" Yammis ASAP!
  6. Merci beaucoup Robert! Doing fine in NY, next door to the now famous New Rochelle, and respecting precautions! Being a rock-solid optimist I'm pretty sure that widespread testing will show widespread infection, which will (hopefully) put the death rate well below the flu. Still gotta be serious about not "sharing" with high-risk folks. Safe protocol is for everyone to act-as-if you're contagious. We're also in a recession-proof and now officially designated "essential" business, distributing cellphones & service thru about 650 small neighborhood retailers around the northeast. Pretty cool gig for almost 40 years, supporting mom & pop shops putting food on their tables. Done all Carriers over the years, currently exclusive to Boost Mobile prepaid, saving low-income folks lots of dough. Got 90% of our crew of 40 logged-in & dialed-in working remotely, spreading much kindness & compassion, and a few hardcore crew working the warehouse (safely & cleanly). We stopped walk-in/pick-ups with locals a while ago, but we're providing free-shipping as long as UPS & FedEx keep rolling. Naturally having a tough time sourcing bulk N95 masks & hand sanitizers to ship out. Personally, I've never been much of a hand-washer, but I have suspended licking public doorknobs to build my immune system (at least temporarily)! And shhhh!... Don't tell anybody, cuz people will think we be crazy, but the Mrs. & I went for a walk around our block TWICE so far this week! Hoping you and yours all fare as well as possible! "This too shall pass"
  7. Sounds like the perfect results of the perfect amounts of rouge! Hopefully just laughs and no immediate pain thanks to pre-medicating! Cheers!
  8. Sorry if I missed something here. Is this a mini-JG?...
  9. I know the accents, these are the dumbasses that didn't make the cut for parts in MTV's Jersey Shore, they're from Brighton Beach/Coney Island Brooklyn!
  10. Did the operator(s) get away OK? Is there replacement insurance?

    la Tabatiere

    Is it true? Still beats a great day at work? Hats off to you JG!
  12. Don't wanna hijack here, but I've definitely seen the trailer/sticker there! GREAT job Alain! BIG merci!
  13. Every summer for the past 20+ years I've resolved to learn Québécoise... J’ai le feu au cul Meaning “I’m pissed” or “I’m mad,” more literally this means “I have fire in my ass.”