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  1. https://www.relive.cc/view/vXvLPyznL7v
  2. Still well represented on Baby Beach today!...
  3. It'd be awesome if that karma thing would speed up for those disrespectful f*cks messing with rights of way. Of course closing trails won't stop them. On a totally different scale, but same delusion as outlawing firearms.
  4. Sorry, still off-topic: I don't know a lot about a lot, but it's nice to know how Joseph Armond named the company!
  5. Was Jimmy Cliff the Capitan of the Jamaican Bobsled Team?...
  6. Here's Roqemont - Windigo - Dilligence - Delta - Fairmont - Roqemont, with plenty of wiggle room to play over LSJ enroute to Dilligence & Delta, make those decisions at breakfast, when you see what's been groomed the night before, but plan to get to the Fairmont early to enjoy the pool & casino (IMHO). Click on "Itinerary" to see mileage... http://fcmq.fcmqapi.ca/i?s=IwGmCYDYHYGZuAFlAbQLSWABgQDhLOFrliAKy6bCRiQCc2AuiKSsMNLnXbHSJblg1sdcGVBpEZOIhBpO4dnOiLwuZuna5cwMomhzdWROAMiofbGXqls4fWUOR6kMhtYQw0OvkQbYIABEAIIAqgBCACIAkgAygSB_ICgBgQASAPKx0QByOQlJKOAgNIWyUImMjEA&r=2
  7. Either way... http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_10/image.png.708f4e622a4b86d27d61402909166672.png
  8. Like Yammi'cat type collusion?
  9. Not as essential as the Cote Nord cut, but pretty big deal for sure. https://fcmq.qc.ca/fr/parcourir-quebec/05-saguenay-lac-saint-jean/ The main attractions of the region The Mont-Apica relay and observatory in the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve (trail 23)
  10. I dunno about turbos n stuff, but this guy's TOTALLY contagious...
  11. BEAUTEOUS! Trip & pics! Thanks for sharing! Congrats, sounds like you've earned Father-of- & Son-of the-Year awards!
  12. Sorry! Spoke too soon! Clicked on "Grooming" and all trails went bye-bye!...
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