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  1. I'm ready Dave! Snowmaster good luck on your "Epic Day".
  2. I've seen that once or twice. lmao
  3. Merry Christmas to all and safe travels
  4. Congrats Ed, I look forward to helping you spend your prize money. Bob
  5. Hey Dave, Congrats on the little mans first ride.
  6. Hey Groomer, I hope all is well. I'm sure you have heard this before. I love the pictures, keep up the good work. During the summer your pictures take me back to the beautiful places, the hospitality and the fantastic trails. Thank You Where was the last picture taken?
  7. Thanks for the update... Planning now for trip Dec 26...I'll be watching
  8. Ahhh.... I just have to ask. What's with the Smuckers? Are you snacking in the garage? My guess would be that you using it as a tool?
  9. Ask eddieskidoo about the knock on the door at for me I sure am glad ed was there....lmfoa
  10. First time poster and long time lurker. I arrived at the Universal late Thursday night for a long weekend with my wife. Friday the trails were a lil soft with somewhat new snow on them. After a weekend of riding the trails got better and were packed down nicely. Sunday was warm with plenty of sun. In town will be dry with wheels down but the trails are in fantastic shape. The sun is high in the sky and the days are longer which should make the temps and rides warmer. With that said, I don't believe the warm up will have a drastic effect on the trails. The pictures are East of Squatec on 35 and the other Is 85 St Modeste, both on Sunday afternoon. I'm just about to head home and back to reality.. and the rat race. Until next year... Enjoy
  11. Thank You Andyman that is good to hear, enjoy the ride. I'm headed to the Gaspe on Saturday, with the family, for our first trip to the Gaspe'. I'm excited, kinda like a kid in a candy store. Nobody will be able to wipe this stupid grin off my face.