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  1. Widened trail brought to by Honda! funny video. Great trail report guys.
  2. You can head there by the 43 and so your not back tracking completely the next day take this route back, slightly longer but not by much. We often go to Duhamel one way and come back the other way. Also if you have never been to Tremblant, the trail goes right past the Ax hotel, there is a restaurant there but 5 minutes further down the trail ( it passes in front of several grocery stores along the 117 and ends in it’s southerly direction at two gas stations) you have other restaurant choices by sled, cage au sport, mikes, st Hubert. Or you can walk down to the Main Street from the hotel, quite a bit of choice too. I don’t know the schedule ( you probably could pick one up and the routes) but there is a free bus system going around town and up to mt Tremblant village where the ski hill and casino are. Real neat up there.
  3. So your riding there from the west? Where abouts? I live in the area so know most trails very well.
  4. I often wonder if more people are doing stupid things these days or if there is just more of it caught on video.
  5. Don’t try this at home, these are highly trained clowns.
  6. It is indeed the old comfort suites. Depends what you want to do, yes it is dead ended headed south, doubt that will change before next year. However 15 minutes out on a groomed trail things open up, and you have several options and directions to make large day loops or saddle bag further afield from there. Also just for general information, the super C grocery store just 2 minutes south of there on the 117 allows trailer parking, always 1/2 dozen there when I pass, I am not sure if they are day trippers or any of them park and saddle bag from there. Certainly 20 minutes further north on the 117 there are large parking lots in Labelle and many folks park their rigs and saddle bag from there.
  7. Saw videos on the news, people opening their doors and a solid wall of snow greeting them. They had really high winds with this storm too.
  8. Hook him up with a roller derby queen, and see how he likes being beat up by a women for a change.👌
  9. And there in lies a major question. Is it his lawyer reviewing police reports etc trying to find a loop hole?, or is it this scum’s account of how the police handled it? If it is the latter then if he was sober enough to remember how his arrest went down, he was sober enough to know what he was doing when he attacked his victim and IMO should make it clear he can’t duck out on the charges claiming he didn’t know what he was doing.
  10. Yeah that is interesting, since contrary to the way they sell a trail pass and insurance tied to an individual machine, if you register for the free weekend pass it is not the machine that you Register but the person and you just declare that you have liability insurance.
  11. If they went to a ski slope type ticket, they would be registering the person not the sled. Not necessarily a bad thing, I have 3 sleds and can obviously only ride one at a time but that then complicates the mandatory liability insurance for each machine.
  12. This part of 63 is the petit train de nord railway bed then it turns off at Riveire Rouge and the railway bed continues on to Labelle as the 325.
  13. Without pics You could have just said “and a wonderful time was had by all”, but the cats out of the bag now.!😁
  14. You can also try an outdoors store that sells hiking and kayaking gear. I have a big yellow one that I strap to my kayak.
  15. All i’ve been doing is polishing my trail pass!😁
  16. I was just wondering if you had got to try the new sled grumpy.
  17. Straight rain and foggy here in Tremblant. Trails were just getting going with the clubs first grooming runs the other day. Supposed to change back to freezing rain and snow tonight. if you are out sledding were there is heavy accumulation of freezing rain on everything, take care and watch out for falling branches and possibly even trees.
  18. What club did you support?, perhaps an inquiry With them could be useful. What I mean by that is the club might have a way of contacting the FCMQ other than the general public channels and could possibly inquire on your behalf.
  19. That’s 6 weeks!, I would be calling Fcmq at this point.
  20. That poor poor woman, she didn’t deserve any of this. I certainly hope he gets what he deserves.
  21. Yeah “ I was drunk and therefore can not be held responsible for my actions “
  22. Well if it is any consolation, he will never visit the US. With an arrest record he will be denied access at any border crossing.
  23. Here is a news clip From TVA news if you want to see what the scum looks like. Nothing new in it that already hasn’t been said. A small audio from the victim and the crown prosecutor saying it may be hard to prove his intent was murder.
  24. See Trailblazers post, he was just near there. Snow coverage light around Mont Laurier but the Laurentien's are experiencing a light snow fall right now and it will be coming down on and off for the next few days.
  25. Burning up the snow in more ways than one!😁 Sorry to hear about the sled.