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  1. And there in lies a lot of the problem, you can’t please everyone. Take any activity you want and there are those who will be against it simply because it is not their cup of tea.
  2. While it may be ironic it is also worrisome that she has joined forces with M. lacroix, these guys took the snowmobile club, the city and the Quebec government to court over the pitit Train de Nord and won. If that is the direction these people take we may never see this trail opened or shut down in short order. one point that is made in the article is why the trail does not go down the medium of the 117, there may be logistics that made it not practical but I have to agree, it would have been bulletproof. Shortly after the pitit train de nord was closed in order to get by the closure we did travel down the medium once. The medium is about a 40-50 feet wide grassy area with gullies, trees and rock out crops to get by but if it was doable then it would have been an option to construct the trail there.
  3. I read about this in the local Tremblant paper. Maybe they have some valid concerns like having their driveways cross the trail and speeding sleds while they are trying to drive out, BUT, one women complained they cut all the trees that blocked the noise from the traffic and view of the 117, unfortunately the trees were not on her property, the owner of a property can cut down his trees if he wants regardless of his neighbours wishes last time I heard. Another resident said his neighbour could not open his garage door without standing on the trail, huh what municipality gave him permission to build right at the edge of his property line, not Tremblant I am sure. Knowing the area well, I am also sure that the continual hum of the traffic and the amount of big trucks rolling past or Jake braking as they slow down will more than drown out the noise of today’s quiet sleds. Grrr, can’t they even wait and see if they have any real concerns before b*tching? Sorry rant over.
  4. My brain hurts.😁 Actually part way through I was able to switch back and forth much quicker.
  5. Looks like they plowed the road a little while before the pic was taken. I am 15 minutes outside of Tremblant, few flakes flying around windy that’s all. Pic you posted of Tremblant must have been on top of the mountain. They will be making snow tonight up there. Looks like a stretch of continued Cold weather coming. Need to freeze the ground and swamps before the heavier snow comes.
  6. Where exactly in Quebec is this?
  7. My deepest sympathies to you and your family. May you find comfort in the memories and good times you have had with your brother.
  8. Thank you. An early thanksgiving gets the best Birds.😁😁😁😁
  9. 52 km detour via the 323 to Labelle and then the 325 which is actually the pitit train du Nord as is the 63 where they join up.
  10. Fuse not sure the exact spot but I guess it is in that general area. Guys are asking on Face book exactly where but nothing pinpointed yet except the article does say the Depanneur / resto-bar LaMacaza is the last commercial stop before the closure.
  11. Looks like a loss of access on private land will make the 63 a dead end at La Macaza for this season unless a solution is found.
  12. Going to be hard for snowmobile haters to shut this part down, the noise from the traffic on the 117 hwy far exceeds the noise of today’s sleds.
  13. I have no idea how they will do that, I know that the original plan required at least one bridge type structure along the route, I want to see where they end up. Shortly after they closed that section of the Petite Train de Nord, we ran up the 117 median a few times, talk about some tight places past blasted rock in there.
  14. They started clearing brush this week on the new by pass from Tremblant to St Faustin that will reconnect Tremblant to St Agathe. It runs along side of the 117.
  15. I don’t know about your Medicare etc but a friend who was up here the other year broke his ankle. He did have some kind of travel or private insurance that would reimburse him and they confirmed it at the time of the accident, but all costs here in Quebec paid up front with a credit card.
  16. Grumpy I doubt the trail will ever pass there again. In the old days the owner was an avid snowmobiler as was most of us, not much chance of the land being sold, it probably just gets handed down. Lots of rumours but originally what I heard was a fight between the owner and the president of the now defunct St Agathe club was the main reason and they had been freinds. Last winter I had the opportunity to sit down with the owner of the Fort west paint ball park who just happened to have the unfortunate luck of buying the Relais des Pin and changing the name around the time of the closure. In discussing the lost trail and asking if he thought there was any chance of getting it open again, he said he had talks with the owner blocking the trail and the owners grand son even worked at Fort West last summer. Turns out that grand son narrowly missed being hit by a speeding snowmobile when he was younger and that prompted the closure. The family apparently has nothing against snowmobiles and nothing against Fort West, they just never want snowmobiles passing on their land again. I guess that fits in with what I heard.
  17. That’s the one JG. Think you feel old, I was running that section up from the highway running north and past Barkmere on a 1971 Olympic before it was ever common to groom trails. From there it took a somewhat different route but went to Tremblant and down to St Faustin. Come to think of it, 2 inch suspension travel and Un-groomed trails no wonder I feel old!😁😁
  18. Yes, 10-15 min from my place on the old trail passing near Bark Lake. They still serve and try to cater to snowmobiles but not the same as the way the trail goes now they are no longer in a practical spot.
  19. I can’t wait to try it out either JG, now if we could just get back the trail lost between here and the relais ( Fort West now ) and we would be back to 35 minutes to Tremblant.
  20. Here is the latest from the club in charge of the project. Basically what it says is the submissions were opened studied and awarded. Work will commence in the coming weeks and will be finished for the month of October 2019, ready for the 2019 2020 season following the contract agreement.
  21. Cool, Going to be a long summer I guess.
  22. Cause we’re suckers for punishment?😁
  23. Grumpy my basement is water free, never got in, just a few trickles ran across the floor from the boarded up windows and chimney. When do you get the new sled?
  24. At this time of year I have to say OUCH!