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  1. Due to the current situation, I might be going to a more basic sled this coming season.
  2. So it will be really awesome the third and fourth week, no traffic!😁
  3. Happy belated B day.
  4. Team bubble to the rescue.
  5. And maybe if we don’t get this virus under control, Quebec won’t be open to Ontario folks either for sledding. As you must know, Quebec has just recently opened up it’s Ontario/ Quebec borders and lifted the regional road blocks Dispute having bigger infection numbers than your Provence. If things ballon out of control they will most likely shut them down again. I certainly hope for the sake of all of us on here we do get things under control in both the US and Canada to the point we are all free to enjoy our sport in Quebec next winter, but if we don’t and we get a second wave worse than the first, well don’t count on Quebec trails being open for anyone.
  6. Or should be safe when it’s 40 below zero.
  7. Saw this on concerning that video. You just don’t know what to believe on the internet anymore, hell you can’t even get an accurate report on what the trails will be like in 2 weeks.
  8. On a bike you go where you eyes go, looks to me like he fixated on the wall. He never attempted to make the corner nor brake.
  9. And when you really get bored from being cooped up, you can always draw on yourself 😁
  10. You can’t put it on your arm like that, on coming sleds will think your giving the count down.😁
  11. There is the danger of losing those papers or you dog accidentally eating them, could all the healthy people just get a brand on their foreheads instead?😁😁😁😁😁 Sorry couldn’t resist.
  12. Sounds like a subject for a new topic. “ how is your situation and how are you fairing these days.” Something like that?
  13. Hers’s the thing. let’s say testing and the results were instant, which it’s not at this point, you could still easily catch the virus from the time you get tested till the time you decide to head north across the border or you could have already been exposed before testing but not yet showing signs at the moment of testing. Interesting idea, but until Quebec feels it’s safe to allows it’s citizens to circulate freely in their own province, I don’t see that happening.
  14. Snowmobile companies are making contributions to help the covid19 cause.
  15. And hence the saying “ sh*t happens”.👍
  16. Do you need it right away?, essential errands only up our way.🤣
  17. Yes extremely tragic and troubling at any time but it seems so much worse in these trying times. RIP.
  18. What ever it takes, I got tractors, cars, boats and a motorcycle to tinker with, no time for a special covid 19 honey do list!😂😂😂😂
  19. I see the beer hasn’t run out, quite the beer belly.🤣
  20. Well I was figuring while you distract her I could get some peace and quiet here!😁😁😁😁
  21. Could you just take the warden instead?
  22. How would you monitor who comes from where and where they truly go once getting in to the country? Unless you mean opening limited to border town folk crossing to border towns in the other country. Here in Quebec we have several regions shut do to travel unless you live in the region full time due to low infection or no infection in some municipalities and limited medical infrastructure should a outbreak occur. Montreal has the highest count of infection in Quebec and folks from there can not come here to the Tremblant area, there are road blocks and check points to get through but we still get people sneaking through and there are high fines for those who get caught. It seems the honour system just doesn’t work for some. Until Quebec and I imagine all of Canada feels comfortable relaxing those limitations on it’s citizens, I don’t think limited border openings are on the table. Luckily at least for our sport we have some time on our side.
  23. Yes we are blessed with a lower population, and I guess if one were to do an infection or death per million, those figures might show a different view of how we are doing. The real thing I wished to point out was given the numbers on the US side versus here in Canada, it would be fool hardy to open the flood gates so to speak until levels die down.
  24. From a Canadian point of view and as the state of this pandemic changes, I don’t see why rushing to opening the border to the general public is so important other than providing a false sense of normalcy. After all the commercial traffic is passing and has all through this. Most of the tourist attractions, festivals, Grand Prix, concerts, and the list goes on are cancelled in Canada and at the moment hotel and motels are closed. Further to this many parts of Quebec are off limits to people in other regions to limit the spread as some of the small communities have little to no cases. I live in one of those communities and can not travel far due to restrictions. So, I have two questions for you guys since you are mostly Americans, what you all going to do up here if they open the borders up anytime soon? And looking at the covid 19 figures below of the US versus Canada would you be anxious if you we’re Canadian or a Canadian politician to open up too early?