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  1. Nickyskidoo

    Share a video of memories..

    Great Vid man!!
  2. Nickyskidoo

    Ice ripper longevity?

    Will not last big fast miles, stupid me I'm on my 3rd Will buy a 2 ply nest time and stud like old days
  3. Nickyskidoo

    THE BORDER- Season Ender

    Just to let my friends from south of the border know it is the same for us going into your country. I have been in a car and got turned around because of 1 guy had a minor charge that was dropped but still on record and for many years after that I used to get asked if I have ever been denied and my answer was always no, then the long pause... you sure? I would say I was with a guy that got turned away not me. Spent a night at the Buffalo crossing with pockets turned out, no shoes, belt or jacket with some SOB that was made he was working Christmas Day he confiscated 1 street bike and 1 dirt bike out of 5 and turned us away. Cost us thousands to fight to get them back just to see they were mostly junk from sitting outside for 11 months. Lots of stories over the years. One last thing, I recently got a Nexis card and it feels like cheating coming back into the US or Canada, you get to bypass the regular Long line for immigration even driving. Big background check then you have an interview with both the US and Canadian border people. This can clear up non relevant or very old charges and any non issue things that some border Hero will look at and mess with. Please keep coming north my American Friends!!! We love your greenbacks!!
  4. Nickyskidoo

    Trailblazer za blazing

    Just 1/8" x 1-1/2" aluminum angle @ 11-3/8" X 8" welded, bungee cords and the small Gerry cans 10L and some rubber spacers to make up the difference from the foot wells to the reinforcement bar
  5. Nickyskidoo


    LOL hit that one big hump in the middle of the open muskeg and thought I would never come down...
  6. Nickyskidoo


    114 miles from Trout lake to gas in kitcisakik and 36 miles to louvicourt take it easy on the big rollers north from the indian reserve
  7. Nickyskidoo


    309 is closer, I would run the road to Belleterre from Trout Lake take the orange trail to 309 gas in La force and there is gas at Rapid Sept, nice trail X2
  8. Nickyskidoo

    Trailblazer za blazing

    We get over 200 miles with this set up on the 1200