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  1. Wow that's terrible news, hopping for the best as well.
  2. I just opened my 2016-2017 version and it works perfect LOL I also use Mon Guide seems to work great and uses gps so no signal required
  3. Hey Jackstraw, I run the 8" dooly and like the grip but my biggest improvement was putting the Bergstrom shim block under the spindles, WOW what a difference! as soon as the dooly's wear out I willo try their triple point. They make a 1 piece block now and fits perfectly!
  4. I bought a 900T Renegade X this year and came from a 2012 Renegade 1200 with just shy of 17,000 miles I have to say jumping on my buddies 2015 Renegade 1200 felt more at home, my new buggy just doesn't corner or carve the twisties as my old machine I have done lots of tinkering from pulling in the limiter 2 holes heavy torsion springs on the rear, backed off the front spring on the skid and still lifting a ski New machine is better on fuel, if he uses 37L i would be 32L Very good machine, love the power and maybe get a flash for a little more top end Both machines run pretty close just on top end mine pulls away but not as much as I would have liked LOL
  5. Slick, I sent you a PM check it out Nick
  6. Oh its possible and nothing has been reset
  7. Hi Jack, Almost all trail and mostly Abitibi Temiscamingue, a little in Ontario (where I'm from) but just like the people in Quebec and the trails, love their trails!! We ride at a pretty good clip but are getting older and have slowed down and try to keep the miles below 250 a day LOL Love the reports as always Nick
  8. Wow just checked my mileage looks like 48mph average, but I don't stop and take these awesome pictures... My 1200 has been the best machine I have ever rode, new chapter with the 900T like it so far still dosnt handle as good as my old buggy
  9. Hey Slick its Hoover's nephew, good kid and has his shit together planing things I'm way too old and cranky for foul-ups LMAO
  10. Right on man!! Have a blast and keep her out of the rhubarb, should try and get JR on a little Quebec trip... Not too many miles and lots of giggles
  11. Any chance there is a Slick McKenzie in this tour? (nicknamed by my buddy Junior from Pefferlaw) If so have a blast man!!!