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  1. I’m sure with the Christmas Eve snow people were out riding, I have friends that live on the Westside of the Allegheny National Forest and they were out riding this past weekend, still no base and the ground is soft but in this day and age take what you can get.
  2. The trails are decent, there’s one big loop around the kinzu Dam, on occasion they get some big lake effect dumping, lots of traffic, minimal grooming.
  3. Very little traffic , especially during the week. Seems that most people use the trails to access their cabins in the bush.
  4. I ran this trail last March, stayed at the complex Pelchat in Les Escoumins, there’s a nice restaurant and fuel next door. The gas station in Baie Trinity Is easily accessible from the trail and actually has good sandwiches and such, for a quick lunch. Hotel Les Mouettes in Sept Illes is easily accessible and very close to Mike’s restaurant and a large IGA grocery store, best part is they have a full service bar and a great staff!
  5. 1st day riding was pretty much a whiteout with 2’ of fresh in the upper elevations so we basically did 85 mile loop from 5,700’ to 10,200 and back to the trail head, it was a hell of a workout trying to keep the sled from getting sucked off the trail. We found the further you ride in from the trailhead the less traffic you’ll encounter when playing in the mountains and it certainly helped that a member of our party has been riding in Alpine 3 weeks a year for the last 12 years so we didn’t waste any time looking for the untouched hill climbs, best off trail riding I’ve ever experienced! My only bitch was they didn’t groom our first 3 days there and mountain sleds really do a number on the trails, almost like Tug Hill. I felt sorry for the people who came to just ride the trails it was brutal considering it was Presidents Day Weekend .
  6. 3,900 for the season, 975 miles in Northern Ontario, 400 in Alpine, Wyoming, 125 brutal miles on Tug Hill, 400 miles in the Keewenaw Peninsula of Michigan and an epic 2,000 miles from Les Escoummins to Blanc Sablon and back.
  7. Passed boatloads of sledders heading to Mount Vallin.
  8. I crossed into the USA this evening, not a single vehicle crossing South other than myself, but the Canucks heading North stretched for a mile, I’m unable to download video due to size issue of file.
  9. I’m currently at the Econolodge in Forestville, the Bar is closed and seating in Restaurant is spaced every other table, The day before in Bae Comeau at Marco’s Pizza the Bar was dead, myself plus 3 regulars.
  10. Mr. Iceman, we left Labrador this morning at 7:am trying to get back to Sept-Îles before the next winter blast, luckily today’s snowfall was at our backs as we traveled 180 miles back into Harrington Harbour.
  11. we are currently at the Northern Light Inn , Blanc something or another in Labrador. Thin snow up high as we made our way, signed very well. We left St Augustine this morning, a very busy little village with plenty of amenities. We stayed at Leo Mckinnons B&B lots of Lake running out this way probably 95% once you leave Havre St. Pierre. Fortunate to have had sunny skies since I left Complex Pelchat on Thursday!
  12. A group of 6 punched through on Saturday and are currently sitting in St. Augustine and enjoying reading and looking at your photos, maybe time to cash in the Yamaha and get on a Skidoo 2 stroke , but we did have to pull along 1 Arctic Cat
  13. Lovely weather makes for great views & Pics along the Cote’ Nord