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  1. Thank you for the advice, definitely going to start out from L’empress and then down to the Baie Bleue, it’ll be my first time stopping at either establishments! Table A Roland is a must stop in my book! We’ll probably pass on Hotel Cie and stop at Chez Mamie for a Lobster Roll before heading to St. Octave -de- Avenir for dinner and a good nights rest after a 400 km day. Thank you once again!
  2. There will be 4 of us .we were planning on a 5 day loop, also hoping they get the 12” of snow this weekend that forecast. Appreciate any and all advice in advance !
  3. I’m heading up on the 26th ,had planned on starting a loop out of Rimouski, would you suggest starting from elsewhere?
  4. Thanks, probably going to hold off for another week before heading up, forecast looks promising then.
  5. looking for a current update on conditions in the Gaspe?
  6. Beautiful place, reading your post is motivation to plan a return trip!
  7. I believe you can take the ferry from Matane back across to Godbout.
  8. I’ve ridden Gaspe’ and Northern Ontario and the scenery, accommodations and food is by far better in the Gaspe’! Northen Ontario has in my opinion the fastest trails With the least amount of stop signs and quite a bit of it is rolling and winding. If you decide Ontario start North of the Sault in Gulais River, it’s generally 100 miles between towns and usually no cell service so be prepared.
  9. Incredible place, the landscape is very moon like with unbelievable traction! It's probably been 10 years since my last trip out there, brings back a lot of memories.
  10. Is that Hells Gate in Moab?
  11. The climbsI've ridden in Quebec 2 times in 2017 , the 2 first times in my life I've ridden in Quebec! Where I come from (Cleveland) people would kill to ride in terrain like you have in Gaspesie! On dirt bikes we have some killer shit along the W.V border! But we have to drive a couple hundred miles to get there! Reality is off trail is where it's at! The times are passing some of us by! Especially 4 stroke short track riders! Get a grip on reality and invest in a 2- stroke sled that will get you through a trail that's not perfectly groomed! If perfectly groomed trails are what you are loooking for perhaps riding in areas that have smaller altitude climbs are up your alley!
  12. Time to trade in those 4 stroke short tracks for 2 stroke long tracks!
  13. A friend and I passed by shortly after the this occurred it happened on a hairpin corner where Trail 597 runs along a river. This party had spent the prior evening at the Copper In Murdochville. The party in which he was riding extracted his body from the ravine and he laid deceased alongside the trail covered. A very sad scenario! My condolences to his Friends and Familiy!