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  1. Ontario vs Western Quebec vs Gaspe?? 3/3-3/11

    I’ve ridden Gaspe’ and Northern Ontario and the scenery, accommodations and food is by far better in the Gaspe’! Northen Ontario has in my opinion the fastest trails With the least amount of stop signs and quite a bit of it is rolling and winding. If you decide Ontario start North of the Sault in Gulais River, it’s generally 100 miles between towns and usually no cell service so be prepared.
  2. Be Ready

    Incredible place, the landscape is very moon like with unbelievable traction! It's probably been 10 years since my last trip out there, brings back a lot of memories.
  3. Be Ready

    Is that Hells Gate in Moab?
  4. 2018 Sleds

    The climbsI've ridden in Quebec 2 times in 2017 , the 2 first times in my life I've ridden in Quebec! Where I come from (Cleveland) people would kill to ride in terrain like you have in Gaspesie! On dirt bikes we have some killer shit along the W.V border! But we have to drive a couple hundred miles to get there! Reality is off trail is where it's at! The times are passing some of us by! Especially 4 stroke short track riders! Get a grip on reality and invest in a 2- stroke sled that will get you through a trail that's not perfectly groomed! If perfectly groomed trails are what you are loooking for perhaps riding in areas that have smaller altitude climbs are up your alley!
  5. Gaspe 2/27 - 3/9

    Time to trade in those 4 stroke short tracks for 2 stroke long tracks!
  6. Fun with Dick and Sam 2.0

    My Grandmother loves hers!
  7. Death today. Very sad

    A friend and I passed by shortly after the this occurred it happened on a hairpin corner where Trail 597 runs along a river. This party had spent the prior evening at the Copper In Murdochville. The party in which he was riding extracted his body from the ravine and he laid deceased alongside the trail covered. A very sad scenario! My condolences to his Friends and Familiy!
  8. Cote Nord and Lab loop

    With a Team Iceman sticker nonetheless!
  9. Not one but

    I'd be willing to bet it's because they are cheap fucking shitty Chinese trailer tires which in Ohio is what every new trailer manufactured in Elkhart , Indiana comes equipped with! Trump needs to step up to the plate and ban the importation of these flaming health hazards! Being the owner of 3 dual axle trailers I can honestly tell you that I've been dealing with this problem since I bought my first trailer in 2003. Good luck finding an American made trailer tire, perhaps you had better luck with finding something manufactured in Canada! Fuck China!!,,
  10. Need advice on acquiring a 7 day trail permit?

    It's his first time North of the border, I think he'll do just fine. He's certainly stoked about it!
  11. Need advice on acquiring a 7 day trail permit?

    Thanks for the responses! I called the Pelchat and yes they do sell permits, thanks again!
  12. I'm taking a last minute trip to Les Escoumins with a friend who will need to purchase a 7 day trail permit. We'll be crossing into Quebec roughly at noon via Ontario 401 . Does anyone have a suggestion as to where we could stop to purchase a permit along our route ?
  13. Looking for advice for trip to Cote Nord?

    Thanks for the encouragement and good luck with your trip! I've spoken to 2 other sledders who've had this procedure and they told me they were back in the saddle within weeks.
  14. Looking for advice for trip to Cote Nord?

    I enjoyed this trip immensely! If it weren't for hip replacement surgery on the 25th of this month I would certainly venture back on up here this season much wiser and better prepared to travel further East than my first attempt. I appreciate all of the words of wisdom and encouragement , hopefully everyone here has a safe and enjoyable sledding season unfortunately I'll be watching from the sidelines, Rock on!
  15. Looking for advice for trip to Cote Nord?

    I'm heading to the UP of Michigan early next week to meet up with 14 friends for an annual trip. I'm fairly certain I've 3 of them convinced to run the pedestrian class at Cains Quest next year if they have enough participation to have it. The event organizers need to drum up interest for this event to make it a reality which is one of the reasons I decided to start riding up in these parts to get a little feel for what hopefully the future holds. I've dry bags collecting dust in the closet they will be shaken off before the next trip. Thanks for the tips!