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  1. Saw this article and wondering how much this will really affect Cat??
  2. I still think people don't take that route. Whenever I have ridden on it I never see a soul.
  3. M-20 Trail, nothing much to say about it.
  4. Only able to complete two trips from PA to Quebec. Amazing two great weeks, with the massive snowstorm on Feb. 27th. Our trail sleds were not liking that powder at all but it was fun. Everyone stay safe and have a great summer. Hope to see you all on the trails next year. 3494 km - 2171 miles Kyle & Mike
  5. How many miles per day you looking to do? But here are some loops we normally do when we go up. I would just use the map and plan out days. Also recommend since its your first time to get the app for the phone. While on wifi load the map and your route for the day. Put it on airplane mode but you will still have access to the map and your location. It can really help for your first time. - up to the repos - check to make sure the river is frozen and has been marked - head up to black mountain, really cool views. Also gray jays will eat crackers from your hand - southern loop through the fields
  6. Yes they are still opened. Spoke with them a couple of days ago.
  7. As long as don’t force kill the application while running in the background. You can turn cell service off and it will still use your gps location. Use it daily, setup the trip at breakfast and I am good to go all day.
  8. They posted online that the bridge needed work. Didn’t specify what exactly what was wrong but it wasn’t safe anymore. The dam is wider now and crossed it last year. It wasn’t bad at all.
  9. Just checked the app and seems as the services button seems to be working again.
  10. No they are definitely having issues. I have noticed they already started to update trails. They added the connector for Mt. Tremblant, so might have created some sort of bug.
  11. Google form questionnaire might be the easiest to get opinions. Then build the PDF ordering form from that. Just a thought.
  12. Getting my sled fixed now after rolling it a couple weeks ago. Insurance no questions asked, hoping to be finished by this weekend for my trip next week.
  13. Just wanted to let everyone know the 345 North of 360 towards Repos is really icy. The rain the other day really tightened the trails up. The trail is a rock hard and dangerous. Found this out the hard way, going home a couple of days early as sled isn’t in the best shape. Be safe riding everyone.
  14. Alain, again another amazing report. I enjoy reading these over and over. Thanks for the continued posting of the reports.