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  1. PMAC

    She's Warming Up : (

    Ya I'm planning on heading to Bathurst Thursday or Friday ,they will groom if temps allow ,most likely night runs.
  2. PMAC

    She's Warming Up : (

    Lots of awesome trail conditions still in Northern New Brunswick if anyone's interested 12 plus inches of fresh snow and most trails groomed this week.
  3. PMAC

    river crossing

    Not sure when I was there a couple weeks ago guys took shuttle across and when we came over bridge on our way home it was opening up on Campbellton side from the mill run off.
  4. PMAC

    Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    I agree with iceman on don't trust anyone.If you ride a motorcycle like many of us do you must think like everyone does not see you and trust no other vehicle on the road.
  5. PMAC

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Still lots of snow in Cross Point area.Pic taken Saturday March 10th.
  6. PMAC

    Redemption Radar tower

    Stopped at tower on Thursday March 8th on the way to RDL.Wasnt a great day to be up the tower with the wind and low cloud.Hope for a blue sky the next time we stop.
  7. PMAC

    Redemption Radar tower

    Ok that's great will stop there Thursday on the way or Saturday on the return trip.Will post pics next week.
  8. Looking for directions to the tower ,we went through area last season but missed it and are going through this area again this week and would like to find this spot.Thanks for any help.Where leaving Cross Point and heading toward RDL.
  9. PMAC

    Updated LA Cache

    Here's a pic of exterior
  10. PMAC

    Updated LA Cache

    Yes I stopped there a couple weeks ago and it looked pretty good inside and new wood siding on exterior.Was a quick stop for gas .
  11. PMAC

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    couple pics from last weeks mini Gaspe trip
  12. PMAC

    587 South

    Did this trail for the first time on Sunday.This is a great trail and can't wait to do it again.I now this is a green trail but it needs some more signage for those like me that have no gps.
  13. PMAC

    Village Grande near Cap Chat

    Update ,We stayed here on This past Friday night and everything was great will be going back.
  14. PMAC

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Hi JG your right there were a few bumps on 5 on weekend.wife and I stopped at your club Sunday morning for breakfast which was great.And have a glass of your favourite on us! We left a note with waitress.Peter&Natalia