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  1. Conditions out of Cross Point

    Ok sounds great,which trails did you ride?Thanks
  2. Anyone have info on trail conditions leaving from Cross Point?Plan on going there on Thursday and sledding from there starting Friday the 19th.
  3. Has anyone been through 595 this year?
  4. Considering going to stay at this Lodge .Wondering how far is it off tq5 and is it well marked.And has anyone been through the 595 as I am leaving from Cross Point.Thanks
  5. Gaspesie Trail Conditions

    It appears that there is still gps tracking issues in the Gaspe area .The interactive map doesn't show much activity.
  6. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Looking good JG.Do you know how trails from pointe le croix heading your way are.
  7. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Hi lindasledgirl.Yes small world as a women in the club that afternoon took the pictures for us.Did that happen to be yourself?
  8. Tell Me About New Brunswick

    Top pic compound at Atlantic Host in Bathurst,bottom pic Island Lake Lodge
  9. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Hey JG here's a pic from March we were a group from Nova Scotia hope to be back in January.
  10. Tell Me About New Brunswick

    Here's a pic from on top of Mt Carlton in New Brunswick it's the highest point in the Maritimes I'll post a couple more from the area for you. This is the wife.
  11. Tell Me About New Brunswick

    This was Sept 2016 Cabot Trail
  12. Tell Me About New Brunswick

    Ya Cabot trail is a beautiful drive .The highlands is one of the only place in the province that always gets snow.A lot of people do off trail there.i live near Halifax and I always go to New Brunswick and into Quebec.Cape Breton isn't really set up for multi day tour by sled.A lot of people stay in Margaree or Baddeck and do day runs.I have done Cabot trail by our Spyder and motorcycle as well and very nice in the fall .
  13. Tell Me About New Brunswick

    There's a lot of good sledding in the Golden Triangle they call it .From Bathurst to Edmonston to Campbellton and towards Miramichi.Lots of lodges to stop at .I live in Nova Scotia and do most of our sledding out of Bathurst.Atlantic Host is great place to stay in Bathurst right on trail,indoor parking is available first come first serve.3 good days you could cover most of the area in the north.3 day pass is $75 i think.Check out