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  1. I have done chibaugamau to windigo. we left at 8am and had to be at windigo by 7pm for dinner. had lunch at Club De Motoneige Relais Des Buttes De St-Félicien. just north of saint felicien. got to saint felicien and took orange cut off trail to trail 83. Relas 22 for gas and a break. 45 minutes we were there. rolled in to windigo just before 7 with 330 miles on. we were moving a long that day lol its mostly all wide open trail. only twisty windy trail was 40 miles before La Dor.
  2. Yes it is. It now has 8k miles. Runs excellent. Its been maintained. $5500. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2021_10/28149356-056A-4936-A965-4E2C9BFDA1BA.thumb.jpeg.8638213135d5573649dcb6062d7e9fad.jpeg http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2021_10/E3B116DF-02CB-4F92-8036-F2B563AB58EE.thumb.jpeg.5fba56cae43aadf74acb32d6ede598c9.jpeg
  3. 20 years been on 2 strokes. my first 4 stroke this year. 2022 Skidoo Renegade XRS 900 R Turbo. going from 120hp 600 etec to 180hp 900R.
  4. 4 weeks ago found a blizzard 900 NA with 1,300 miles so purchased this first 4-stroke for me. This will will be the saddlebag sled in Quebec. Adding zerks, changing oils, modifying the clutching as per DooTalk Bar549, and getting to know this sled. As of now planning on continuing with the blizzard 600 etc in NYS, that now has 7,500 miles. If all goes as planned, the 900 NA will only be used in Quebec, and with the typical 1,000 +week long trips, I'll be 86 years old when the 900 reaches the goal of 20,000 miles!
  5. that 345 was fun time 2 weeks ago, we left kanawata at 1:30 pm. had to ride to LeCabanon. figured we would be there at 3:30. we got there at 7 pm lol good thing we stopped at repos for gas. got down there and lost groomer track, got to plowed , and sanded road. GPS said to go that way. so we did. got out there little ways and figured its not right as only one sled track. turned on iMotoneige app. showed we were way off the trail. did not know there was a reroute and old signs were still up so we followed them. its not that hard to put sign up with an arrow or trail closed sign. we followed groomer tracks to that house where its parked at. other sledders there to that were lost. we got back on track. it was nice trail through there. wide and was freshly groomed.
  6. I had the club sandwich on Friday. lol just left Cabanon this am for home.
  7. Yes. St.zenon. Looked at groomer map today and looks like 63 was groomed last night. I will check it tomorrow morning.
  8. Should we take 33 to 63 to rebaska this monday ( 2/17) or 33 to 53 to 13? Whats better trail?
  9. how cold is it up there? we leave for LeCabanon tomorrow.
  10. you didnt give him the new QR signal? lol
  11. Stayed at nordic on last years trip. It was ok. Just pay to park your sled in there garage there.
  12. where is good place to eat in shawinigan near motel drakkar?
  13. We have been to Pourvoirie Windigo the last 2 years. had a great time. Day 1 Lecabanon to rabaska lodge first night 184 miels Day 2 rabaska lodge to 100 lacs, stopping at devils mountain, windigo falls. around 150 miles or so. Day 3 100 Lacs to auberge motel drakkar shawinigan 260 miles Day 4 Shawinigan to Windigo 200 miles Day 5 Windigo to Lacabanon 250 miles 1050 miles looks like.
  14. what do you do to keep your ipad from freezing up/turning off in the cold?
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