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  1. Nordic we stayed at, it was nice. if you stay there pay to have your sled put in there garage. we almost had one stolen from there last February 2019. 30 minuets after we got there had a person looking our sleds over. we walked out to see what he was doing and the guy got into a car and left and then he got on his phone. went back inside and paid to have sleds park in there garage. Sleds had good sleep with music they play in there lol Dinner that night we walked up the street to restaurant/truck stop and the food was not to bad. Parent stayed at hotel central above bar for $25. never again.The food was good though. next night stayed down road at four seasons and that was a lot better.
  2. is this for all the permits? 3 or 7 day ones to?
  3. guy in group has 137" Renegade and with that bag. he really likes it.
  4. excellent condition 600 etec - Dupont sliders. 6000 miles. $5,600 american. located upstate ny .
  5. Has any one filled out,. and sent in the form to get refund on visitor tax refund? any issues?
  6. we have 2 600 etecs here. we think could make it with just stopping for gas at LaDore. still had 5 bars on the fuel gauge when we pulled in to the saw mill. the longest went between stops was laDore to Relais 22. that was close to 140 miles.
  7. it was not. you might have to wait a while there like 35 minutes for some one to come which we heard from some other sledders. . when we were there there was already sleds there getting gas. next time there was a employee filling truck up. so he helped with the gas.
  8. We were prepared to pay the $3/ liter that read on here that the price was.
  9. Saturday nights dinner at LaCabanon.
  10. 2/27/19 -22F in LeCabanon that morning. Up 345 to 360 Matawin for gas. then 355 to Relais du Trappeur for lunch. North of lac bouchette is where it drastically changed. it got a lot more bumpier and once we got on to 83 in to roberval it was even worse. Passed the groomer in roberval. Stayed at Hôtel Château Roberval. 270 miles 2/28/19 just a little warmer at -20F. Freshly groomed out roberval up 373. Stopped at the club house club de motoneige for some soup. then got on 93 north to chibougamau. very smooth. Sawmill for gas. it was $2 a liter there. in to chibougamau and stayed at Motel Nordic. 205 miles. 3/1/19 -19F that morning. The big day. left on 93 south to roberval. Stopped at sawmill and different person was there. it was $1.39 liter, stopped back at the Club House for lunch. then took 373 south and took cut off trail to the 83. 83 west to Relais 22 for gas. Stayed at Pourvoirie Windigo. 320 miles. Very nice people Martine and Dan are. The food is great. 3/2/19 0F that morning. left windigo and 83 west was smooth. turned at 345 south to Casey. south of Casey was freshly groomed. Repos for lunch. then back to Lecabanon. 250 miles 1023 miles for 4 days not a bad trip.
  11. They have a lot of snow there. 260 miles today. Up to Roberval now. Some trails good and others ok. A Lot more bumps than i thought there would be. Trails around roberval here are very bumpy. End of 355 to 83 was terrible.
  12. We leave Tuesday 26th for this trip. come back the 3rd. Getting really excited as it gets closer. spent the weekend going over the sleds for the trip. of course we leave the day after the Blizzard warning ends at home lol high winds with gusts up to 70 mph here in NY..
  13. I have only been to Quebec twice now and that trail 360 is my favorite. along the river there is very nice.
  14. Very nice report. Thanks for the info on the sawmill. will be going through there on 28th of this month.
  15. some how my dad made it through there like 25+ years ago. He says he wont do that again. They went through Obedjiwan, Camp Cooper, and ended up in Chibougamau.