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  1. DareDog

    What was on Trail 83 3/17/17

    I was shocked at the amount of sleds we passed going there , the day before we passed maybe 3 sleds all day.
  2. DareDog

     Pourvoirie Windigo.

    I asked when they close and they said a week. or if they get large group then they would open. they dont get many sleds this time of year. There is a few places that close this time of year. Repos is closing soon.
  3. What was going on on trail 83 between Relais 22 and Roberval on Saturday 3/17? came through there and there was a ton of people. sleds every where. There was a few tents set up and lot of people. Passed a lot of traffic going to it.
  4. DareDog

    Club Passe-Partout?

    I think I am thinking of right club, Didn't Club Passe-Partout have a club house? Tried to find it and could not. asked about it and was told it closed.
  5. DareDog

    Trip 3/16/17-3/19/17

    Map of the trip. one thing I am known for is posting food pics.
  6. DareDog

    Trip 3/16/17-3/19/17

    Day 1 Left Le Cabanon and up 345 to Repos for gas. 345 was great. Past Pourvoirie Kanawata it was freshly groomed to 83. 83 was freshly groomed also. Wemotaci for gas. then to Pourvoirie Windigo for the night. Had a great time at Windigo and would stay there again. 238 miles. Repos Kanawata 345/83 intersection. 83 Windigo Day 2 . left Windigo and trail 83 was freshly groomed. Stopped at Relais 22. Then to Rober val. only had 115 miles on figured we would ride some where for lunch. headed north. Stopped at Club De Motoneige Relais Des Buttes club house. headed back to roberval on new trail that goes down to 83. Stayed at hotel chateau roberval. 200 miles total for the day. 83 Day 3 Left Roberval and went down 355 to 360. stopped in lac edouard for lunch. 360 on top of park was great. then down 345 to 23 and back to Cabanon. 278 miles for the day. 705 miles total for the tip.
  7. DareDog

     Pourvoirie Windigo.

    Rode up from st zenon and it was 238 miles. Trails were great. We had a excellent time at Windigo. Would go back there.
  8. DareDog

     Pourvoirie Windigo.

    is there signs for windigo? looks like its 51 miles from wemotaci.
  9. DareDog

    Roberval to St. Zenon?

    Thanks for the info. the plan for trip is 3/16 St.zenon to Pourvoirie Windigo. around 230 miles, 3/17 Pourvoirie Windigo to Roberval. 110 miles. 3/18 Roberval to St.zenon 260 miles.
  10. DareDog

    Rabaska/Parent/Kanawata/Manawan loop

    Not much there. stayed there once and probably only time at hotel central. above the bar we stayed. it was ok. next night stayed at four season just down street and that was a lot better.
  11. DareDog

    Roberval to St. Zenon?

    can it be done in one day? Roberval Trail 83 to 355 to 360 to 345 to le cabanon? How are those trails? looking at website explora for Quebec trail map it shows it as 414 km/258 miles. is that accurate?
  12. DareDog

     Pourvoirie Windigo.

    Just called them a little while ago and booked a room.
  13. DareDog

     Pourvoirie Windigo.

    thinking of staying at Pourvoirie Windigo.. How is that place? how is the rooms?
  14. DareDog

    La Cabanon vs La Glaciere

    Stayed at La Cabanon and that is great place. last years Big East Show met the owner of La Glaciere and he is a very nice guy. He was telling us about the place and updates he has done with it.
  15. DareDog

    St. Zenon?

    thinking maybe St.zenon to Parent day 1 day 2 parent to roberval day 3 roberval to st.zenon. at Repos what is a better trail 345 to 83? or 33 to 13 to 83. have been on 345 to 83 and it was nice trail.